Donald J. Trump took the oath of office as President Of The United States less than one month ago, January 20th, 2017.  In that time, Donald Trump has started work on the promises he made during his campaign.  Instead of celebrating that the president is making good on his promises, the hypocrites in the democrat party are screaming that the president is trying to tear the country apart.  Apparently, standing up for America, making America first, making America safe, making America strong, making America prosperous, making jobs available for Americans first, are supposed to be bad things for America.  The Main Stream Media, burnt and hurt, butt-hurt actually, are working hard to tear Donald down.  Most presidents are given at least 30 days to get their feet under them.  Donald hasn’t been given ONE DAY!!! NOT ONE DAY!!!

The so-called liberals and progressives, from the Inauguration Day, have done everything they possibly could to wreck our country.  In a fit of pique that outdoes the rioting and destruction of the ’68 elections, and for no reason as opposed to ’68, so-called liberals and progressives are worked hard to undermine and undercut our way of life.  America is founded on the principles of free speech, and the pursuit of happiness.  The democrats and their hangers-on are attempting to systematically deny those rights to anyone that doesn’t follow there rhetoric and hyperbole.  The leftist-dominated democrat party, pairing up with anarchists and radicals, has become a safe haven for terroristic groups hell-bent on destroying America.  Let’s see what is so terrible that the democrats want to utterly undermine and destroy our way of life.

President Trump signed an executive order putting a HOLD, not a BAN, but a HOLD, temporary in the case of visitors, indefinite in the case of refugees, from SEVEN, count them, SEVEN countries with KNOWN links and ties to ISLAMIC TERRORISM.  President Trump has the legal authority, as has been posted, even on the MSM sites, to halt people from coming into the US.  As part of his authority to protect and defend the United States of America, President Trump has the authority to place a ban on any immigrants, or groups or classes of immigrants, that he may feel is a threat to the national security of the United States.  The MSM likes to portray what he’s doing is a Muslim ban.  The reality is, if the president wanted to implement a total Muslim ban, then he actually has the authority to do so.  Donald Trump has placed a hold on travel for people from seven countries.  Since this includes everyone from those countries, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Yazidi, Rastafarians, whatever, this cannot, under in circumstance, be called a MUSLIM BAN. Yes, one of our partners in the Middle East, Iraq, is unfortunately on that list.  Due to issues with Islamic extremists being able to circumvent Iraqi security and leave the country, the president was forced to follow the recommendations of, not just his security team, but the previous occupier of the Oval Office, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, who originally compiled the list, and used the list to stop movement of people from those countries.  The MSM didn’t say a word about this, knowing full well, with explicit agreement between the MSM and the White House, what the former president was doing.  The MSM covered up many things from the previous president, including this and more.

President Trump directed the ICE and CBP to totally enforce the deportations of illegal aliens that are criminals.  The MSM touted that the president was breaking up families, separating children from their parents, etc.  This is the same MSM that ignored the over two million illegal aliens that the previous president deported, breaking up families, separating children from parents, devastating people.  Donald Trump’s people were and are targeting criminals that have been allowed to stay in the country by obama, and forcing the ICE and CBP to do catch and release, like they were fish in a stream.  Donald is working to remove the criminal element, yet the MSM are terrifying people with their erroneous and fake claims.  States and cities are declaring themselves “sanctuary cities”, to protect illegal aliens.  Why are these cities and states doing anything about Americans that are homeless and in need?  What about veterans?  Or are Americans not worthy of these states support?

President Trump signed an executive order to start work on the border wall.  Immediately, illegal aliens started going on about persecution and infringement of their rights.  I’m sorry, but if you’re here illegally, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS IN AMERICA!!  You have rights in your own country, and if you wish to exercise those rights, you need to go back home.  Immediately.  The wall will cost less than the costs of supporting an illegal alien population.  It will cost less than the refugees that obama wanted to bring to America.  Some wag was quoted as saying “The cost of the wall is gonna cost each American $140 to build”, as if this is supposed to shock anyone.  I say, “Where do I send the check?”  We need the border for security of our nation.  A nation that freely allows people to come in and suck its treasure dry, is not a nation at all.  We are going to have the wall.  And we are going to have our nation secured.

President Trump told a gathering at Macdill AFB that he was going to rebuild our military.  The MSM called him a warmonger, completely ignoring the illegal bombing of Libya by the former president, the surges of troops under the former president’s tenure, and the drone strikes on American citizens that the former president ordered, and relished in.  President Trump believes that diplomacy requires strength to back it.  And many nations are now taking the US seriously again.

Previously, I said so-called liberals and progressives.  I said that for a reason.  Liberals and progressives are supposed to be forward-looking, thinking about smaller government and freedom for everyone.  The Republican party is called conservative, reactionary.  The reality is that the democrats are the conservative, reactionary party.  They react vehemently to anyone who opposes their way of thinking and their way of life.  The democrats show a very conservative bent, not wanting to change anything as it may mean a loss of their so-called privileges.  The democrats and the radical left are definitely the ones that want things to stay the same, so they can set up privilege and power strictly for themselves.  They see themselves as the new “aristocracy” of the US.  Sorry, guys.  We staged a revolution to prevent this ever happening again.  The Republican party is the liberal and progressive party.  We have a woman who successfully ran the campaign to capture the presidency.  We had, in our presidential race, a broad slice of America running, from a doctor, a black man, born in the projects who lifted himself up to lead one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world, to a Hispanic who’s family fled communist Cuba, and whose parents were able to help him reach for the highest office in the land.  We have a woman who overcame all the obstacles to reach the highest level of office in a world-wide corporation, who fought off breast cancer, and who also had the opportunity and the drive to run for the highest office in the country.

We need to fight together to stop the continuing attacks against the new president.  The MSM think nothing of hurling accusations and fake news against this administration, while ignoring the previous eight years of lies, deceptions, and corruptions from the Obama administration.  We need to band together, and, as the MSM hawks about boycotting the Trump’s businesses, boycott the mainstream media.  Don’t watch any of their channels and affiliates.  Don’t buy their print media.  Pretty soon, those advertisers will see a marked downtick in their revenue.  The MSM will start to feel the heat, and lay off personnel, as they lose ad revenue.  This is the only way for the MSM to return to their role as an honest arbitrator of news to the American people.  We cannot let them get away with this.