I promise not to get on my soapbox..too much. However, this is something I do feel a little vehement about.
Our elected officials put restrictions on the use of deadly force by the ordinary citizenry. These officials feel that the only ones that should carry firearms should be those that protect these self-same elected officials, and that everyone else should be satisfied with the protection of the local law-enforcement community. This is, of course, the same justification the British had for limiting firearms in the colonies, the same justification that Hitler had for rearming his country’s military, the same reason the former Soviet Union kept a lockdown on all local firearms, and what every dictator and anyone who wants to keep people down wants.

Today, we had another shooting at a school. This made news because it happened in a suburban neighborhood, a “safe” area. What about the shootings and murders that happen in inner-city neighborhoods? What about muggings and stabbings that happen on street corners country-wide? What’s this monumental silence about? Because guns make a bigger bang, no pun intended, for newspapers when these things happen in “safe” neighborhoods.
There is no such thing as a safe neighborhood, when local politicians and associations want to limit the protections afforded by the constitution. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. And the outlaws have many, many guns. Hell, because of Fast and Furious, promulgated by the attorney general and the president, the outlaws have better weaponry than the police, in many cases. And the attacks in many places are being helped by what can on only be described as criminally insane laws that prevent the average homeowner from protecting themselves. Home invasions are happening in many states, however, the only ones you hear about are in the states with “gun-free” zones. The other states, who allow homeowners and anyone who wants to, to carry openly or concealed, generally speak of the “deceased home invader” and thus are not considered worthy of news. In the so-called gun-free zones, the amount of victims in home invasions subjected to abuse, rape, murder, is substantially as much as in inner-cities. Before anyone tries trolling, please use your intelligence, the one you, I believe, was born with and is still available, and check the statistics from the FBI, the local and state law enforcement groups, etc. Let me know, using facts, not opinions, I am mistaken. You will find that, sadly, I am not.

The problem with school shootings is not the weapons. If people want to commit a crime, they will. It is the lack of opportunity for those who are supposed to protect our most natural resources, our young, to do anything about protecting them. If this school had a policy of armed intervention by the school officials, someone could have prevented this. But, because so many people feel that guns lead people to commit violent acts, and using the same level of intelligence, decide to ban guns to prevent violence, when a violent offender appears with a weapon and disregard of any laws, those who should be able to protect our children, instead, find themselves victims of a law that doesn’t protect anyone, save the person committing the crime. How is this justice? Its a good thing that these silly laws were not in place during the formation of our country. We’d still be drinking tea instead of coffee, playing soccer instead of football, cricket instead of baseball, and celebrating the Queen’s speech on Christmas day.

We have a large group of people in positions that they should not have, making decisions they should not make, on our everyday lives. And we have an even greater group of people who feel that this is right and proper. When our grandfathers came back from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, they didn’t want to hear anything about weapons. These people had seen the elephant. They were, and still are, prepared to accept violence to preserve the liberty and the safety of their loved ones. An abhorrence of weapons and violence was not why they kept quiet. It was a desire, a hope, that violence was no longer needed, but they all, everyone, understood, that someone must stand at the gates to prevent the barbarians. These defenders never felt that giving up the right to violence is a necessary thing. However, having seen violence, they all knew those who they protected, would not quite understand their feelings, but they never said peace was now at hand. However, those who never faced the sounds of weapons, mistakenly believed that meant that we are supposed to do away with weapons because the world was becoming a kinder, gentler place. The hippies singing about “ImagineĀ®” had been smoking too much cannabis, partaking of way too much mind-altering substances such as LSD, to form a coherent thought, yet were perceived to be the harbinger of the future: A world at peace. Man’s only condition is chaos, peace is achievable only at the expense of maintaining a vigilance, yet we have an entire generation that believes such nonsense as weapons are not needed.

“If you are willing to sacrifice a little liberty, for a little security, you deserve, and will receive, neither…”

“We Must All Stand Together, Or, Assuredly, We Shall Swing Separate…”