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Hello, folks, I’ve been away for a while, primarily due to work commitments.  However, just when you thought it was safe to read the mail, I’m Backkkk!!!

The past year has been one of outstanding depravity, and outstanding human sacrifice and support.  We are all of one blood, and it flows red when we bleed.  When we bleed from the depredations of ISIS, or the horrors of a natural disaster, we bleed red, showing we are all, under the color of our skin, one race: The Human Race.

In the coming months, I will pontificate on various issues that affect the apex predator known as Man.  Humans show a remarkable ability to take something terrible and make it much worse.  But Humans also the remarkable ability to take a terrible situation and turn it into something we all can stand back and admire.  The average human on the planet, not the leaders, but the average person, generally doesn’t do more than convert food to manure on a daily basis.  But, in the process of this, the average man, woman, and child, whether by intent, design, or accident, also strive to leave their part of the planet a little better.  This isn’t for them; this is for their children, and their children’s children.  Politicians and leaders pontificate on long term strategies and all-encompassing plans.  But, each and every individual, on a daily basis, is only concerned with their little part of the world, and in making the improvements that are necessary for their family to, if not live comfortably, live.

On this note, I say Hello, and welcome back to my blogs.  In future posts, I will slam the Clintons for their abuse of their positions; I will dump on Obama for his lack of clarity that resulted in the nightmare that Syria and Iraq have become; I will pour my scorn on the Republican party for forgetting why they are, and instead, are more interested in what they want to become; and I will willingly excoriate the democrat party for its willfulness to enslave the poor, the underprivileged, the minorities through its lavish use of government funds to keep the downtrodden down, while keeping those with money elevated and secure from the plebian society that elevated them in the first place (Really, Beyoncé: You needed a police escort to go sing a song against the police?  Really?)

In this post, however, I say that the human race, of which we all are part, is a wonderful, disgusting, amusing, hilarious creation, and provides us entertainment, awe, sobering reality daily, if not hourly.  Welcome to 2016, and let’s see what happens next!!!