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The president announced that he was going to congress to get $500 million to buy equipment and train Syrian moderates fighting Assad. obama announces over the weekend that he will request $2 billion for the “poor children coming across the border, a great humanitarian crisis”. In none of these announcements did the president say anything about fixing these problems. The president is big on identifying problems to put up as an issue or crisis, but not so big on actually fixing anything.

Let us start with the money to aid the moderates in Syria fighting Assad. In 2012, the president said that “there is a line that must not be crossed”, and Assad immediately crossed it. Both the president and then-secretary of state hillary clinton, as reported by NBC News on 20 Aug 2012, stated that the red line must not be crossed, or there would be enormous consequences. Apparently, those consequences were to have obama and hillary talk even more about consequences. The only thing obama did was that he authorized $50 million for the rebels, to be used on “non-lethal support”, which worked out to be for communications equipment, some vehicles for transport, and what ever else that could be considered “non-lethal”, whatever that is. With repeated denials of support for the rebels, there was only one way this was going, and it went that way. The radicals and ISIL terrorists started taking more and more control of the rebellion. It was only a matter of time before this leaked over to another, fairly unstable country, Iraq.

Now, let’s talk about the “humanitarian crisis” on the US southern border. Anyone who didn’t see this coming spent most of their time in a real dream world. The DREAM (or rather NIGHTMARE) Act was supposed to be used for those who were bought here illegally by their family, who were pursuing a better life, and give them a pathway to eventual citizenship or at least a green card. While I sympathize with those who were bought here with no option to stay behind, this Act was not the way to go. However, for all of those children that are now flowing over the border thinking they will be eligible for the dream act, the proper response is to deport them back, chartering a ship or two and loading them on board, as fast as possible. As a matter of fact, we should be doing this to illegal aliens, anyway. Any other country does not tolerate, will not contenance, such an act as allowing illegals to come across. Check what happens if you try to slip across the border in China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, India, Iran, Kuwait, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Portugal, Chile, hell, even Mexico. All of these countries, and more, will throw you in prison, regardless of your age, submit you to hard labor, then deport you, after fining you. There are no such things as allowing illegal aliens access to driver’s licenses, housing, you name it.

The president wants to waste 2.5 billion dollars of your tax dollars supporting something that doesn’t do anything for oour country strategically. The money spent doesn’t support our country tactically. The money will go to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), who will waste multitudes of the money on administrators, on helpers, on counselors, and the money going to the Syrian moderates will wind up paying for new weapons and atrocities by ISIL/ISIS. This president thinks this makes him appear as a resolute, determined person. The reality is, this makes him look like an uninformed, ignorant, community organizer. Although this president has a Harvard education, somehow, he never shows it.

This administration should be removed as soon as possible. By stepping back from the world stage, and allowing Russia, China, and Iran to gain a foothold, this president has effectively crushed our country’s image world-wide. No other country seems to have any respect for the US. Currently, Russia has delivered five, count them, five fighter jets to allow the Iraqi military forces to attack the insurgents. The state department has been putting all sorts of red tape and buearacracy in the way of US companies and US military equipment providers to support the Iraqi people. Yet, at the same time, Iran, Russia, and China just ask, What do you want? I know the president doesn’t wonder why we have no influence. It’s because he never wanted the US to have any influence. His assertion that Maliki wouldn’t provide the SOFA terms the president needed to keep troops in place, turns out to be quite a lie, considering that it took the president about two days to reach the same agreement to send 300 military trainers into Baghdad. To allow the flow of children across the border, calling it a humanitarian crisis, is also quite a lie, as people have been flooding across the border more and more over the last two or three ears since the dream act became known in countries south of the US. This is a travesty, made more revolting by nancy pelosi’s crocodile tears over the “humanitarian crisis”.

The people of the US of A need to stand up and demand an accounting from their representatives and senators. John Boehner’s suit against the president is not enough. There should be articles of impeachment drawn up. Harry Truman famously had a sign on his desk that said “The Buck Stops Here”. Everything that is done by the administration, and the cabinet, is the responsibility of the president of the United States. Spiro Agnew knew about responsibility, this is why he resigned. Richard Nixon knew about responsibility, that’s why he resigned. George W Bush knew about responsibility, he bore it with grace and humbleness we have not seen since. This president does not believe in responsibility. This president believes he is the anointed of God. This president is just another man, who has man’s fallability. The president is generally held to a higher standard than the regular politician. As such, this president has failed us in the US, reducing the standard of living, wrecking the US economy, and withdrawing our country’s support and leadership from the international stage. We must take this person out of the office. We have the legal and judicial means. The Supreme Court has again struck down as illegal acts of the president. If the congress cannot act on these issues, it is time to remove the congress, and put in place a new one. Elections are coming up soon. Let’s push now!!!

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”