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The current administration’s domestic policy seems to be to beggar the average American, enable illegal aliens to have access to programs the average middle-class American has to pay for, cripple the education system through common core, and, in general, bankrupt the US through ineptness and ignorance.

The administration’s policies have led to such catastrophes like the affordable care act. Instead of focusing on the reasons for unaffordable health care, such as hospital, patient care, and drug costs, and the health care industry’s use of administrative people to ratchet up costs at hospitals and health care providers, this administration has decided to punish those who have need for access to health care, the actual patients and consumers. Instead of concentrating on energy independence by supporting our environmentally-efficient coal and oil industries, this administration is concentrating on impeding those industries, while attempting to promote expensive and unproven technologies such as wind and solar energy. Instead of promoting good jobs in the US, this administration has been working on taxing to the ultimate those companies in the US, forcing the same companies to move overseas, taking their tax revenue and jobs elsewhere.

The latest disaster from this administration is the border crisis. Currently, there are thousands of children coming across the border illegally, getting access through a loophole in the current laws. Currently, Other Than Mexican (OTM) children are allowed to remain until a hearing has been held to determine the children’s status. This allows the children to come here, be “reunited” with family members, given a court date, and the family disappears, generally forever. This loophole is giving thousands of children a path to the US, through treacherous areas filled with sex slavers, rapists, thieves, and murderers, in the hopes of being able to live in the US. The reality is, whose is it to say those “family members” are really family? They could be more of the same, and this would be their way to have obama and his crew recruit young children to be able to pander the children.

barack obama has the capability to close this loophole, and to reinforce the border with National Guard and even active duty troops. Actually, putting US troops along the southern border doesn’t even require a presidential order or congressional acts. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, and as amended in 1981, prevents use of the military to enforce laws and act as law enforcement except in cases of violence and violations of citizens’ constitutional rights, within the US. Due to the nature of the border, because it is a border, the commander of NORTHCOM and SOUTHCOM can detail units to patrol and defend the north and south borders, and prevent entry into the US. The Border Patrol’s mandate is to arrest those who cross the border, and to help reinforce and prevent border penetrations.

Congress can authorize the necessary funding to allow the US military to perform this duty, if necessary, from either emergency funding to the Defense Appropriations Act, or enable a Emergency Continuing Resolution to fund the patrolling of the border. If the military decides to use the patrolling as an opportunity for training and actual work, the funding actually comes from the Defense Appropriations Act without requiring additional funding, due to training.

It is actually NORTHCOM and SOUTHCOM’s responsibility to enforce the border, and again, does not require congressional or presidential intervention. Since defending the border is an actual function of the US military, and a requirement of the duties of the US Department Of Defense. The US military should step in and do its job, and allow the politicians to work out the deportation of those who are illegally in this country. This will also prevent drug smugglers from entering the US through other than air and sea ports, where Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, as well as the DEA and Border Patrol, would be better situated to capture those people.
I believe this is a simple and a correct solution to ending the chaos at our southern border, and prevent others from exploiting children and juveniles from other countries for their own ends.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”

Should We Put US Troops On Our Southern Border?