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Hillary Clinton should be in jail.  At the least, the Department Of Justice, without waiting for the FBI probe to complete, should have empaneled a grand jury and indicted her for espionage.

As the former Secretary Of State, Hillary had access to information up to and including not just TS/SCI, but the holiest of holies, sources and methods.  Hillary had to have signed numerous Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that detailed, in exacting minutiae, her responsibilities as an Originating Authority, for information that she was privy to.  Hillary also would have had the State Department setting up, or attempting to set up, an email account for secure transfer of information.

With all of this, there isn’t any reason, idea, etc., that Hillary should have set up her own, personal, private server in her home, managed not by cleared State Department IT/IS personnel, but a private company that had no known security clearances to even look at the server, let alone manage it.

Let’s look at the facts: Hillary and her aides attempted to circumvent FOIA requests by maintaining a private server on a private domain, separate from the government’s oversight.  This is the first offense, punishable under the FOIA, as well as the government’s own laws and regulations covering government systems and government correspondence.  The next offense, ostensibly the worse, is the transmission of classified information from the State Department’s CLASSNET onto an unclassified private domain.  There is an email that specifically shows Hillary ordering personnel to strip classification markings from email and send the information to her private email.  This shows a coordinated, dedicated, activity to deny the government’s oversight authorities information on the transfer of information.  Ladies and gentlemen: THIS IS ESPIONAGE, THERE IS NO OTHER NAME FOR IT!!!  By doing this, Hillary Clinton has wantonly caused information, from For Official Use Only (FOUO) to Special Access Programs (SAPs) to be made available to our enemies, both foreign and domestic.  This is in clear violation of her oath as the Secretary Of State, as well as a direct crime against the people of the United States, and the Constitution.

Hillary Clinton attempts to muddy the water in regards to the information in her emails.  She continually states that she neither received nor sent classified information in her time as Secretary Of State.  This is an outright lie, and I call her out on it.  As Secretary Of State, responsible for promulgating policy and directing the efforts of diplomats worldwide, Hillary cannot do anything BUT send and receive classified information, including information on Sources and Methods, the most delicate, and the most damaging, information there is.  To say otherwise, is to blatantly lie to the American people, as well as to all of our foreign allies worldwide.

Hillary had no problems sacking a senior diplomat for sending emails on his personal account.  The individual didn’t even have the luxury of a personal server.  The Department Of Justice wasted no time and effort to slam GEN David Petraeus for having a confidential document at home, and allowing a CLEARED individual access.  True, the person had clearance, just not need to know, but the result was that the general was indicted and convicted.  And the general did not have a high, cabinet-level, position, either.

There is only one option for the Department Of Justice: Indict and convict Hillary Clinton of Espionage.  Edward Snowden has been indicted for treason for the release of thousands of emails.  We can do no less for someone who held one of the highest offices in the land, and used it to abuse their privileges for their own personal gain.  Thousands of emails containing classified information that, unlike Snowden’s emails, put current personnel who are supposed to be covered by our government, at risk, were found to have resided in her personal server.  People may have wound up being disappeared for their support of us clandestinely, and their kidnappings, and possible deaths, can be laid directly at the feet of Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Saunders, by his neglect in calling Hillary to account, is just as negligible.  The democrat party is also negligent.  To not denounce Hillary in the strongest terms, to not back a grand jury indictment, shows that the democrat is only interested in one thing: Power, for power’s sake.

The Republican party candidates are very negligent, as they should be shouting about this at the top of their lungs, showing the world, and their constituents just what a piece of work Hillary is.  The Republican candidates know what the damage Hillary has done.  Instead, the nominees resort to smear tactics against each other.  The Republican candidates have turned the entire nomination process into a sideshow circus, and no one really takes them serious.  Only Carly Fiorina has consistently taken Hillary to task, but the media, including Fox News, give Carly a small percentage of their time.  Donald Trump, the erstwhile frontrunner, refuses to take on Hillary at this time, and the same for Cruz, Christie, Bush, and Rubio.

Hillary Clinton has violated many government statues, regulations, and laws concerning the management and safekeeping of classified and sensitive information.  We’ve sent many a person to federal prison, hell, we’ve hung a few for treason, for less than what Hillary has done.  Look at the Falcon and the Snowman, for example.  This will be buried, as usual, by the mainstream media.  But I will not stop the drumbeat for Hillary.  If Edward Snowden can be indicted for his crimes against America, WHY NOT HILLARY?

We Must All Hang Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separate…