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Today, one of my Facebook friends decided to ask who in the Republican party he should vote for, as he wasn’t sure how to vote based on the last few days of chaos.  I decided to answer him, and realized that the answer for him, is something I should pass on to all.

From my post: “Everyone wants to talk about how childish trump is, problem is, all the rest waited until it looked like trump was the leader before getting down and nasty…America knew what trump was like before, in glorious Technicolor…Trump is a businessman, and Trump knows how to move things and select people…I remember the sixties, how people were nasty and harsh, the vitriolic hatred spewed about candidates such as Nixon, and Reagan…in the seventies, the tirade of trash talking done about Reagan would make the viperous seeming speech about Trump no more than kindergarten kids talking…Reagan was an actor, a third-rate one at that…Nixon was Hitler, he’s disgusting, look how he sweats (reference to the 1960’s TV debate, talk about reaching back)…then the eighties and the trash talking about Reagan again…then the Bush years, both Bushes…if you’re gonna base your reason for voting for someone on trash talking, you may want to read up on the real trash talkers: Douglas and Lincoln, Adams, Roosevelt, Jackson; Jackson was a drunk, and most of his rallies wound up with a lot of drunkenness and debauchery…Base your vote on what someone has done: Cruz, Kasich, and Rubio have spent the last two years campaigning for election to a political position, meeting up with SuperPACs and donors to fund their election runs; Trump has also spent the last two years electioneering, but he has also been running a vast empire…of course he uses a personal plane, so he can stay in touch with everything going on around the world in his business; Trump shows me the number one thing that someone who is president needs: The ability to focus on his work AND on getting in touch with, meeting with, and working with his people, the American People, and he takes time out to speak with individuals: This Is Why Trump Is America’s Best Hope, Not America’s Best Hype: He Can Keep His Business Going And Still Work With America, Meet With America…Think about that, and think about the rest of the field…just my humble opinion…”

So, think about this: Trump has managed to build up a business empire, even though he’s taken hits, a couple of bankruptcies, a couple of divorces, but he keeps an eye on the prize, regardless of his own personal issues.  He continues to keep his business going, because he put together a team that he only needs to oversee.  If he can do that with his business, what makes you think he can’t pick a Cabinet that will insure America becomes great.  Donald Trump may not be a conservative, but he is a Republican.  The other politicians, and I repeat, politicians, want to be known as a conservative, but how did that become to mean that is a Republican?  A Republican is one who believes in the Republic, and what the Founding Fathers believed, one who believes in small Federal Government, but also in insuring the States maintain the proper scale of government to support their citizens rights, freedoms, and responsibilities.  A Republican is someone who also believes in each individual’s right to self-determination, and in capitalism, not socialism, but also in believing giving a person a hand up, not a hand out.

Trump is a true Republican, just as much as those who have come to his rallies and speeches.  Kasich, Rubio, and Cruz are not Republicans.  They are politicians, looking to maintain the political class, something that Donald and his supporters don’t like.  So, I am voting for a true Republican, who understands the balance between conservatism and liberalism, and how to maintain it.  Republicans are not monolithic conservatives, as much as Democrats are not monolithic liberals.  The other candidates are doing a disservice to the Silent Majority, those who have been awaiting an opportunity to express themselves, and their dissatisfaction with the political elites and their mouthpieces.  Now, they have their own mouthpiece, and it is one they see as one of their own: Donald Trump.

All of the liberals and all of the media mouthpieces can spout off about how Donald is loud, abrasive, and corrosive.  The problem is, they are demeaning and disregarding those who are listening to, and agreeing with, The Donald.  As much as the media cameras work to keep the focus on the white people at the rallies, there are as many blacks, Asians, Hispanics, etc., as his rallies as there are whites.  And they all agree: Trump Speaks For Them and America.

So, you have a choice when it’s time to vote: Do you vote for someone who says they can produce? Or do you vote for someone who has produced, and plans on producing more? Me, I voted for Trump: He’s already proved he can do what he says he will do….

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”