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Huge announcement this morning. obama had the special forces team, that has been trailing mastermind behind the Benghazi Consulate attack, pick him up. During his press conference, he called it “arresting the bad guy”. Tell us something, obama. Your press representatives from the pentagon and the white house say that the team has been trailing him for the last two years. He hasn’t been hiding, as a matter of fact, he has given several interviews, including with CNN. According to your spokespeople, it took two weeks in 2012 to collect all of the information needed to arrest the guy. And the team was ready to pick up this guy last year, but was called off by the administration. What was that about? You needed to pick the best opportunity to show off your “international diplomacy skills”?

This administration has done such a slipshod job on the international stage, it’s a wonder anyone pays us any attention at all. Wait, the Iraqis aren’t!! They’re approaching the Iranians, and have the commanding general of Iran’s Qods Guards advising the MOD. What else? Oh, yeah, because of our fearless leader’s desire to “end the war in Iraq”, ISIS now have M-1 Abrams tanks to roll around in. Despite what the admiral, the pentagon spokesman, said today, can anyone show us all of the Stinger Air-to-Ground missiles that the Iraqi security forces had, prior to the rout? If ISIS have Abrams, what makes you think they don’t have the Stingers? The one good thing is that the F-16 hadn’t been delivered to Iraq. However, the C-130Js, some of the most sophisticated cargo planes around, may be missing. Even one of those outfitted to be an AC-130 by ISIS could be a serious issue for ground forces, not to mention anyone they decide to take shots at. Would be really embarrassing if ISIS did something like that, then sent the plane to Syria. Or to Turkey, for that matter .

We need to get back into Iraq, with ground troops and air support. We need to go in and stay until the country is stable, regardless of how long it takes. I said before, we didn’t turn our backs on Europe, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, when we completed our missions there. We still have bases in all of these places. Why was Iraq so different? Iraq wasn’t, the president was and is. This president shirked his responsibility on foreign policy, shirked his strategic responsibilities to this country and to Iraq. What was he thinking? He was thinking about his next term of office.

With the scale of disasters this administration has had, domestically and foreign, I am just so shocked that there hasn’t been a call for his impeachment. Richard Nixon was taken for impeachment for missing 18 and a half minutes in hours of taping. Lois Lerner lost TWO YEARS worth of emails, and it’s ho-hum by congress. This administration is governing by executive fiat. Where’s the congress? Where’s the supreme court? Where’s the outrage? If this had been a Republican president, the screaming and yelling and threats of impeachment would have caused the man above to cover his ears!!

It’s one thing to go on jaunts when there’s nothing going on. But, as president, something is always going. Going on fundraising trips when your consulate is being burned down, when your attorney general is responsible for weapons being sold to criminals, when your VA director is giving bonuses to allow vets to die, when your health and human services secretary drops everyone’s health insurance, after you sign one of the biggest frauds in human history, is downright criminal. But no one calls anyone to account.

I can understand when the liberal press soft-pedals or ignores the problems of this administration. What I don’t understand, why doesn’t Fox hit hard when they have the opportunity. Having hillary on Special Report, I thought there would be a go-for-the-, it was like throat portion, but Bret was so easy on hillary, I thought I was watching MSNBC.

What will it take for my country to stand up and say “No More!” What will it take for us to say “This far, and no farther.” Will it be when the barbarians are kicking in our door? When??

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”