Well, the dems are at it again.  As it was once remarked, the dems never let a good disaster go unused.  While Puerto Rico is making up numbers to blast the president about “no support”, even though there are still FEMA supplies sitting on the tarmacs awaiting movement by Puerto Rico’s corrupt democrat government, dems in the US are attempting to use Hurricane Florence to hammer the president.

Let’s look at the facts:
1. Dems: The president isn’t prepared to help.  The reality: Since last week, President Trump has declared SC, NC, and VA as Disaster Areas, opening them up for federal assistance.  NC’s governor publicly applauded President Trump’s efforts.
2. Dems: The president is ignoring what’s happening.  The reality: The president has made several personal appeals for people to leave the affected areas, to prepare themselves, and to listen to their local officials.
2. Dems: President Trump doesn’t care about Puerto Rico, and only cares about “white people”.  The reality: President Trump authorized the necessary federal agencies to move in rapidly, transport supplies and support, and directed the USA Corps of Engineers to work on the infrastructure.  Unfortunately, the local governor and mayors refused support because this would undercut their corrupt regimes.  However, NC, SC, and VA all have taken to heart the president’s appeals, and are taking advantage of the president’s support.

If you listen to the dems, Donald Trump is the epitome of death and destruction for the US of A, however, the reality is, since coming into the presidency, Donald Trump has overseen the greatest resurgence of the US, both domestically and on the world stage, since our entry into World War II.  And just like our emergence then, our friends hail us, and our enemies are terrified.

As long as our governors follow through on the support being provided by the president and his agencies, this hurricane will be weathered well.  And the US will, also…