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The problem of illegal aliens has been around for some time. Trying to stem the flow of illegal aliens pouring across the border should be one of the top priorities of this administration. The white house should be working hand-in-glove with congress to resolve the situation. In any other country, the border would be manned by the military, border crossings would be guarded and crossers would face in-depth scrutiny, and anyone picked up sneaking across the border would be jailed and deported, sometimes after lengthy and unpleasant jail terms.

In this country, the federal government interdicts local and state government, preventing incarceration and deportation of illegal aliens. The federal government is busy moving illegal aliens around the country, providing free medical care, and free housing, for these illegals. The president refuses to take responsibility for his actions. And, because the congress, the legislative body of the United States government, is not taking any actions due to the president’s refusal to sit down with congress and discuss options, obama has decided he can take executive action.

Illegal aliens do not have any rights under the US constitution. The only obligation the US has, is to deport those people as soon as they arrive, not allow appeal after appeal after appeal. No other country on the planet allows such as this. If someone wants shelter in another country, there is usually refugee status they can achieve. Of course, that means following the legal path, which we have true immigrants doing every day. We cannot allow others to skip to the head of the line on their ability to sneak across the border. We are doing a disservice, not only to those who applied, waited for sometimes years, and finally made it here, but those who came through Ellis Island, suffering through their own deprivations and problems before arriving here.

This president, more than any other, should be hard at work on securing our border. The son of an African father and US mother, obama should understand the issues of illegal aliens, and the problems illegal aliens caused. After all, obama spent considerable time with his mother in other countries that were plagued with those issues, with the result of seeing illegals living in abject poverty. That alone should have reinforced his desire to maintain the US’ sovereignty. Instead, obama is attempting to destroy our borders and unstem the flow, virtually putting the US under siege from various groups that want to invade, yes, invade our country.

If obama doesn’t pull back from the precipice of unlimited illegal aliens, we may well be in the position of being unable, not unwilling, but unable, to secure our borders against a true invasion against someone who wants to do us serious harm. Others may scoff, but I leave you with this thought:

If we can’t stop a bunch of children from illegally entering our country because we’re not protecting our borders, how are we going to stop a real army division complete with tanks and armored personnel carriers? The Border Patrol only have SUVs.

“We Must Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”