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As a Republican, I’ve always believed the party stood for: Personal growth and responsibility; Small federal government and government roles; Defense of the country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic; helping the disadvantaged to gain their feet, where possible, and to assist, when not, those too ill either physically or mentally to help themselves; To fight against injustice to others; To believe in a power greater than ourselves, whom we pray to for support.

I see a person who epitomizes this, who believes that the federal government’s role is to protect our borders, to negotiate from a position of strength against other countries, to build our military, to cut the fat from federal budget and to insure those programs, such as military and Social Security, receive the funding that is now going to esoteric pork programs, to acknowledge those nations that cut be an issue and develop means of dealing with those countries, to put America and her people first, and to espouse that loudly and clearly.  Yet, the Republican establishment, who, in years past got behind the person who was leading at this stage, is working hard to undermine and demean the leader.  Hard to believe the Republican leadership is behind such underhanded acts, at a time when the leader of the candidates is bringing in millions of voters for the Republican party.

The activities of the Republican party against Donald Trump puts them in league and in line with the Democrat party.  The people, the average blue and white collar worker out there, who have cast their votes, are being ignored by the Republican leadership.  This is an outrage.  This is disgusting.  This is something that smacks more of the democrats than any Republican ideology, yet, this is happening.

The Republican leadership, and Republican senators and representatives, should be wholly ashamed of themselves.  They are acting just like democrats, and seem to be working hard to cause whoever is the democrat nominee to be elected.  The Republican leadership should step back, should make the candidates who are losing shut up, and should shut down those PACs that are having a field day doing the democrats dirty work.  We are supposed to be better than this.  We are supposed to be united.  In 2008, we made a mess of the party and the nomination, and caused us to lose the presidency to someone who has shown his ineptitude.  We lost in 2012 because the Republican leadership backed off after the first debate and told Romney to “act presidential, not confrontational”.  His efforts to act presidential allowed a hack who was in the process of destroying the nation another chance in the White House.  Now, all the Republican leadership want to destroy our best chance of reclaiming the White House, because their ‘anointed ones’ are incapable of harnessing the anger of the voters.  Donald Trump is harnessing the anger, not just of white Americans, but of black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, hell, even Native Americans.  Donald may have upset your playbook, but he’s done what few candidates this season is capable of doing: He’s pumped up the voter rolls (correct spelling, by the way, rolls, not roles, which is what a person performs in) and gotten more people more involved and excited about the Republican party since Ronald Reagan.

The Republican leadership should count themselves lucky, work to get the leader confirmed, and start the process for the general election campaign.  By attempting to block Donald Trump, the leadership is basically acting like the democrat leadership and saying only those anointed by the elites are eligible.  No, the leadership is not the ones that select the nominees: IT’S THE PEOPLE!!! Lest the leadership forget, let me say it again: IT’S THE PEOPLE!!!!

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”