Another mass shooting, by a disgruntled maniac.  In two different cities.  The first thing people want to do, both on the left and the right, is blame the rhetoric of Donald Trump.  Woe is me, woe is me, the way the president speaks is the reason these things happen.  Donald Trump speaks about race, he’s a racist, he’s the reason this country’s problems are here.

Let me set you straight: Donald Trump had NOTHING, I Repeat, NOTHING to do with a racist maniac or an idiot with a gun shooting and killing people!! NOTHING!!!  It’s like saying Barack Obama was responsible for the Ft. Hood shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing.  If you can say that Donald Trump is responsible for this weekend’s mass shootings, then you can lay the blame for the mass shootings, the bombings, and the terror attacks during Obama’s presidency on Barack Obama.  What? Crickets?  Then that’s what should be the result about the mass shootings.

For the record: Donald Trump is Not, nor has he ever been, a Racist.  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, ad naseum, have all been photographed with the Donald.  Hell, he had a guest appearance as himself on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air©.  Donald has given of his time, and his money, to lower income programs throughout his life, let alone during his presidency.  Yet, every time Donald Trump says something about the problems of America, from protection of the southern border to increasing security of the immigration process, from restricting the ‘welfare’ program to those who truly need it to pointing out the issues with the inner cities, the president is repeatedly told he is racist.  The worst part is that the Republican Party, the party he is the leader of, damns him with faint praise, if not outright ignoring him.  The party should be supporting Donald, should be pushing out into the inner cities as well as in congress, showing his work and what he’s done for ALL AMERICANS!!!  Donald has been the greatest thing for America in years, if not decades.

The president has done more to promote racial cohesiveness than any president since Abraham Lincoln.  From his support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to pardoning Jack Johnson to the first step act to developing Opportunity Zones in inner cities, Donald Trump has worked hard to uplift EVERYONE to a better life.  Black, Hispanic, Asian, Women, LGBTQ unemployment is at the lowest in decades.  Manufacturers have brought back not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of jobs from overseas back to the United States.  Not only that, countries that formerly were taking jobs and factories from the US, are now building factories and bringing even more jobs back to the US.  This is due to not only the cutting of the business and income tax rate, but also implementing tariffs, which make it cheaper for companies to build their products here and EXPORT them to their OWN countries.  Donald Trump is not a politician.  America didn’t vote for him as a politician.  Donald Trump is a businessman, and his current business is AMERICA!! This is what he was voted in for, to take this business and make it successful for the shareholders, who are us, AMERICANS, not to make ‘Globalists’ rich at our expense.  This is what has been the problem before, and Donald is fixing this issue.

Donald Trump is not responsible for the ills of the political machine that includes Nancy Pelosi, Charles Shumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, all of the, what is a good name of something that feeds on the flesh of the living and the dead?  Nancy and Chuck were in the congress back when Reagan was president.  Both have gotten rich while their constituents have gotten poorer.  Nancy’s congressional district has people using the streets for toilets, yet she continually harps on the plight of the ‘poor, innocent undocumented immigrants’ at our border.  And she calls Donald a racist cause he wants to keep the illegal aliens out of the country.  What a hypocrite.

Donald Trump is the president we need, at the time we need him, which is now.  Mr. President, don’t let others try and tone down your rhetoric.  The louder that they complain about your rhetoric, the closer you are to the truth of the issues your opponents, both in and out of the party, you get.  Keep on Mr. Trump, America Backs You Over Everything Else.  We need you now more than ever, despite what the Main Stream Media, the Fake News claims.

We Must All Stand Together, Lest We All Hang Separate…