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Chris Matthews, MSNBC talking head, thrives on misinformation, misleading, and missing his role. To insure that no one mistakes chris for a true news person, chris bleats that he is an Op-Ed person. In layman’s terms, that means he’s an Opinionated Editor of facts.

With the scandals going on and on with the obama administration, chris zeroes on on what is important: Governor Chris Christie may have been involved with the bridge holdup in Jersey. Hmmm, let’s see how that affects the US: Miles of lines of cars, even though people were notified in advance of possible delays; some rescue people were delayed in reaching or delivering people who needed assistance, EVEN THOUGH there were alternate routes that would have not delayed the rescue and police as much; no evidence of payoffs to insure something happened; the person involved with the decision was fired, and Chris Christie was actually found not involved with the bridge issue himself.

Let’s look at the scandals that chris matthews avoids looking at or even mentioning: The IRS scandal; the Benghazi scandal; the VA scandal; the obamacare scandal; the Fast and Furious scandal; the Iraq scandal; the Syria scandal; the Ukraine scandal; the list goes on.

If chris matthews really wants to be taken seriously, he needs to operate from facts. His ability to ignore facts helps him to state fiction as facts, and he rants and raves to hide his lack of intelligence and desire to ignore the facts. Stupid is as stupid does, according to Forrest Gump, but sometimes too much stupid is a terrible thing. The United Negro College Fund used to have a saying “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. This doesn’t apply to chris; he doesn’t have a mind, just the enormous ability to spew garbage. Is there any wonder no one watches MSNBC?

chris matthews is someone who may have spent the sixties wandering through haight-ashbury, central park, and other assorted places. he joined the peace corps, when other men were headed to vietnam. Here’s the big one, though: Only 1 in 20, or 1 in 50, during the vietnam war era, actually went into combat in vietnam. Although we had a big presence in saigon and other places, the majority of US combat troops were: A. Stationed in Germany, awaiting the big push; B. Stationed in South Korea, Japan, or the Phillipine Islands, awaiting the big push there; or C. Stationed in CONUS (CONtinental US for the non-military) awaiting the big push. chris decided to insure there wasn’t any opportunities for him to possibly get involved with any fighting on any continent, by joining the peace corps. Then he comes back to the US and becomes a Police Officer? How did that happen? Then he was a speechwriter, chief of staff, ran for congress (or thought about it), and loads of other things from the 80s to Oughts. What a renaissance man!

The reality is that mr matthews is just another flack, not even a hack, who cannot look at a true scandal, but instead, uses his bully pulpit to exscortiate anyone without his point of view. A journalist of any stripe is supposed to be objective. I cannot, with good conscienceness, or even bad, place matthews with people like Sean Hannity, Bret Baier, Anderson Cooper, Christiane Amanpour, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Marie Green, etc.

Well, msnbc continues to run matthews. It sounds like a charity job to me. Late at night, running against opposition channels carrying, of all things, comedy late night stand-up and interview shows, and still can’t beat them. This is where the Fourth Estate has finally fallen to. Hacks and flacks posing and embarrassing themselves, in the hope that someone listens to them and get a “tingle up their leg”. If I were the editor in chief at MSNBC, I’d remove this guy as soon as possible. However, in the world of the liberal democrats, chris is a, well, voice. With a voice like that, it would be better to have it shut up.


“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separate…”