I watched, as I said previously, Bret Baier’s Town Hall with the Democrats.  When Bret asked Hillary if there were issues, and if the FBI had contacted her concerning her emails, with that semi-scared but determined look on her face, she lied on both counts.  The FBI notified Hillary that they were investigating her email server for criminal intent at the time they received the server.

Hillary signed Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that she would protect and not reveal information classified at any level, and which must be protected.  Hillary continues to say she didn’t receive or transmit any information that was marked “Classified”.  One more time people: The US Government does NOT mark ANY information “CLASSIFIED”.  That is something made up by Hollywood to make people think something is, of course, classified.  The US Government classifies information at three levels: Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret.  There are also sub-categories, but the sub-categories fall under the three classifications, so are not thought of as separate classifications.  But the bottom line is this: The Government Does Not Mark ANYTHING As CLASSIFIED!!!!  This is a Hillary scheme to blow smoke and shine mirrors on what her actions were.

Hillary Clinton decided to have a personal email SERVER, which is totally different from what other Secretaries Of State have done.  The other Secretaries once in a while used a private email account, but for most of their electronic messaging, they used government state.gov accounts.  The use of a commercial email SERVER has never been authorized, and is specifically prohibited, by the government, as all government information has to be archived for future use and historical purposes.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Hillary Clinton, and all the others of the Democrat party, including the president himself, are clouding and misconstruing the issue.  Not one will admit that Hillary used an illegal email server, and an illegal domain, to circumvent US laws, and to bypass government archives, to prevent anyone from accessing or perusing her information.  As such, Hillary Clinton has done much worse than David Petraeus, Secretaries Powell, Rice, or even Kerry, because she took government information and stored the data on an uncontrolled server.

Hillary Clinton should not be running for president.  Hillary should be sitting and waiting for her indictment, not waiting to be her party’s nominee for president.  Hillary has shown that she is either capable of deliberately trying to mislead people and hide classified information from the government, or so inept that, even though she had signed NDAs, she didn’t know what they were.  Either case, she shows a remarkable lack of appreciation for keeping information safeguarded that was entrusted to her care.  As such, she should be indicted and removed from ever going for public office, to help safeguard America in the future.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or, Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”