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America’s economy is the worst it has ever been, outside of the ’30s. The US economy is trillions in debt. Millions of people are out of work, not even looking for a job. We currently have the highest number of people on welfare, ever. People who are working have part-time jobs, or the jobs are paying lower than they should be. Taxes are higher that they have been in years, to support an entitlement structure that awards those who won’t work, by taking from those who do. Health care is abysmal, because it costs too much. The Affordable Health Care Act has resulted in those with decent health care plans, losing those plans. There are agencies in the US government that are abusing their powers. We have illegal aliens massing on, and crossing, our borders, and the administration wishes to provide them with a comfortable life. But, congress and the president are now taking their summer break, ostensibly because of all the hard work the two groups have put in over the last four to five months. And let’s not forget: China now owns 22 Billion dollars of US real estate. CitiGroup has been fined seven billion dollars for its part in the mortgage debacle. Yet not a penny will go to those who have lost their homes through the major banks’ fiddling with the system. But, congress and the president are going on their summer break.

We must do something about this. Our first step should be, to go to our representatives and senators offices, and demand accountability for their lack of action. We must demand the congressmen and women meet with their citizens, and explain their actions or inactions during this latest session of congress. We must give these people, our elected representatives, our demands, and force them to take us seriously, and force them to take action. We must call, write, email, our elected representatives, and show them we care that there has been no action on the things we hold congress accountable for.

Alas, I don’t think this will happen. I don’t think, as a matter of fact, I know, that civics, and civic duties, are not taught in schools as they used to be in the past. The young voters of today, those 18 to 27 or 28, have not been taught that it is a responsibility of citizenship of this country, to take part in the civic process, not just by voting, but by being involved in that which is happening in your neighborhood, your town or city, and your country. No, there will only be the vocal few, the ones that know they can get their own ways by being in front of the congress as much as possible. The rest will talk about how hard it is to get information (in the information age), how much time it takes (though most can find time to head for the beach, or the club) or that nothing they say will mean anything (of course, the same people will spend all day talking about what they would do if they could). Now is the time to stand up, for, if not, you lose your chance to speak, maybe forever.

The USA is a country where anyone can achieve anything. We are a country where we are not afraid to speak our minds, and this is enshrined in our constitution. Yet, if we don’t speak up, if we don’t make our representatives in congress listen to us, we will lose. We will lose our freedoms, our liberty, and our sense for justice for everyone. And there will be an elite, made up of those from both sides of the aisles, who will force us to become, that which we fear: A country no different than any other dictatorship anywhere else in the world. We cannot let our light dull, we must continue to be the beacon for the rest of the world.

Our country was built by people who fled persecution in other countries. Our country was, and is, built on the concept that all people who live here, live here in freedom. We have paid the price, in blood, sweat, and tears, burying those who have fought for our freedoms and liberties. By allowing congress to not do their work, to let congress have free passes, when we have those who have watered the tree of Liberty and Freedom with the blood of their bodies, makes a mockery of their sacrifices. We must barrage our elected representatives to do what we sent them to Washington to do: Represent us, and fight for our rights. For if we do not, we, the electors of our freedom, will have caused those who died for us, those who shed their blood and bodies for our freedoms, to have sacrificed in vain.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”