Donald Trump: Not the Problem

Another mass shooting, by a disgruntled maniac.  In two different cities.  The first thing people want to do, both on the left and the right, is blame the rhetoric of Donald Trump.  Woe is me, woe is me, the way the president speaks is the reason these things happen.  Donald Trump speaks about race, he’s a racist, he’s the reason this country’s problems are here.

Let me set you straight: Donald Trump had NOTHING, I Repeat, NOTHING to do with a racist maniac or an idiot with a gun shooting and killing people!! NOTHING!!!  It’s like saying Barack Obama was responsible for the Ft. Hood shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing.  If you can say that Donald Trump is responsible for this weekend’s mass shootings, then you can lay the blame for the mass shootings, the bombings, and the terror attacks during Obama’s presidency on Barack Obama.  What? Crickets?  Then that’s what should be the result about the mass shootings.

For the record: Donald Trump is Not, nor has he ever been, a Racist.  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, ad naseum, have all been photographed with the Donald.  Hell, he had a guest appearance as himself on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air©.  Donald has given of his time, and his money, to lower income programs throughout his life, let alone during his presidency.  Yet, every time Donald Trump says something about the problems of America, from protection of the southern border to increasing security of the immigration process, from restricting the ‘welfare’ program to those who truly need it to pointing out the issues with the inner cities, the president is repeatedly told he is racist.  The worst part is that the Republican Party, the party he is the leader of, damns him with faint praise, if not outright ignoring him.  The party should be supporting Donald, should be pushing out into the inner cities as well as in congress, showing his work and what he’s done for ALL AMERICANS!!!  Donald has been the greatest thing for America in years, if not decades.

The president has done more to promote racial cohesiveness than any president since Abraham Lincoln.  From his support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to pardoning Jack Johnson to the first step act to developing Opportunity Zones in inner cities, Donald Trump has worked hard to uplift EVERYONE to a better life.  Black, Hispanic, Asian, Women, LGBTQ unemployment is at the lowest in decades.  Manufacturers have brought back not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of jobs from overseas back to the United States.  Not only that, countries that formerly were taking jobs and factories from the US, are now building factories and bringing even more jobs back to the US.  This is due to not only the cutting of the business and income tax rate, but also implementing tariffs, which make it cheaper for companies to build their products here and EXPORT them to their OWN countries.  Donald Trump is not a politician.  America didn’t vote for him as a politician.  Donald Trump is a businessman, and his current business is AMERICA!! This is what he was voted in for, to take this business and make it successful for the shareholders, who are us, AMERICANS, not to make ‘Globalists’ rich at our expense.  This is what has been the problem before, and Donald is fixing this issue.

Donald Trump is not responsible for the ills of the political machine that includes Nancy Pelosi, Charles Shumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, all of the, what is a good name of something that feeds on the flesh of the living and the dead?  Nancy and Chuck were in the congress back when Reagan was president.  Both have gotten rich while their constituents have gotten poorer.  Nancy’s congressional district has people using the streets for toilets, yet she continually harps on the plight of the ‘poor, innocent undocumented immigrants’ at our border.  And she calls Donald a racist cause he wants to keep the illegal aliens out of the country.  What a hypocrite.

Donald Trump is the president we need, at the time we need him, which is now.  Mr. President, don’t let others try and tone down your rhetoric.  The louder that they complain about your rhetoric, the closer you are to the truth of the issues your opponents, both in and out of the party, you get.  Keep on Mr. Trump, America Backs You Over Everything Else.  We need you now more than ever, despite what the Main Stream Media, the Fake News claims.

We Must All Stand Together, Lest We All Hang Separate…


Donald’s at Fault…For Florence???

Well, the dems are at it again.  As it was once remarked, the dems never let a good disaster go unused.  While Puerto Rico is making up numbers to blast the president about “no support”, even though there are still FEMA supplies sitting on the tarmacs awaiting movement by Puerto Rico’s corrupt democrat government, dems in the US are attempting to use Hurricane Florence to hammer the president.

Let’s look at the facts:
1. Dems: The president isn’t prepared to help.  The reality: Since last week, President Trump has declared SC, NC, and VA as Disaster Areas, opening them up for federal assistance.  NC’s governor publicly applauded President Trump’s efforts.
2. Dems: The president is ignoring what’s happening.  The reality: The president has made several personal appeals for people to leave the affected areas, to prepare themselves, and to listen to their local officials.
2. Dems: President Trump doesn’t care about Puerto Rico, and only cares about “white people”.  The reality: President Trump authorized the necessary federal agencies to move in rapidly, transport supplies and support, and directed the USA Corps of Engineers to work on the infrastructure.  Unfortunately, the local governor and mayors refused support because this would undercut their corrupt regimes.  However, NC, SC, and VA all have taken to heart the president’s appeals, and are taking advantage of the president’s support.

If you listen to the dems, Donald Trump is the epitome of death and destruction for the US of A, however, the reality is, since coming into the presidency, Donald Trump has overseen the greatest resurgence of the US, both domestically and on the world stage, since our entry into World War II.  And just like our emergence then, our friends hail us, and our enemies are terrified.

