It seems that everyday, something new comes along that the left wing has to bring to the fore as something great. If its not coddling criminals and expecting victims to take pity on the poor souls, it’s coming up with something new that’s Politcally Correct (PC) to celebrate. I am fine with gays openly serving in the military. Just because they are, and here’s the list I’ve heard: Pillow biters, muff-divers, carpet munchers, pole swallowers, beef-eaters, taco-lovers, etc., all pretty much disgusting terms for someone who’s different, doesn’t mean they don’t want to serve their country. I draw the line, same as with women and guys that just want a place to skate (military term: to laze around, take it easy, be Retired On Active Duty (ROAD) sergeants and officers) in that I expect them to do their best, not expect special treatment, and just get along. I do take exception to having a WHOLE MONTH set aside for LGBT PRIDE MONTH. And guess what: Buddy BO has signed a Presidential Proclamation, issued throughout the military, proclaiming June as LGBT Pride Month. This is past ridiculous. And this is why:

Lesbians, Gays, Bi-Sexuals, and Transsexuals come from every race, creed, and religion of American life. There is nothing to distinguish them from the average Joe, or Jolene, than their sexual orientation. Homosexuals have not been truly persecuted. Homosexuals have not, as a group, been rounded up and made to do humiliating things. Think Africans and Native Americans, the Jewish people and the Irish, the Chinese and the Japanese. True persecution means striving to erradicate a people, or genocide. Homosexuals have every opportunity to not draw attention to themselves, and their lifestyles. A Japanese man or woman, a Jewish individual, an African-American, by dint of their features alone, are, and have been, subjects of ridicule, revulsion, and terror. Even Arab-Americans deserve their own Pride month before LGBT Pride. But this is not about right or wrong. This is about forcing a recognition down people’s throats, making people gag on acceptance.

I will be the first to say: THE MILITARY DOES NOT NEED ANY MONTHS ABOUT PRIDE!!! The military is about providing for the defence of our country. Individuals are supposed to be bought into the service, molded into teams, and developed into a fighting force that is our last line of diplomacy, our strength against enemies, and our first and foremost line of defense. Instead, we have multiple groups demanding we respect their individuality, we have commanders and senior NCOs not enforcing discipline, because “No one’s rights should be ignored”, and soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines (okay, marines not as much) who would fail the requirements for entry and retention we had just 20 years ago.

Before we start talking about individual groups’ pride, maybe we should focus on the most important thing first: Military Pride. In basic training, we should focus on the military, not on what group you are from. We are one team, one color, one fight. Once someone leaves basic, the emphasis should still be: military first, anything else a distant second. Our advanced training should focus on our military abilities. Military customs and courtesies, military applications, military training. Once we have that down pat, we can move on to becoming the greatest military in the world. As long as we focus on individual rights, we will lag behind, and we will be hammered for it, by every other military in the world. We have leaders now that think the newest toy is going to make us better, our embracing multi-ethnicity will make us better. We in the military, whether black, white, brown, yellow, gay, straight, atheist, agnostic, deeply religious, are just one organism: The US Military. Anything else is diluting who we are and what we stand for.

“Either We All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”