The US is on the brink. Despite what the white house is telling the American people, there are serious issues facing the US. The US people, myself included, have a remarkable lack of faith in our government, especially the white house and the democrat-controlled senate. This administration is showing a serious lack of intelligence regarding foreign and domestic policies, a serious disregard for the constitution, and a desire, manifest desire, to cripple our defenses, remove our borders, and fill our welfare rolls with illegal immigrants and those who don’t desire to work. On top of all this, this administration ignores the continuing scandals that have erupted from many of the agencies that are supposed to be serving the people, not the other way around.

barack obama’s incompetence has come very well to the fore with the implosion in Iraq. The administration’s desire to remove the bulwarks underpinning the fragile democracy in Iraq, led to a slow deterioration of the government. The president decided to act like he was handling a local dispute among gang members and local people in a parish in Chicago. He gave an ultimatum to the president of a sovereign country: Sign or we leave. Apparently, obama flunked leadership principles and concepts. This enraged maliki, who proceeded to tear up any agreements we had. I believe that obama did this deliberately. As a matter of fact, we all know he did. obama was able to implement our military’s removal from Iraq, fulfilling a promise to the US people, while destroying, not just breaking, but destroying all our promises to the Iraqi people.

Now, we have the ISIS/ISIL rampaging through the middle of Iraq. Their aggression and their terror tactics are sweeping through a large swathe of Syria and Iraq. To combat this, Iranian, not US, not coalition, not UN troops, Iranian troops are pouring across the border, supposedly to protect Shiite holy sites. But the ultimate result will be Iran securing a foothold in Iraq, establishing themselves in Iraq, and resisting future efforts to be pushed out. Meanwhile, according to press, the ISIS/ISIL have robbed Mosul of upwards of $400 million from the banks. This will fund that group for quite a while. Not to mention acquiring quite a bit of the equipment the Iraqi security forces left when they ran away. Which may wind up in the hands of the Iranian forces.

And why did the security forces run away? Because they didn’t believe in their leaders. And why didn’t they believe in their leaders? Because our so-called president dumped Iraq before we were able to train their leaders to be self-sufficient, before we could work with the Iraqi government to insure that competent leaders weren’t dumped, before we could insure that the Iraqi security forces believed in their country and their people. This administration, for some reason, doesn’t believe, know, or care, that we have a responsibility to the people of the region. We took on that responsibility when we invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq, to try to stabilize this region so people can live their lives, pursue their religion, without fear or favor. By abandoning the people of Iraq, we are now dropping the entire region into chaos, confusion, and ultimately, we will cause the rise of something that may well be as venal, vicious, and corrupt, as anything Adolph Hitler and his minions could dream of. Already, sharia law is attempting to be implemented in Mosul and areas surrounding. Now, Saudi Arabia, formerly a staunch ally of ours, may have problems with insurgents, well paid and well financed insurgents. Lebanon is just one bullet away from falling into anarchy once again. Israel is tightening their fingers on their triggers, with everything swirling around them. Turkey, next door to both Syria and Iraq, has problems of their own with their own militant Islamists. With a free entry door from either, the situation in Turkey could deteriorate so fast, none may be prepared. Further south, in the Emirates, years of discontent with the profligate lifestyles of the royals could be blown wide open by militant mullahs, resulting in the devolution of another swathe of the Middle East. Across the straits, Yemen is festering, as well as Libya. At any time, this president could have used diplomacy and military to settle the region, insure those who want a voice, have a voice, and he could have ushered in a new Arab Spring, not as violent, very peaceful, and very US leaning. This would have led to a stability not seen in decades, if not centuries. Instead, this president has shirked his duties, declined the role of world power, and side stepped his responsibilities to the world at large, and to the US in particular. As a result, we will suffer.

The president and his lackluster security team cannot see what our strategic path is. As a matter of fact, I believe the entire current national security apparatus, excluding the NSA and CIA, have as much a grip on reality as a hippie in the sixties dropping acid. The reason I exclude the two intelligence agencies, is not because of their competence and capability. They have shown a few missteps, but none on the scale of the current administration. The reason I exclude them, is because whatever they present to the NCA, the information is completely ignored by the administration and the state department, two critical places that are supposed use the information to form national and international strategic policy. This administration acts as though it is only concerned with domestic, local policy. When the president says he is frustrated about gun violence ONLY when it occurs in safe neighborhoods, but never says a word about the constant muggings, violence, etc., in the inner cities, you can see the administration and their cohorts are extremely out of touch.

What the US needs, is to remove the current administration from the white house. This is not a racial issue. This is a competence issue. Were this a company, it would either be thoroughly bankrupt, or the entire upper level management removed by shareholders. But its our government, and we need to have them removed before they destroy the country. Nancy Pelosi must be impeached, which can be done. Her blindness to all but her own agendas helps enable this administration. We are, if this administration is not removed, destined to reap the disasters for years.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”