As long as our governors follow through on the support being provided by the president and his agencies, this hurricane will be weathered well.  And the US will, also…



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Well, Donald Trump has been president for nearly two years.  During that time, he has lifted black employment, Hispanic employment, has enhanced spending on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), has enforced border security, has bought North Korea to the table for peace and de-nuclearization, has discarded the disastrous Paris Climate Change accord, has scrapped NAFTA, has Europe, Canada, China all offering much better deals for the US on trade, has forced NATO to pick up their tabs for security, has built up Africa Command, has provided support to our friends in Europe and the middle east, has beefed up support for our Asian allies, and is forcing China back from hegemony in the Pacific theater, has freed unjustly convicted people, including a black woman ignored by Barack Obama, has had North Korea return prisoners, has acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, has increase take-home pay and arranged for bonuses for employees through new tax reductions for companies, and yet, what ahs the main stream media concentrated on: Activities that either happened well before he became even a candidate, or activities that have nothing to do with Donald, namely Russian collusion.

Donald had done more in the last over twenty months, than the last three presidents combined achieved over the last twenty years.  Over the cries of you can’t recover manufacturing to the US, new companies are starting and old companies are restarting factories.  Over the cries of renewable energy is the death knell of coal and oil, new coal mines are being opened and new veins of coal are being exploited.  New oil fields are opening, and once again, the US is fast becoming one of the biggest exporters of oil in the world.  Obama’s drop the mic moment during the 2016 presidential campaign was just another miscue by a president without a clue.  Donald Trump continually provides drop the mic moments that leave his detractors blinking in disbelief; the president always makes hi points, and doesn’t rely on talking points by learned scholars or focus groups.  Mr. Trump has only one focus group he relies on: The American People.  His rallies provide Donald all the feedback he needs.  And, unlike previous presidents, Donald will stop and talk to everyone, from kings and queens, to the smallest child on the street, no one is too lowly for our current president.

In 2020, when the question is asked, are you better off now than you were four years ago, unless you were asleep for four years, the only answer you can provide is a resounding yes.  Donald Trump is the first president since George Washington who actually completes the promises he has made.  And, he’s the only president or politician that has been pilloried by the main stream media for keeping his promise.  I am a deplorable, and I support this president. Now, and 2020…

Liberals Mistaken Views…


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erroneous-elephantThis really torques my jaw.  Yes, the intent for the rescinding of the federal order is to protect children from predators.  However, the school shootings, if a little research is done, will be shown to have happened in places that have designated themselves as “Gun-Free Zones”.  And the shooters have been, in each case, a member of the “peaceful” democrat party, a liberal person.

As far as poverty, over the last eight (8) years, the former administration not only succeeded in putting many of these children’s parents in poverty, the previous administration’s involvement in the school lunch program has resulted in less children being fed a meal that could sustain them, instead promoting a meal that most children could barely stomach, and resulted in extensive waste as children threw the lunches and dinners away.

This administration is working on taking care of the education issue, one which was overtaken and driven into the ground by the previous administration’s “Common Core” education agenda.  This agenda resulted in a marked drop in education standards, confusing tests, and, of course, additions of many “administrators” when teachers were needed, driving up the costs of education, while not adding anything to the schools themselves.  The new Education Secretary believes in Charter Schools, vouchers for parents, and choice for parents, something the previous administration fought against, as those take control of the schools from unelected bureaucrats and giving control back to teachers and parents.

And health care?  Prior to the former administration, many children HAD healthcare.  With the ACA, better known as obamacare, all of these children, through their parents, lost access to adequate healthcare.  Can anyone remember “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? Everyone on the left touts the amount of people who got access to healthcare, 30 million+.  Problem is, more than 45 to 50 million+ loss access to healthcare as employers dropped personnel hours to part-time levels, cut personnel, etc.

Climate Change.  This is the most ridiculous, the dumbest, the worst perversion of science since the Spanish Inquisition.  Before we get everyone all riled up, let me explain my reasons.  Climate change happens.  It happens whether there are people on the planet or not.  Climate change is caused by atmospheric activity, earth convulsions (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.), by the plants and animals on the planet (hey, there are more animals on the planet than there are humans, and waaaaay more insects), and by solar activity.  Now, where do I say that HUMANS have negligible effect?  It comes from study of different meteorological data available to everyone…or used to be.  Let me take you back about 25 years.  In the early ’80s, chaos theory was being developed.  Chas theory had its basis in meteorological data collected over a couple of hundred years.  In the early ’70s, a researcher was collating data, using one of the old mainframes with the teletype input terminals.  As it was a late Friday night, being a grad student, and this was the ’70s, he decided to take a shortcut, and set the data to be trimmed to six decimals points to the right.  Smiling smugly, he headed out, knowing the collating and information wouldn’t be ready until Monday morning.  On Monday, he began the process of reviewing the data, and found that the charts were drastically different than the original charts the data was pulled from.  The original numbers were out to 8 decimal places to the right, and by chopping the them down to six, instead of being a rough sketch following the original chart, the entire information showed, in some places, skews of up to 180 degrees from the original data.  The grad student then spent the week experimenting with minute adjustments to the data, showing massively unpredictable swings in the output.  The grad student then wrote a treatise outlining the effect and called it “Chaos Theory”.  Some call it the “Butterfly Effect” but this isn’t quite the same.  So what does that have to do with Climate Change?  Simple.  The true data on climate change, the true meteorological data, shows that the planet has swings through each manner of weather cycling, as a minimum, every 10,000 years.  If a true scientist were to accurately use the CORRECT meteorological inputs, they would see the swing.  Core tappers in the Arctic and the Antarctic have shown the swings, as well as drilling taps through to the lowest points that scientists are able to go on dry land and the ocean.  Mankind has been around roughly 30,000 years.  In that time, civilizations have risen and fallen.  From roughly 700 AD to 1500 AD, there were many decades of cold, freezing temperatures.  Was this due to mankind? I think not.  Yet nowadays, as we progress through another cycle, there “scientists” and other Inquisition-style “professionals” who loudly declare that “Climate Change” has been bought on by man.  Using, of course, data they themselves have skewed.  Just recently, it was learned, “Climate Change” scientists with NOAA ignored accurate data from climate buoys scattered through the oceans, using data collected solely through ships, knowing the data was inaccurate, to bolster climate change charges.  I would rather not teach about climate change, and ignore these “professionals” than to allow them to teach such utter nonsense.  After all, for these professionals, “Climate Change” is a multi-billion dollar industry.  And “Carbon Footprint”? Every damn thing on the planet, and surrounding it, has a “Carbon Footprint”.  This doesn’t affect any damn thing, but is just a way for nations to transfer unmarked money in the guise of “Clean Environments”.  Hey, if you don’t believe me, check out Gore and DiCaprio.  Gore and DiCaprio fly everywhere on private jets, “taking some friends along to reduce the ‘footprint'”.  They drive SUVs, at 8 miles to the gallon.  If this is being ecologically friendly, I’ll pass.  And this is what they want to teach our children?  We’ll pass and focus on the real world and real world science.

