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The Republican Party is the true party of the people. The Republican Party, just like the Republic, for which we stand, stands for independence of the individual, the right to pursue your dreams, without interference or intrusion by the government. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is suffering a crisis of identity, spurred on by the mainstream media.

The Republican Party has been about lifting yourself up and improving yourself. The party has been about helping those who Want to help themselves. The party has never, or it used to have never been, about giving something to someone who can help themselves. The Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party is the part of the Republican Party that says, Enough Already!! The TEA Party is not another party, trying to face down the two mainstream parties. As such, the TEA Party should be working with the rest of the Republican Party on a platform that encompasses the beliefs, ideas, and goals of the Republican Party as they should. And there’s a good reason why I say this.

The Republican and TEA party are currently being defined, not by their platforms, but by the Democrat Party. The democrats are consolidating all of their mainstream media activists, as well as their local, state, and national mouthpieces, into one voice, constantly shouting the negatives, falsely, of what the Republican and TEA party groups are. The democrats are working to increase the divisions between the two groups, actively working to make people think the Republican Party is disjointed, anti-civil liberty, anti-poor, anti-everything. Instead of working together to counter this onslaught, the two groups are actively reinforcing the claims of the democrats, effectively sabotaging their own efforts to build a solid base and fight the democrats’ attacks.

The Republican and TEA party MUST put aside their petty concerns, their desire for one-upmanship, and their shrill attacks against each other. These attacks serve not the Republican or TEA party. These attacks against each other serve the democrats. In a time when we are rapidly having the democrats perform slash and burn against the freedoms and rights our forefathers fought and died, both here and abroad for, the divisions that the democrats have foisted on our party is leaving the Republican party weak and defenseless, with the leaders of the parties attacking each other. In the meantime, the democrats are rallying around and defending one person, providing a strong support for that person.

Here’s the game plan that the Republican and TEA party need to follow:
1. Select one person to stand behind. All of the main Republican leaders believe in the same things. Determine the most prominent, most effective, and best speaker among the group be selected as the leader and rally behind this person, male or female. This person would be the spokesman for the party, as well as the person that would help determine policy directions on the local, state, and federal platforms. Everyone would need to get behind this person.

2. Develop a platform that encompasses the ideals and goals of the party. This platform must be a middle of the road, moderate, platform, that shows good values and can appeal to a broad range of the party. This development is not difficult to achieve. The first step is to remove egos, and senses of entitlements, from the development.

3. Develop the message. That means insuring that the media has the message. There are media organizations that will send out our message. But, we must have a coordinated, concerted, directed message that can be understood. This also means that the people designated to speak the message, always coordinates the message. This also means getting the message out, not just to the core of the party, but to those you want to bring into the party. This means going places that the party hasn’t gone before. This means talking to people who believe the government is helping them, but is really keeping them down, whether they’re in the inner cities, or in the rural areas living in a mobile home. We are all Americans, and we should all hear the message properly.

4. We should have the one voice attacking the negative images that are being shown of the party. That means attacking those who would denigrate us. That means no longer turning the other cheek. Yes, the good book says, if someone would strike you, turn the other cheek. However, the same book says we must protect ourselves and those who cannot protect themselves. In the same book, it says, he shall help those, who help themselves. Let us help ourselves, and move our country forward.

Yes, these are the same plays from the playbook of the democrats. And the democrats are using these procedures to destroy all of our candidates. And we are assisting them in this, when we should be fighting as hard as possible. Fighting this does not mean individual attacks against a monolithic target. Guerilla tactics only work when you have a chance of causing damage to the ones you’re attacking. Guerilla tactics only work in real warfare. For what the party needs, we need to be organized. We need to have the TEA and Republican party reunited.

If we are going to squabble, argue, and fight among ourselves, we will continue to lose. We will lose not just senate and congressional seats, but the respect of citizens, and cause more people to leave the party. One thing I have found, in talking with everyone who have voted in the last several elections, is that people have had no faith in our party. Although the people have no faith in the current administration, and in the democrat party, because we refuse to be one party, fighting each other instead of our common foe, the people who voted see our party as weak and divided, with no clue of what to do. We need to be one party, with one voice, and one platform. Or we should just give up and become democrats.

I, for one, don’t think so.

“One Party, One Platform, One Voice…The Republican Party”

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”