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Dear Mr. President,

In 2008, you were elected on a platform of Hope and Change. You promised that your administration would be the most transparent one ever. You said that you would make sure that the government would be responsible to the people. You said you would work hard to make us one, end the divisiveness between races, between the haves and have-nots. You said you would be open to discussions with the leaders of the other parties.

Mr. President, you have failed. In contrast to transparency, your administration has intentionally obscured, obfuscated, or plainly denied, access to information concerning such things as Fast and Furious, VA, IRS, Benghazi, NSA, Bowe Bergdahl, budget calls, etc. In response to constituents demanding information, you have made sure that the intelligence agencies focus on the average citizen. Despite your claim to pull America together, Mr. President, you continually use the race card to decisively divide the country. You have tripled the national debt, while decreasing the average standard of living. Mr. President, you deny the average US citizen access to national parks, yet take expensive trips, day trips, to attend fundraisers. You claim you don’t do photo-ops on the border because you don’t want to politicize the issue, yet you have no problem taking time for a photo op with a beer and pool shooting for your fundraising.

Mr. President, you have been in office six years. It is time to act like a president. You must stand up and take your responsibilities seriously. Your constant ignoring of major issues, unless it fits a particular photo-opportunity, is causing serious domestic and foreign problems. The job of the president of the United States of America is to lead the country, to insure prosperity by working with all members of congress, to represent the US in international affairs, to be able to look other world leaders directly in the eye. Your job is to be the symbol of our great nation, to let the world know we are powerful, but we value our friends, and we face down our enemies. You are the person that is supposed to stand up, on domestic policies, for our people, our citizens of these United States, and make sure we have equal treatment for all. Your job is to face down big businesses that would take advantage of the people, support small businesses because they provide nearly 80 to 90 percent of jobs, to face down unions that would take advantage of their members, because unions are not supposed to be a political body; unions were developed to support the members. And your job is to also support those who do not wish to be part of a union, because we are all individuals, and we don’t all want to be part of something, no matter how well it’s organized.

In short, Mr. President, you are failing in all of your jobs. You have burdened us, the average US citizen, with a welfare system that is unsupportable, and forced a health care system on us that we can’t afford. You have left our borders porous, allowing anyone to enter with no worries about getting deported, at least for long. You have made it possible for people to be persecuted for their beliefs, and made it possible for criminals to go free. Your agencies prevent congress from finding the truth about the IRS scandal. The average 16-year old knows that emails are always backed up somewhere. After all, Yahoo! Has emails of mine dating back to 2003. If Yahoo! can do that, why can’t the IRS, who have a much bigger IT budget? Mr. President, you have failed us, and your allies.

Mr. President, you have failed the Hope and Change. Isn’t it time, Mr. President, that you and your administration do the country a favor, and resign. Not just you, Mr. President, but your vice-president, your chief of staff, your cabinet members, all of you. We couldn’t possibly do worse with the Speaker of the House as president. We can do better, though.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”