It’s a shame that so much misinformation is out there, and no one, absolutely no one, that purports to be liberal or progressive or a democrat, is willing to give Donald Trump and his administration time to work on Donald’s agenda.  The left expect Donald to immediately produce something, and yet, when he does, screams about violations, etc.  The tolerant left.  Yeah, tight…

We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separate…

Donald and the Swamp

The mainstream media has been put on notice: Donald J. Trump WILL NOT be intimidated by the “fake news” given out by the same media that has consistently attacked him throughout the presidential campaign.  He has attempted to make peace with his party, and has Reince Priebus, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and even Mitt Romney, if not working with him, at least not attempting to undermine him.

Unfortunately, it seems, the longest knives are the ones held in the hands of those who should be working side-by-side with him.  The “honorable” John McCain, senator from Arizona, can’t seem to stop trying to sabotage and undermine the president.  Just because McCain sabotaged himself, not by selecting Sarah Palin (I like Sarah), but waiting and wasting his time, and ours, in 2008 in trying to build up surprise, shock, and awe, then miserably flubbing the general election by not working with Sarah and republicans. John McCain knew, as everyone knew, that he was the republican candidate in May.  He should have announced his selection for vice-president, and he should have begun campaigning and taking Sarah around  in May.  This way, Sarah would have had the opportunity to insure America knew who she was.  I know that John is an American hero and patriot, but the things he does in the name of “supporting” the party seems more like an attempt to sabotage any efforts.

John: Get over it.  Donald Trump speaks to the people in a way that you never would.  Donald has never forgotten who makes America, America.  He knows its the people of America, the Middle Class and the poor, those that the elites such as John McCain have disdained and forgotten about.  Unlike the failed attempt by the republicans in 2008 and 2012, Donald ignored the so-called “power centers” of New York and California.  Instead, Donald Trump went to the rural areas, the small and medium cities and towns, the Rust Belt, the Coal Belt, the Southwest, the inner parts of Florida and North Carolina and Ohio and Wisconsin…the list goes on.  Donald Trump knew that’s where he can hear the people, find out what the people want. And this hurts John McCain.

John, you’ve rode on your hero status for too long.  You’ve forgotten what you’re there for. You use your bully pulpit, not to denounce the despicable activities of the left and the progressives, but to harangue the leader of the free world, the president of the US of A, and the leader of the republican party, with an ill-directed rant about freedom of the press.  Seriously, John, the president is allowed his opinion.  I have listened carefully in what he says, and, not once, ever, has he ever said, mentioned, or indicated, that he has any intention of shutting down the media or the press.  Mr. McCain, you are feeding into the FAKE NEWS that Donald has consistently spoken against!!  You should be supporting his efforts, and working within the groups you are chairman of to insure the president’s agenda is achieved.  Instead, you relish the role of maverick.  Problem is, John, being a maverick is fine when you’re the minority party.  You are the majority, and must act like that.  Reince Priebus and Marco Rubio have done so.  Why can’t you?  Let go of your bitterness in your loss as president, and look forward to the future.

Donald is not perfect.  But he is infinitely better than having another Clinton in the White House.  Donald Trump is attempting to meet the promises he made during the campaign.  Unlike any other president, Donald Trump comes into the White House without owing anyone for his campaign.  He is a billionaire who funded his own campaign, and used his own transport to travel to campaign stops to meet the people.  The ONLY ONES he owes anything to are the people who got them there: The American People.  You should be behind him, instead of bitterly condemning him for something you can’t do: Stand up to special interests, lobbyists, and donors who work hard to manipulate you.

