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First were the speaking engagements. Touring different places, trying to appear as the woman for all women, the put-upon but upheld wife of a former president that resurrected herself as a senator, then the third most powerful person on the planet…or so she would have you think. Next came the autobiography, extolling her virtues, showing her determined leadership, and her guidance of US foreign policy. Then the book tours to promote the same book, showing her “normal” side, how the Clintons were just another ordinary family.

Now, however, I do believe the left, the main stream media, and hollywood have finally managed to overstep and outdo themselves. Coming this fall: Madam Secretary, a series about a strong secretary of state. Amazing that this woman wears pantsuits, ignores her stylists, and always has something flippantly profound to say, with the appropriate sycophants hanging onto her every word. The question I have is: Where was this series when a more appropriate, more realistic woman secretary of state was in office?

For those who haven’t seen this, Madam Secretary is about a blond-haired, blue-eyed, pantsuit wearing woman, who is strong and stalwart. Well, the only things she has in common with hillary is the blond hair, blue eyes, and pantsuits. A more appropriate Madam Secretary should have had Angela Bassett playing the part of Condoleezza Rice, a true hard working, hard charging secretary of state. But, unfortunately for the elitist in hollywood, Miss Rice worked for a Republican president, which tainted her as unpure. Forget about the rhetoric of the left looking out for minorities; if that had been true, the left and the democrats would have been crowing loud and hardy for GW since he appointed, to two of the TOP three positions in his administration, a black man and a black woman. Colin Powell, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was GW’s first secretary of state, a man with such honor, the Queen of England knighted him. Condoleezza Rice was appointed his National Security Advisor, the person who advised him on national and international security issues, and acted as his eyes and ears, meeting heads of state in his place. Both of these people were extremely well liked and well respected in the international community, as both had been there and done that, and had the experience, and the wisdom, needed.

Instead, we have a concocted series to force a favorable impression of hillary, planted to run for at least a year prior hillary’s attempted run for the white house. The network that plans on running this farce, CBS, had to wait until hillary left office. Had they attempted to run the series while hillary was secretary of state, the laughing and howls would have been sufficient to merit the series winning the Emmy for best comedy. As it stands, this will be the longest running political ad for a candidate ever. The differences between the two woman, hillary, and the character Elizabeth McCord extend to the way they have arrived at their prospective jobs. hillary was escorted to the position as a sop to her for throwing her weight behind obama’s campaign. Elizabeth is a former CIA operative and professor. Since we know that hillary’s closest brush with danger was ducking snipers on a Kosovo tour…oh yeah, that didn’t happen, did it? Okay, on her trips to Iraq and Afghanistan in…when did she actually come and do something in South West Asia?

The truth of the matter is that hillary’s boosters are trying every possible way to make hillary look more statesman (or stateswoman) like, including putting together a series about a fictional secretary of state that would shine on hillary. The executive producer for this series, Morgan Freeman, is a great person. To have such a great actor, director, and producer behind something such as this, while ignoring the contributions of people like Rice and Powell, shows the problem of the left. Mr. Freeman, himself a prominent black American, for some reason, is ignoring the contributions of people of color, fellow black Americans who have contributed greatly to this country’s stability, leadership, and prosperity, in favor of someone who blindly turns their eyes away from the issues and problems affecting not only this country, but this planet.

I like Mr. Morgan Freeman. He has played some marvelous roles, he has directed some wonderful movies, he is a wonderful humanitarian, and a great businessman. But in this instance, Mr. Freeman has faltered enormously. Mr. Freeman is attempting to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, trying to find the diamond in the mud. If Mr. Freeman were truly looking to put a factual account of the secretary of state’s activities, he should have pushed to have the person as a black secretary of state. Miss Rice does have all those qualities, except for the family part. By continuing to help perpetrate the myth of hillary, Mr. Freeman is giving in to the lie of the democrats and to their agenda to continue to lie to the US people. Mr. Freeman, I have a higher opinion of you than that. I respectfully request you pull yourself from supporting something that does not help anyone, and puts the wrong people in a favorable light.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”