Today, I heard a commentator on one of the..they used to be called news shows, but when the journalists make up news, is it still called that? Anyway, the commentator and guest opined on the “rescue” of bowe bergdahl. While I look at the strategic aftermath of such a swap: Five known leaders and war criminals released to create more death and devastation, terrorists organizations, especially islamist extremists, given carte’ blanche’ to grab US citizens, as well as citizens of other countries, and US soldiers, and believe the administration will cheerfully negotiate with them, the usual thing, I suddenly heard one of the commentators compare the recovery of bergdahl with the rescue of the SEAL of ‘Lone Survivor’ fame.

Okay, excuse me if I have a hard time comparing the two. Let me see: One, a dedicated Special Forces Operative, alone trying to escape with the aid of villagers who know they face death also, and someone who VOLUNTARILY left his outpost, went looking for the taliban, and admitted he was a mujahid, or warrior of islam. How can the two be considered equal? The only thing equal was their transfer, from where they were to relative safety.

It is reprehensible that FIVE, count them, FIVE, of the worst terrorists known are exchanged for an individual that knowingly put his own countrymen in harm’s way. It is reprehensible that the commander-in-chief made such a decision and said it was based on a long history of leaving no soldier behind. This president has not served a day, and never wanted to, in uniform, yet he ignores his military advisors on the viability of doing something that will cause irreparable damage to US integrity, US sovereignty, and US security for years to come.

This should be investigated immediately. But members of congress on both sides of the fence refuse to seriously do anything about any transgressions performed by this president. obama knows that no one will hold him to task. If this were the case, congress would have pummeled him long before, would have strung him out, for the despicable acts his administration have done or condoned: Fast and Furious; the IRS targeting individual groups and hamstringing fundraising efforts; Benghazi; the VA scandal; the obamacare scandal. All these are directly linked to the president, but the parties in congress, from the democrats to the tea party, refuse to do more than make speeches and appear on television to deplore the actions of the administration. This, the group that impeached clinton for having an affair and lying about it.

I thought the tea party was going to make a difference. I thought those “New Republicans” would take up the banner for America. I have been sadly mistaken. It doesn’t take but one representative, one strong person, to put forth an Article of Impeachment, and there are several that should be done. This president deserves impeachment as no other president in history ever has. He has presided over the downfall of our country and is working hard to have this country slide down even further and much harder. Do we have anyone in congress brave enough to really stand up to this administration? Do we?

The silence is deafening…

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”