John McCain, where is that staunch patriotism and courage that got you through the hell of the Vietnamese prison?  Why can’t you find that strength again, and back the president who backs America?  Have your backers pushed you into such a corner, that you find it necessary to attempt to destroy the best way forward for our country since Ronald Reagan?  And please, don’t come out with some mealy-mouth platitudes of where Donald MIGHT lead us.  Donald doesn’t play by Washington rules, because Donald is NOT a politician.  Donald is someone who plans on Draining the Swamp.  Do you want to be one of those being flushed down the drain, or do you want to be part of the plumbing crew that cleans up Washington?

John McCain, who do YOU think is more important: Your Donors and Lobbyists, or the American People?  Your Choice; make it the right one…

We Must All Hang Together, or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separately…

Donald Trump’s First Month

Donald J. Trump took the oath of office as President Of The United States less than one month ago, January 20th, 2017.  In that time, Donald Trump has started work on the promises he made during his campaign.  Instead of celebrating that the president is making good on his promises, the hypocrites in the democrat party are screaming that the president is trying to tear the country apart.  Apparently, standing up for America, making America first, making America safe, making America strong, making America prosperous, making jobs available for Americans first, are supposed to be bad things for America.  The Main Stream Media, burnt and hurt, butt-hurt actually, are working hard to tear Donald down.  Most presidents are given at least 30 days to get their feet under them.  Donald hasn’t been given ONE DAY!!! NOT ONE DAY!!!

The so-called liberals and progressives, from the Inauguration Day, have done everything they possibly could to wreck our country.  In a fit of pique that outdoes the rioting and destruction of the ’68 elections, and for no reason as opposed to ’68, so-called liberals and progressives are worked hard to undermine and undercut our way of life.  America is founded on the principles of free speech, and the pursuit of happiness.  The democrats and their hangers-on are attempting to systematically deny those rights to anyone that doesn’t follow there rhetoric and hyperbole.  The leftist-dominated democrat party, pairing up with anarchists and radicals, has become a safe haven for terroristic groups hell-bent on destroying America.  Let’s see what is so terrible that the democrats want to utterly undermine and destroy our way of life.

President Trump signed an executive order putting a HOLD, not a BAN, but a HOLD, temporary in the case of visitors, indefinite in the case of refugees, from SEVEN, count them, SEVEN countries with KNOWN links and ties to ISLAMIC TERRORISM.  President Trump has the legal authority, as has been posted, even on the MSM sites, to halt people from coming into the US.  As part of his authority to protect and defend the United States of America, President Trump has the authority to place a ban on any immigrants, or groups or classes of immigrants, that he may feel is a threat to the national security of the United States.  The MSM likes to portray what he’s doing is a Muslim ban.  The reality is, if the president wanted to implement a total Muslim ban, then he actually has the authority to do so.  Donald Trump has placed a hold on travel for people from seven countries.  Since this includes everyone from those countries, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Yazidi, Rastafarians, whatever, this cannot, under in circumstance, be called a MUSLIM BAN. Yes, one of our partners in the Middle East, Iraq, is unfortunately on that list.  Due to issues with Islamic extremists being able to circumvent Iraqi security and leave the country, the president was forced to follow the recommendations of, not just his security team, but the previous occupier of the Oval Office, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, who originally compiled the list, and used the list to stop movement of people from those countries.  The MSM didn’t say a word about this, knowing full well, with explicit agreement between the MSM and the White House, what the former president was doing.  The MSM covered up many things from the previous president, including this and more.

President Trump directed the ICE and CBP to totally enforce the deportations of illegal aliens that are criminals.  The MSM touted that the president was breaking up families, separating children from their parents, etc.  This is the same MSM that ignored the over two million illegal aliens that the previous president deported, breaking up families, separating children from parents, devastating people.  Donald Trump’s people were and are targeting criminals that have been allowed to stay in the country by obama, and forcing the ICE and CBP to do catch and release, like they were fish in a stream.  Donald is working to remove the criminal element, yet the MSM are terrifying people with their erroneous and fake claims.  States and cities are declaring themselves “sanctuary cities”, to protect illegal aliens.  Why are these cities and states doing anything about Americans that are homeless and in need?  What about veterans?  Or are Americans not worthy of these states support?

President Trump signed an executive order to start work on the border wall.  Immediately, illegal aliens started going on about persecution and infringement of their rights.  I’m sorry, but if you’re here illegally, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS IN AMERICA!!  You have rights in your own country, and if you wish to exercise those rights, you need to go back home.  Immediately.  The wall will cost less than the costs of supporting an illegal alien population.  It will cost less than the refugees that obama wanted to bring to America.  Some wag was quoted as saying “The cost of the wall is gonna cost each American $140 to build”, as if this is supposed to shock anyone.  I say, “Where do I send the check?”  We need the border for security of our nation.  A nation that freely allows people to come in and suck its treasure dry, is not a nation at all.  We are going to have the wall.  And we are going to have our nation secured.

President Trump told a gathering at Macdill AFB that he was going to rebuild our military.  The MSM called him a warmonger, completely ignoring the illegal bombing of Libya by the former president, the surges of troops under the former president’s tenure, and the drone strikes on American citizens that the former president ordered, and relished in.  President Trump believes that diplomacy requires strength to back it.  And many nations are now taking the US seriously again.

