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It seems incongruous that newspapers and news services are allowing so many “specialists” the coverage they get.  For me, the pinnacle, I thought, was the selection of Angelina Jolie to be a Dame of the British Empire.  The reason for her selection: Her work on reducing sexual violence as a tool of war.  That’s as preposterous an idea as any I have ever heard.  Maybe those who are committing atrocities in Africa, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, South America, all are following new guidelines: We don’t commit sexual violence.  And the middle east will settle down, Palestine will become a peaceful nation, all the countries in the middle east will sign a peace agreement with Israel, and Iran will stop trying to produce a nuclear weapon.

To expect someone to convince the dictators, terrorists, and other evil people not to use the best terror weapon they have is like taking an ice cube to the devil: not going to happen.  Sexual Violence in war is a given.  No matter the fine words that are spoken in the UN, in front of all the hollywood elite, and to all the progressives in Europe and America, will not change a thing.  Giving someone an award for pretty speeches does not alleviate the horror that is being perpetrated daily around the world.  If Dame Jolie wants to make a difference in sexual violence in wars, let me see her don a helmet and IBA (Individual Body Armor), pick up a weapon, and go into those villages and cities where Islamists, terrorists, thugs, bandits, and hoodlums are, and protect those who are weak and helpless, who have no one to protect them. 

I know that Miss Jolie is an adored member of society.  By adopting so many children from around the world, she shows her caring side.  It’s easy to show you are caring, when you don’t have to sacrifice your life style.  Its easy to be seen as benevolent, when you don’t have to spend your days, every day, fighting to survive.  All of these so-called philanthropists do nothing more than give away less than they make in a day, and the progressives and liberals think this is such a great thing.  Meanwhile, in villages in Nigeria and Ukraine, in cities in Chad and Syria, the terrorists are laughing as they force women to perform obscene acts, then cutting off heads, at best, cutting off appendages, including women’s breasts, and performing mutilations on the women.  Even men are not safe, as bandits and rogues in many places see any man not with them, as nothing more than women, and will rape them to make sure the men feel less than a man.

If Miss Jolie wants to prove herself, let us see her give up making her movies, and instead, devote her life full time to fighting the violence.  If Miss Jolie wants to be considered more than just another fluff-brained air head, who’s inconsequential mutterings are supposed to mean something, let us see herput down her mantle as movie celebrity, and do something concrete.  Miss Jolie has no credentials that prove her worth.  But, hollywood and the tabloids have never based their slavish devotion to anything that makes sense.

When we begin to be rational about what war and violence is, then we can have a rational debate, and maybe, just maybe, we can do something about war.  But man is irrational when war is the issue, and violence must always be met with violence to end wars.  Speeches and wringing hands about sexual violence as a tool of war does not, I repeat, does not do anything.  It just makes for pretty, and pretty empty, words.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”