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A week ago, a young man was shot and killed by a police officer. What makes this an outrage for the liberal press, is that the young man was black, and the officer was white. CNN and MSNBC started the railing against the “oppression” of black men by the government. There wasn’t an attempt to be honest in reporting, neither was their an attempt to consider the officer innocent until proven guilty. Yes, there were quite a few eye witnesses to what happened, but the police, and the FBI, both know that eye witness testimony is pretty flimsy. Forensics is what gets innocent and guilty verdicts, just ask George Zimmerman, as guilty a person as I’ve ever seen. The prosecution, however, blew that case so badly, I wouldn’t think the District Attorney would have a chance to ever get elected again. In this case, I was all for having the officer prosecuted. I was, until the activists, rioters, and looters started showing the world just how far we’ve come since the ‘60s. Not very far at all. And then Obama had to chime in. This guy wants to chime in on everything except what he is supposed to do, his job. In his “home” city, Chicago, the 4th of July weekend was rife with shootings and killings, and he never said a word. But when Ferguson happened, even though Obama was “on vacation”, he couldn’t resist sticking his oar in.

The shooting is a crime. The first shot is justifiable, IF and only IF, it is proven that Brown attempted to take Wilson’s gun. I thought all police cars had surveillance cameras installed, which should help. But the subsequent shootings cannot be considered justifiable. The officer, even if he thought he was in fear of his life, should have had restraint. So, yes, the officer should be held accountable, and if found guilty by a jury of his peers, not by a jury of “journalists”, a term I use lightly, he will be subject to the penalties of the law. Where I have a problem, and a serious issue, is the rioters, the activists, who are taking advantage of the situation strictly for their own use. Al Sharpton, someone who has never met a disturbance he couldn’t make worse, is again at the forefront of turning a bad situation worse. The ignoble ramblings from the NAACP make a mockery of the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as they attempt to corral this effort into some sort of “blacklash” against the “totalitarian regime” that encompasses Ferguson.

Back in the day, especially in a city that was 2/3’s black, the NAACP would work hard to build up a government that supported the people, working to make the city better. Nowadays, the NAACP seems to be a group that believes in making black Americans victims, as opposed to continuing the work of the good doctor, by making people accountable. The rioting and looting in Ferguson is a disgrace, a disaster, and Al Sharpton and his cronies are responsible for this. Al doesn’t believe in suppressing irresponsible behavior, because, if he did, then he would have to admit he doesn’t want black Americans to advance. Those rioting and looting in Ferguson have besmirched any effort to have anyone truly take anything going on in Ferguson seriously. The true leaders of the protests need to step forward, denounce loudly and fiercely, those who are trying to take advantage of the situation. That means denouncing Sharpton, the NAACP, and anyone else who is only in for themselves.

I believe that the officer should be sent to trial. I believe our system of jurisprudence, as long as the baying of those like Sharpton is held in abeyance, will hold forth. The officer is remorseful, as well he should be. The family is devastated, as well they should be. A young man was killed just before leaving for college, a young black man. I have to point out, in the interests of fairness, that Mike Brown, the young man, was a suspect in a strong-arm robbery. This, in no way, excuses his killing. This provides just a background on why the officer was in the area. The lapse of judgment by the officer does not excuse the killing. Justice should be served. But having all the media hype and the unnecessary investigations will only exacerbate the situation, causing unnecessary hardship for the family of the young man, as well as causing all kinds of consternation and cross-pollution by various agencies in what should be a simple homicide investigation.

If the good people want to make changes in their community, these protests, the rioting, the looting, the criminal disobedience being displayed is not the way to do it. This requires a community action group, a political grouping, and a group of people interested in helping alleviate the situation, and in helping the people to reach their political and economic potential. The good people do not need Al Sharpton, the Black Panthers, or any other outside organizations to do for them what they can do for themselves. I would suggest that the good people of Ferguson step up to the plate, and take responsibility for their lives, and their families.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”