Previously, I said so-called liberals and progressives.  I said that for a reason.  Liberals and progressives are supposed to be forward-looking, thinking about smaller government and freedom for everyone.  The Republican party is called conservative, reactionary.  The reality is that the democrats are the conservative, reactionary party.  They react vehemently to anyone who opposes their way of thinking and their way of life.  The democrats show a very conservative bent, not wanting to change anything as it may mean a loss of their so-called privileges.  The democrats and the radical left are definitely the ones that want things to stay the same, so they can set up privilege and power strictly for themselves.  They see themselves as the new “aristocracy” of the US.  Sorry, guys.  We staged a revolution to prevent this ever happening again.  The Republican party is the liberal and progressive party.  We have a woman who successfully ran the campaign to capture the presidency.  We had, in our presidential race, a broad slice of America running, from a doctor, a black man, born in the projects who lifted himself up to lead one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world, to a Hispanic who’s family fled communist Cuba, and whose parents were able to help him reach for the highest office in the land.  We have a woman who overcame all the obstacles to reach the highest level of office in a world-wide corporation, who fought off breast cancer, and who also had the opportunity and the drive to run for the highest office in the country.

We need to fight together to stop the continuing attacks against the new president.  The MSM think nothing of hurling accusations and fake news against this administration, while ignoring the previous eight years of lies, deceptions, and corruptions from the Obama administration.  We need to band together, and, as the MSM hawks about boycotting the Trump’s businesses, boycott the mainstream media.  Don’t watch any of their channels and affiliates.  Don’t buy their print media.  Pretty soon, those advertisers will see a marked downtick in their revenue.  The MSM will start to feel the heat, and lay off personnel, as they lose ad revenue.  This is the only way for the MSM to return to their role as an honest arbitrator of news to the American people.  We cannot let them get away with this.


Hacking, Leaking, The Media Is Missing The Point…


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Everyone is up-in-arms about the so-called “Russian Hacking”.  “The Russians were behind the leaking of the emails!!”  “The Russians hacked into the Democrats emails!!” “The Russians tried to steer the election!!”  Pundits and opinion journalists, many on the left and right, are taking up the mantle of attacking “Outside Influences” who were trying to “shape the American Election”.  And Every Last One Of Them, Public And Private Speakers Both, Have Got It Wrong!!!

Why am I the only voice out here saying “I DON’T CARE WHO HACKED THE EMAILS!!”  If the Russians wanted to hack something, as well as the Chinese, I’m damn sure their actors are probably intent on our infrastructure, our industry, our finance, and those politicians currently in office who are corruptible and easily blackmailed.  Trying to do anything with our election would be akin to trying to stop the flow of the Mississippi River with a seine net: Ya gonna have to wait a few million years to see any effect.


The truth is, Hillary Clinton used an ILLEGAL server to keep her emails private from scrutiny by the government that she WORKED FOR.  These emails are rightfully the province of the US Government, and should have been placed on government servers and archived properly for the official government records.  Yes, Hillary could have had a private email ACCOUNT, which is radically different than a SERVER.  An account is hosted elsewhere, with access by the government through necessary warrants.  Private emails have been used by other Secretaries of State, but NONE, absolutely NONE, have used a private SERVER. That is placing vital government security information OUTSIDE the security of government protection, and available for hacking, which is what happened.

Hillary Clinton knowingly, and with malice aforethought, decided to use a private server, knowing, herself, that this was a violation of several US laws, codes, and regulations.  Hillary signed a document acknowledging this.  And yet she decided to do this, even when she was reprimanding her own staff for using private emails themselves.  A case of “Do as I say, not as I do”.  Hillary Clinton and her team should not be amazed that they then are hacked by outside forces, regardless of who it is.  The DNC are clamoring that the Russians hacked their servers.  The problem is, the DNC are using this as an excuse to had the fact they collaborated to deny the nomination to any other candidate but Hillary.

This is the age-old case of trying to shoot the messenger for the message.  You cannot, just cannot, blame the hackers for the problems with the emails.  Hillary Clinton decided to place herself above the law, assuming that she was invincible.  The DNC played fast and loose with the Democrat nomination process and the run-up to the election.  These are incontrovertible facts.  Just because they came from hacked emails does not make them less so.  If Hillary wanted to have her emails protected, she should have NOT used a private server, but used a State Department email account, as others before her have done.  The DNC should have played fair with all of the candidates for the Democrat nomination, not structure the nomination to support only Hillary.

These are the facts.  No one who’s emails have been placed on public display have had the temerity to claim that the emails were, in fact, not theirs.  Not one denial has come forth. The truth is, no one should give a damn about WHO hacked the emails.  That is a Smoke and Mirrors ploy, used to distract from the real truth. The real truth is that Hillary Clinton used an illegal server to circumvent the government rules and laws concerning archiving of government correspondence.  The real truth is that the  DNC used illegal acts to circumvent nominating anyone but Hillary Clinton.  Personnel associated with the DNC and the Democrat Party flagrantly violated the trust, as well, in some cases, as the law, in paving Hillary’s ascent to the nomination.  THESE are the things that should have people riled up, as Americans.  We are supposed to have a fair and equitable system of governance, as well as the means of fairly selecting who we want to govern.  Hillary Clinton, as well as the democrat elites, strived to circumvent those rules we have in place.  This is what makes me mad.

I don’t care who hacked the emails.  Truthfully, if they weren’t there in the first place, there wouldn’t be a problem.  So the people we should be mad at, the ones that should be brought to justice, are not the hackers, but those who would attempt to subvert our system of democracy for their own personal power.  The hackers just showed us who they are, and what they were trying to do, nothing more…


The Donald Has Done It!!!


