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I believe:

1. That federal government, and the president, have limited powers, and should be held accountable
What does this mean? I believe that our government has three roles, and only three:
a. Provide for the common defense of our country; this means not only in a military, but in a diplomatic capacity. Our government should insure that no one takes advantage of us, and protects us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
b. Work with the local and state governments to encourage and work to build interstate commerce. This means insuring that all playing fields are level for all players, large or small. That small businesses are not stifled under regulations and laws that prevent growth, not only of the businesses, but of the consumers that buy the goods or services that these businesses provide. Federal government should only, ever only, take what is needed to maintain the government, and not a penny more. Anything is grasping greed. Government is not business, big or small. Government is the entity that says we are a nation, with national pride. Government does not produce anything, and thus, should not be a yoke on the neck of the people it is supposed to represent.
c. Act as our intermediary with foreign governments, as our spokesman, and as our defense. Government, and the president, are our face to the world. Although many misconstrue the idea that American television and movies are the face of the American people, the reality is: When our representatives speak, most of the world believes these representatives, including the president, speaks with our voice. As such, our government, and our president, is supposed to speak loudly, strongly, and with conviction.

2. That the only entitlements by law are Social Security and Military Retiree benefits. Welfare is not an entitlement. Welfare was designed as a means to help someone regain their footing. Welfare was designed to help those who have fallen on hard times, and need assistance in getting their feet back under them. Welfare was never meant to be, nor should it be, a way of life. Welfare should provide enough for someone to survive, not live. There are plenty of private organizations that can help, but the government does not have a role in keeping people in a style that most middle class working families cannot afford. If a family, with parents working hard, cannot afford a luxury meal, neither should someone that will not work, but wants the government to provide.

3. That small business is the major part of the engine that drives the United States of America. Small businesses should not be a battleground for Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission, or any of the many unelected buearacratic organizations to fight on. These agencies were developed originally to insure 1. Fair trade for US businesses; 2. A means to help businesses achieve a greater goal; 3. A way for the American people to be safe, but also a means for small businesses to be safer also.

4. That education of our young should include civic education, religious education, and real education. Our country should still follow the rules we incorporated when our country started: Education is to enable us to grow, not a means for a debating society for young children who don’t have life experience to talk about, or an indoctrination center for those who have ulterior motives not related to education, regardless of their views.

5. That crime and criminals should be punished. We in the US used to punish crime and criminals. Criminals used to be made to pay for their crimes. Criminals had to work, and work hard. Anyone caught doing the wrong thing was punished. The victim used to be helped, to overcome the adversity of the crime.

I believe all of the above. I believe in the US. I just don’t believe our government is willing to do what used to make us great. The left blames the right, the right the left. The president decides which laws he will enforce, which he will ignore. The “leaders” of the Republican party spend their time reacting to what the “leaders” of the Democrat party are saying. Wall Street spends the government’s money as if it were their own, and no one is held to blame. Schools need money for school equipment, education, etc., while at the same time, schools hire more and more administrators, who do nothing but waste the schools’ monies.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”

More soon…