Donald Trump is an outstanding businessman. He has had four business bankruptcies as opposed to the amount of businesses he maintains, worldwide. Donald Trump is able to talk to presidents, kings, and the common man, all on equal ground. Donald has an appeal to Americans, who are fed up with politics as usual, and has a broad spectrum of support.

There is only one problem with the Donald: He is listening to so-called political advisors who are shoveling information to him that is flawed. Yes, Donald, you can blame some things on George W. Yes, he handled the Iraq war clumsily. However, GW did have a basis in fact: Saddam Hussein is a documented leader who has actually used WMDs against his own people. Your “political advisors”, apparently people who wish for you to look like a lunatic, have been feeding you faulty information. Weapons of Mass Destruction include: Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Neurological, and Environmental items, to include Sarin, Mustard, Chlorine, Plutonium, Yellowcake, and various other items that can be used to cause mass casualties, as well as mass denial of territory. Saddam Hussein had many factories producing chemical and biologics, and the US military spent many years cleaning up and toting off these items.

Mr. Trump, in this case, you were wrong. Yes, you were right in saying we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq, but you were wrong in saying Saddam didn’t have anything to threaten us. He USED WMDs on HIS OWN PEOPLE, the Kurds. He killed hundreds, and maimed thousands. And he stockpiled thousands of pounds of WMDs, which we have removed to the US.

Mr. Trump, you should be the big man and apologize to, not only, George Bush, but to Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. It doesn’t cost you anything to apologize for an error of judgment given to you by “political advisors” who are looking to cause you to fall on your face. You can still continue to say Bush was wrong in going into Iraq. You can still say that George fumbled the Iraq war, but you need to know, as I know, that the reality is that Saddam had WMDs. You are a smart man. Don’t let your “advisors” lead you down a path that would be hard, for those who want to support you, to follow.

Donald J. Trump: You and Dr. Carson are the last chance for someone outside the political class to turn America around. If you falter and let your “political advisors” to steer you into making claims such as that there was no WMDs, it will be so easy for the opposition to prove you wrong with the truth and facts. Just because it doesn’t match how you feel about the war in Iraq, doesn’t invalidate the results. It is very easy to prove the reality. Are you attempting or trying to lose the nomination, and ultimately, the election? Like Mitt Romney did, listening to his “political advisors” who must have been working for the democrats?

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate….”