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On November 8th, 2016, the impossible became possible.  The man that everyone laughed at, the media, the politicians, the pundits, the elitists, they all laughed uproariously when Donald Trump threw his hat into the ring. “Apprentice??!!” they laughed. “Wild hair and twitter” they snickered.  “He’s never held a political office and doesn’t know what politics is all about” they harrumphed.  His escapades made all the Main Stream Media cackle, and the liberal/progressives scream in delight.  The Republican Establishment haughtily sneered down their noses at this pretender.  “We have Jeb Bush lined up for the canonization, how dare this fraudster come amongst us and smearing our good name” they disdainfully declared.  But just like dominoes, one by one, the Republican contenders dropped out.  This so-called ‘fraudster, uncouth gangster’ showed more class in his support of one of his opponents than the entire Republican establishment showed anyone, when, at the start of the debate, Dr. Carson’s name was called  The doctor didn’t hear the call, but, Mr. Trump, instead of walking by, waited with the good doctor, and walked in together with him.  The rest just smiled and smirked and passed both by, but Donald Trump waited with Ben Carson.  This was the inkling that America had of what The Donald was.  Just because you have something, doesn’t make you better than anyone else.  If Donald had thought that, he would’ve passed Ben by.

This is what America voted for.  Not someone with flowery speeches of airy ideas about pie-in-the-sky dreams.  They voted for someone who cares.  Yes, Donald Trump blusters, but he picks carefully what he blusters about.  His detractors and naysayers and Never-Trumpers never understood that.  Donald spoke to the heart of people who had been left behind by the elites in both parties, the liberal/progressives, and a president that spoke only to his clique.  Donald spoke about the greatness of America, and Donald spoke to the pain of the small town, middle class, white, black brown, yellow, and green (military) Americans, who have been bypassed and marginalized by a liberal minority intent on shrinking American influence and prosperity in the name of ‘globalization’ and ‘one world government’ under the auspices of the UN.  Just as the UK did in the BREXIT vote to the EU, Americans rejected the idea of UN governance of our country.

Clinton’s supporters all claim this was jury-rigged by Russian hackers releasing damaging emails.  They claim, as well as Hillary, that, based on the popular vote, Hillary is the rightful heir-apparent and should be crowned president.  And, as usual, they are wrong.  The election wasn’t lost because Russians hacked Hillary’s emails.  The emails were just the icing on the cake.  Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate to begin with.  Hillary had none of the charisma and ease with people that her husband, Bill, had.  Hillary’s confidantes continually said, “If you knew the real Hillary, you’d see a different person”. The problem is, unless you WERE a Hillary confidante, or a big-money donor, then you would NEVER see the ‘real’ Hillary.  Too many people, all the low-level scrubs, saw their real Hillary.  She was a vehement, sarcastic, foul-mouthed person that expected people to grovel when she approached.  This is why she never felt like visiting the Rust Belt, or the Bible Belt.  The Clinton campaign lost because they lost touch with the people.

Donald knew what the people felt.  He visited, not the big states of California and New York over and over again, but the states where manufacturing and industry had fled.  Where people, young, old, black, white, brown, etc., were hurt and hurting, because there weren’t any jobs.  Companies being run by accountants were outsourcing jobs, bringing in visa workers, because they were ‘cheaper’.  Foreign governments, primarily China, were devaluing their currency against the dollar to influence their old school buddies to move work to their countries.  Donald saw this, and he worked to give people hope.  The left claimed that Donald was fear mongering. No, Donald was HOPE mongering.  As a businessman, Donald knows that you are only as good as your word.  What he offered people at his rallies was not clichés, not vague promises. He offered his word, and he offered hope.  Hope to all of those who have been literally disenfranchised by the political system.  Hope that tomorrow will be better for them, for their children, for their grandchildren, and for the future.

One of the things that Donald made sure of at his rallies was his people, those who voted for him and supported him knew throughout his campaign, that this was not going to be easy.  This was going to be painful.  But he guaranteed, this was going to happen.  This is the reason that people voted for The Donald.  They didn’t vote in ones and twos; they didn’t vote in dozens and scores.  No, the people, no, the movement voted in the thousands and millions, renouncing the Obama/liberal/progressive agenda.  The American people voted for real change that would benefit them.  The American people voted for someone who stabilize their country, return America back to it’s place as the premier superpower, and help to provide for a prosperous country.  The reason that The Wall rang out so clearly and so succinctly is that the American people, both natural and naturalized, feel that we don’t have a handle on our borders. The borders being wide open symbolizes, for many Americans, the draining of American resources out of the country, and the rampant invasion of our country by people who have ill intent on our way of life.  Donald Trump’s declaration “We Will Build The Wall!” symbolizes our desire to take our country back from those who would attempt to destroy it, enemies both foreign and domestic.

Donald Trump, the gag of late night shows, the snub of the elites, the so-called misogynistic, racist, hate-mongering guy with the most racially diverse, sexually-diverse coalition since Ronald Reagan, is now President-Elect.  Donald has worked to keep American jobs in America, forgoing his Thanksgiving, has received thanks from a democratically-elected president that the left deplore, and has made more cabinet picks in the first four weeks than any other president-elect in recent history.  Sure Donald likes twitter a little too much.  But Donald Trump has achieved more SOLID actions in his first four weeks than the preceding president has in the last eight years.

