Fast and Furious. IRS. VA. GM Bailout. AIG Bailout. TARP. Shovel Ready Jobs. Vacations. Michelle’s Vacations. Iraq. Afghanistan. Guantanamo Bay. Libya. Syria. Ukraine. Illegal Immigrants. Borders. Homeowners losing their homes. Obamacare. Social Security. Free Cell Phones. Welfare mothers. Bergdahl.
These are a few of his favorite things…

The current incumbent sitting in the Oval Office has managed to turn the position into a laughing stock of the world. His only concern is his “legacy”. Once someone becomes concerned with their legacy, that person becomes a liability. A president does not need to worry about his legacy. Everything he does or doesn’t do, is his legacy. What a president should be concerned with is protecting the country, improving the opportunities for his people, and maintaining strong relationships with our allies.

This president has done more to damage our standing than any president ever, including Jimmy Carter. Since he has come into office, we have: turned our backs on the Iraqi people; are turning our backs on the Syrians and the Libyans; in the process of turning our backs on the Afghanis; and have slapped the faces of the British, Israelis, French, Germans, Ukraines. We have allowed a terrorist group to willfully murder those we are supposed to protect, putting restrictions on use of force by our military; ignored the safety of our embassies; allowed illegal immigrants more rights than naturally born citizens; torn down the barriers keeping illegal immigrants out of the country; allowed anyone to collect welfare dollars; increased the tax burden on the middle class; increased the deficit to three times the previous president, and much more than any, repeat, any president in history.

President Richard Nixon was scheduled for impeachment because of what his re-election committee got up to. President William Clinton was impeached for having sex with an intern, and lying about it. Yet, this president has damaged the credibility of this country, has lied about what he’s doing, has unilaterally launched air strikes against another country, without approval of congress, a violation of the War Powers Act, has allowed his administration to ship guns to outlaws and criminals in another country, a federal crime for trafficing in illegal weapons shipments, which led directly to a federal agent being shot dead with the same weapons, again, another federal crime, has allowed war criminals to go free, has allowed an agency of unelected buearaocrats to impose sanctions on legal organizations and to turn down their applications and audit their organizations without directions from congress…in short, this president has trampled on and attempted to rip up the constitution.

I call for our elected representatives in congress to vote out the Articles of Impeachment. Any member of congress, either in the House or the Senate, who cannot see the reasons, should be voted out of congress, and we should vote in those who will do the people’s work. This president should be, most definitely should be, impeached. The continuation of his farcical presidency will continue to drive down the world’s estimate of the US.

Countries that used to look to the US for leadership, now look elsewhere. China, Russia, Iran, all look strong in comparison to what we look like. The last several years has been a nightmare for anyone who believes in democracy. And yet, we have a group in congress who will not vote for impeachment. These people are scared of their own shadows. We have a group in congress that seems to be afraid to shake up the status quo. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, even governor Chris Christie, all “steadfast” Republicans, but not a one, I repeat, not a one, has done anything more than wring their hands, and cry about overreach. If Chris Christie wants to be president, he needs to open his mouth about the current president. He had no problems with bad-mouthing Mitt Romney. Let us see someone with real intestinal fortitude speak up. But Chris won’t. Marco won’t. Ted won’t. Paul won’t.

Yes, I did say that obama should be impeached, as well as biden and holder. hillary should be held accountable and arrested for negligence in the deaths of those in Benghazi, since she, as Secretary of State, was the responsible individual for everything that happened under her watch. It is not only the military where the leader has to fall on his sword for the misdeeds of those under his or her command. john kerry should also be held accountable and impeached for his role in the bergdahl prisoner swap.

But I am speaking to the wind. There is no one in congress who will speak out. Everyone is afraid of their own shadow, everyone is afraid to step wrong, lest they ignite the furor of their “constituents” (read: fundraisers). Once, being an elected official meant something. It meant you are there to implement, to develop, policies that would improve the lot of those who voted for you. Now, its all in how much you can get for yourself. Sometimes, I despair for my country. Is there anyone out there willing to take a true stand? Or does everyone just want to be on television and radio, mouthing the words, but not doing anything? Its easy to say things. Its harder to actually take a stand. Just because you speak, doesn’t mean you’re doing anything, despite what your fans think. Actors and actresses speak all the time. But, they’re only playing a role on television. If you just want to be on television, give up politics and move to Hollywood. But please, get out of the job that can jeapordize millions of people, just not your own.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”