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Under the current administration, the US looks as though it’s having a serious loss of confidence in its ability to help out our allies, and for those we promised to help.  Ukraine, barack obama said we would stand by staunchly. This lasted up to the point where Russian separatists fought and caused the “election” to secede from the Ukraine.  Then there is the famous “Line In The Sand” speech that obama made.  Then there’s Iraq.  On three separate occasions, the administration’s highest officials, namely obama, biden, and kerry, all said the same thing over the last three years: We don’t need to keep an eye on Iraq, Iraq is stable and can take care of themselves.  This, after numerous requests from the Iraqi and Kurdish governments for the US government and US military to return to Iraq to help stabilize the country, work to firm up their military, and act as bulwark against the terrorists while Iraq is rebuilding.

Now, Syria is a cesspool, whether its Assad’s chemical warfare, or the Islamists terrorists attacks.  The Ukraine is constantly boiling, even though the new president is vowing crackdowns at the same time as Russia is sending arms across the border flagrantly in defiance of the new Ukraine government.  And Iraq is about to splinter, not, as joe biden says, into three sections, but into multiple segments fighting each other as vehemently as they are the Islamists.  And the instability of the region will filter across borders into Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and, funnily enough, Iran.  Lebanon, as I said in a previous post, is sitting on a powder keg, just awaiting the spark necessary to blow it wide open.  The militias that used to support Syria, can no longer expect that support, and when people get desparate, there’s no telling how bad it can get.  The main issue facing the administration, though, is Iraq.

We had the chance, the opportunity, and the responsibility, to help steer Iraq into a secular, democratic state.  We had the chance to work with the Iraqi military, to instill a sense of pride and self into their military.  Instead, the administration turned their backs on Iraq, refused every request for assistance from the Iraqi government, and basically turned their backs on our allies.  We left thousands to be murdered, because obama didn’t want to engage in discussions with the maliki government.  Maybe if obama had done his job and spoke with the Iraqi government, instead of attending fund-raising events and golfing with tiger woods, notvto mention the flights to hawaii to relax and recuperate, we may have had permanent installations in Iraq, a permanent garrison able to bolster the Iraqi defense forces, and we would have been in a better position in regards to Syria and the ISIS/ISIL.

Of course, we should have known better.  When obama made the “historic” speech about the line in the sand, if Assad used chemical weapons, many thought the man had grown a pair or more.  However, even with proof from the UN, obama did his famous turn about, and mentioned something about sending weapons or money, maybe.  This, of course, after he unilaterally, and illegally, launched air strikes against Libya. 

We are now at the crossroads.  No one is taking us seriously.  China builds facilities in disputed areas in the South China Sea, ignoring our protests, as well as the Asian countries in the regions.  Russia openly arms rebels in the Ukraine, and whereever else they can foment issues, trying to reclaim Russia’s former “glory”.  Iran is given relief from the sanctions that had been imposed, because Itan “might” stop pursuing nuclear weapons.  Pakistan openly gives sanctuary to Taliban, as the Taliban rebuilds to re-invade Afghanistan.  And that’s the international stage.  Let’s not forget about all the illegal border-crossers, not immigrants, illegal aliens, flooding across our porous borders.

On the domestic front, the failure of obamacare is so incredible, its past ridiculous.  The discussion about affordable health care, was supposed to be focused on the providers of medicine and health care.  Instead, obama, in his infinite lack of wisdom, decided to penalize, not the health care industry, but the consumers.  Then, the Supreme Court compounded the ignorance by saying the law is legal, because it’s a tax that can be levied, IF YOU DON’T HAVE INSURANCE!!!! That’s like saying you can be taxed because you don’t own a car, a house, etc.  And the fact that no one fights this is as ridiculous as obamacare.  The IRS scandal is just so incredible, it’s disgusting.  To have an agency of the federal government focus on, and impede, legal organizations during a presidential campaign, and no one goes to jail, words fail me.  Fast and Furious, giving confiscated arms to gangsters and criminals across the border, leading to the death of a federal office, should have, and under a Republican president, would have, led to the arrest of the Attorney General and everyone involved.  The Dream Act, another illegal act, allowing young illegal aliens to come to the US, and jump the queue for citizenship, is something else that words fail me with.  Now, the VA has been caught skimming the cream. And yet again, just like the Justice Department and the IRS, no one is going to jail.

Under this administration, our friends have been kicked in the teeth, or left lying in front of the bus, or simply ignored.  Our enemies are given carte blanche to do whatever they wish, whenever they wish.  Honest citizens are held hostage by inane and illegals laws, while illegal aliens and criminals are protected.  When did the US go this way?  When did we start to decide that turning our backs on friends, ignoring the country’s legal citizens in favor of its illegal aliens is the correct thing to do?  When did we decide that its better to have our citizens living on the welfare line is better than having our citizens work hard to make a better life?  When did we begin our downward spiral? And who will stop it?  hillary clinton?  I don’t think so.  joe biden? Not on your life. al gore?  Not someone who decided to sell an American television network to a group with the avowed aim of denigrating the US, instead of to an American group.

The US needs strong leadership.  The US needs to regain its position as the world’s foremost superpower.  We cannot give up our leadership.  We cannot abdicate our responsibility to the world.  To do so, leaves us vulnerable to attack from every side.  To do so, leaves our country in a very weak position, susceptible to invasion, either economic or actual, from our enemies, and none of our former allies willing or able to help us.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”