If this is how Donald Trump is before he’s actually sworn in, imagine what he’ll be like as the official President Of The United States.

The Republican Race


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Well, the Wisconsin primary is in the books.  Ted Cruz has won, and the race is on for New York. And now, the establishment and the talking heads are loud and long: The Donald Is Losing!!!

Donald Trump has made missteps.  His interview with Chris Matthews was definitely one.  He spoke too fast, and Chris, knowing this, slipped in woman when Donald was expecting doctor.  These things are what causes gaffes for The Donald.  Talking down about the young woman who cried foul when she was moved out of the way wasn’t the correct thing.  Instead, Donald should have, as well as Cory, pointed out that reporters are treated even more roughly, and pointed out the reporter who was beheaded.  Now, if that wasn’t a rough treatment, I’ll sit out the rest of this election cycle.

Donald’s problem is, and always has been, the RNC and the party elite.  The talking heads and the talk radio show hosts who knew, within themselves, that if Donald Trump was selected as the party nominee, they wouldn’t be able to control him.  Instead, the elites, the super PACs, the RNC, they all worked with Ted Cruz, behind closed doors, to work on doing Donald in.  In other elections, they all talk about policy and the worldview, as if they are the only ones who have the august vision of what the US should be like.  Once elected, like Ted Cruz, then they proceed to do whatever the lobbyists and party elite want them to do.  Ted Cruz is un-liked in Washington?  Only by those who can’t get in his door.  Ted Cruz has done more to stymy efforts, Republican efforts, in the name of the Tea Party, than the Democrats have done.  And, through his efforts, he has caused the Tea Party to be seen as nothing more than a flea bite on the rear of an elephant, pun intended.  So Ted has served the Republican elites, the lobbyists, and the self-serving, while stymying the efforts of true reform.

And now, Ted is undercutting the Republican rank and file, in the name of serving conservative values.  The only values that Ted serves are his own.  Listen to his speeches.  Unlike Donald, who says “We” are going to make America great again, Ted says “I’m” going to save you.  Ted Cruz sees himself as some kind of messiah, sort of like another senator did, and look what happened there.  Donald wants to work to make us all better.  Ted is only interested in making himself better.  Ted Cruz has joined hands with the Republican elites, the super PACs, and the lobbyists to insure that the status remains quo in Washington.

Ted hasn’t provided anything new, and has not worked on any bills in congress that would create jobs and opportunities for Americans.  Contrast that with Donald Trump, who has created, yes, created, jobs in America and elsewhere.  Donald knows about trying to make a living, not living off the government.

Unfortunately, after watching the Wisconsin primary, I’ve come to the belief that the American Voting Public are really part of the MTV public: They can only concentrate on what’s happening immediately in front of them, and believe that’s all the reality they need to be concerned about.  I thought Wisconsin was a more proud and discerning state.  That the voters would look beyond momentary, forced gaffes, to what the person is.  And that they would have seen that Ted Cruz is only about himself, and what he can get.  I’d call Ted Cruz the Republican Obama, but I really don’t want to associate Republican with Obama.  Suffice it to say, Ted is only concerned with winning for winning’s sake.  If Ted wasn’t what didn’t he denounce his people when they lied about Ben Carson, and go on CNN and Fox to announce the truth.  If Ted wasn’t concerned with himself and winning, why didn’t he stop the super PAC that started the ad about Trump’s wife?  Because he had been briefed before about the commercial, knew that Donald would raise hell, and planned to “reap the benefits” by playing the hurt husband.

Ted Cruz is a liar.  He’s lied to the Tea Party.  He’s lied for the Republican Party elites.  He’s lied to his constituents, and to the people who voted for him.  For those who think differently, do me a favor.  Check all those items he’s done, and see where he could have stepped in.  In each case, Ted could have stepped in, stopped the issues, and been a bigger man for it.  Ted took the cheap way out, thinking that he could just stand back and reap the benefits.  For all of you voters who have been sandbagged by Ted, I hope you feel the righteous anger to demand that any delegates who are not assigned, be assigned to the correct winner, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s only goal, only vision, is to make America great, and that is what is making the RNC and the lobbyists and the super PACs scared.  Donald cannot be bought, he is self-funding.  Donald cannot be guided by the elites, he knows them personally and doesn’t think much of them.  Donald cuts down any super PACs that try to say they are for him.  The only ones that mean anything to The Donald are the people of America.  If you see Donald at any of his rallies, meetings, etc., unlike his rivals, Donald meets with the people, listens to their issues, talks to the children, talks to the down and out, and the up and coming.  Race, sex, creed, does not matter, just the fact that you’re an American, proud of your country.  Even if you don’t vote for The Donald, The Donald makes time for you.  Contrast that with Ted Cruz.  Once the rally, the meeting, what ever, is over, Ted is gone.  He shows up just before, then leaves immediately after.  Donald is for the people.  Ted is for himself.

If you believe that the country would be safer, we’d be more respected, and the country would be great again, you need to vote for and believe in Donald Trump, because Donald believes in America.  If you just want to vote for someone with a smiling face, a great sound bite, and promise you anything just to get your vote, vote Ted Cruz or Kim Kardashian.  Either one would fit the bill.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or, Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate….”

