The mainstream media has been put on notice: Donald J. Trump WILL NOT be intimidated by the “fake news” given out by the same media that has consistently attacked him throughout the presidential campaign.  He has attempted to make peace with his party, and has Reince Priebus, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and even Mitt Romney, if not working with him, at least not attempting to undermine him.

Unfortunately, it seems, the longest knives are the ones held in the hands of those who should be working side-by-side with him.  The “honorable” John McCain, senator from Arizona, can’t seem to stop trying to sabotage and undermine the president.  Just because McCain sabotaged himself, not by selecting Sarah Palin (I like Sarah), but waiting and wasting his time, and ours, in 2008 in trying to build up surprise, shock, and awe, then miserably flubbing the general election by not working with Sarah and republicans. John McCain knew, as everyone knew, that he was the republican candidate in May.  He should have announced his selection for vice-president, and he should have begun campaigning and taking Sarah around  in May.  This way, Sarah would have had the opportunity to insure America knew who she was.  I know that John is an American hero and patriot, but the things he does in the name of “supporting” the party seems more like an attempt to sabotage any efforts.

John: Get over it.  Donald Trump speaks to the people in a way that you never would.  Donald has never forgotten who makes America, America.  He knows its the people of America, the Middle Class and the poor, those that the elites such as John McCain have disdained and forgotten about.  Unlike the failed attempt by the republicans in 2008 and 2012, Donald ignored the so-called “power centers” of New York and California.  Instead, Donald Trump went to the rural areas, the small and medium cities and towns, the Rust Belt, the Coal Belt, the Southwest, the inner parts of Florida and North Carolina and Ohio and Wisconsin…the list goes on.  Donald Trump knew that’s where he can hear the people, find out what the people want. And this hurts John McCain.

John, you’ve rode on your hero status for too long.  You’ve forgotten what you’re there for. You use your bully pulpit, not to denounce the despicable activities of the left and the progressives, but to harangue the leader of the free world, the president of the US of A, and the leader of the republican party, with an ill-directed rant about freedom of the press.  Seriously, John, the president is allowed his opinion.  I have listened carefully in what he says, and, not once, ever, has he ever said, mentioned, or indicated, that he has any intention of shutting down the media or the press.  Mr. McCain, you are feeding into the FAKE NEWS that Donald has consistently spoken against!!  You should be supporting his efforts, and working within the groups you are chairman of to insure the president’s agenda is achieved.  Instead, you relish the role of maverick.  Problem is, John, being a maverick is fine when you’re the minority party.  You are the majority, and must act like that.  Reince Priebus and Marco Rubio have done so.  Why can’t you?  Let go of your bitterness in your loss as president, and look forward to the future.

Donald is not perfect.  But he is infinitely better than having another Clinton in the White House.  Donald Trump is attempting to meet the promises he made during the campaign.  Unlike any other president, Donald Trump comes into the White House without owing anyone for his campaign.  He is a billionaire who funded his own campaign, and used his own transport to travel to campaign stops to meet the people.  The ONLY ONES he owes anything to are the people who got them there: The American People.  You should be behind him, instead of bitterly condemning him for something you can’t do: Stand up to special interests, lobbyists, and donors who work hard to manipulate you.

John McCain, where is that staunch patriotism and courage that got you through the hell of the Vietnamese prison?  Why can’t you find that strength again, and back the president who backs America?  Have your backers pushed you into such a corner, that you find it necessary to attempt to destroy the best way forward for our country since Ronald Reagan?  And please, don’t come out with some mealy-mouth platitudes of where Donald MIGHT lead us.  Donald doesn’t play by Washington rules, because Donald is NOT a politician.  Donald is someone who plans on Draining the Swamp.  Do you want to be one of those being flushed down the drain, or do you want to be part of the plumbing crew that cleans up Washington?

John McCain, who do YOU think is more important: Your Donors and Lobbyists, or the American People?  Your Choice; make it the right one…

We Must All Hang Together, or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separately…