Donald and the Establishment

In the current battle between Trump and Cruz that the Republican party and all the political talking heads call unseemly, there are two points that all of those elites, talking heads, and Republican party hacks overlook: 1. Cruz started this because he didn’t cut the PAC off even before they launched the ad, and he damn well should and could have; and 2. Donald J. Trump is actually more of the type person that was selected or elected or appointed when this country was first started: Someone who had no political background, except as such required to run their business, and someone who believed in, and loved their country.

Trump is the people’s choice. As much as Washington, Trump is a self-made man, who does not belong to any lobbying organization, has not and does not answer to the party leadership, and who the leadership and the congress actually owes him. This last is the reason that the elites and the party leadership are running scared.

Donald Trump, yes, speaks braggadocios to the world. The problem is, he is right, America used to be great, but the party leadership and the political class, of which George Washington and the rest of the Founding Fathers warned against, are and have been trying to build a royalty of politicos in America. This is why the senators and representatives have fought relentlessly against term limits. I believe that Donald will work with the states to bring in term limits, again, something the political class hate.

The major reason the political hacks, the talking heads, and the party elites hate Donald Trump is because he is the one that yells “The Emperor Has No Clothes On!!” In other words, Donald Trump does what we all want our leaders to do: He attacks those who want to do harm to America, and he minces no words, is not politically correct. Donald isn’t like Cruz; Donald has spent his time building businesses, not collecting words and developing a speaking circuit. Ted Cruz has spent the same time period living off the government largess, making speeches, collecting lobbyists money, in short, being a politician. I am sure that his parents are proud that he has done so much, but I believe they would have been prouder if Ted had founded some businesses that gave people work, saw what it takes for the average American needs to live. Then, maybe, there would have been conviction in his words. The only time there’s conviction in Ted’s words is when he’s attacking Donald. When Donald speaks, he speaks with the conviction of someone who HAS done something for America, for the citizens and workers in this country. Donald knows, with his bankruptcies, the pain of loss not only for himself, but the people who worked for him, which helps him build a drive to do much better. Failure is a better teacher than success ever is, and The Donald knows this.

Donald may not come in with decades of foreign policy experience in government. Donald does come in with decades of foreign experience dealing with leaders, and their people, to get things done. If this doesn’t give you foreign policy experience, I don’t know what does. Donald doesn’t come in with decades of military experience, leading troops into battle. However, Donald comes in with experience leading legions of personnel, directly and by selecting leaders, not managers, who inspire their personnel to do the right things to get projects completed. That tells me that Donald knows how to pick leaders for the military that motivate and lead the military as it needs to be led. All of those “supposed’ qualities that supposedly is required for the presidency, and supposedly can only come from the ”political class” are all qualities that Donald Trump has, and he developed those skills not by weaving through the government sector, and being a political hack.

George Washington and the Founding Fathers developed the system to insure that those who governed the newly born USA would be citizen-statesmen, people who would attend to the duties of the US of A on a part-time basis. Their vision was of someone who come for designated periods, then go home until the next period of governance would begin. That these citizen-statesmen and women would congregate when there would be times of crisis, and disperse after the period would be complete. However, because of a desire to ‘serve’, or better yet, to rule the USA, a political class developed that has now become an insidious infection, more concerned with their desires and plans that with what America needs and wants. You can tell from the way, especially during the interviews of the political talking heads, the party elites how they are looking down their noses at those who are voting for Donald Trump. I continually hear about blue-collar, red neck, poor white males are the ones boosting Donald. Yet, when I look at the rallies, at the ones the reporters on the streets interview, I see: Black professionals, White professional women, White-collar workers of every race and hue, LGBTs, young millennials, old baby-boomers, and everything in between.

The elites refuse to bring their noses down, to see the reality. Donald Trump’s appeal is not some sort of racist, bigoted, anti-feminist tirade. Yes, Donald makes some mistakes. But most of those mistakes are mistakes only by the political class “definition” of a mistake. What the political class calls a “mistake” his claim of building a wall against Mexico, his desire to halt Muslim immigration until a real vetting process is in place, is not racism talk to the average Americans. His desire to force Saudi Arabia to pay their real costs for our defense of their regions, his talk of using the military to take over the oil wells to insure that America gets paid for America’s defense of Iraq is considered anti-Islam by the political class, yet the average American agrees. This dichotomy between the political class and the American people are why people believe more in Donald Trump than in the RNC or the DNC.

As I end this, I do have one more thing. I continually see the thousands that attend the rallies for Trump, the thousands who, by email, tweeter, and Facebook posts, continually show massive support for The Donald. Yet, over and over, I see these so-called “polls” that claim a 50 to 70 percent unfavorability ratings for The Donald. Where are these polls taken? The numbers never change, which makes me suspicious of these polls, particularly since the RNC and the political talking heads love using them in trying to knock down Donald. I feel that the people who are tasked for the polls, tend to select the same people who have the same issues as the RNC. In fact, I believe the people polled are Republican insiders, those who want Donald Trump gone. But the American people know who they want. To have the Republican Party insiders work to kick out the front-runner through underhanded means, could mean the demise of the Republican Party, the party that fought for our civil rights.

If this happens, the alternatives are dangerous, not just for the US of A, but for the rest of the world, also.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”