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The world is stunned by the shoot down of MH17. The world is rocked by Israel’s invasion of the Gaza strip in order to protect itself from the cowardly terrorists that hide behind woman and children. The world is reeling from the ISIS’ invasion of Iraq, and its takeover of Syrian gas fields. The world is mourning the kidnapping of hundreds of young women and girls, and men and boys being butchered, by Boko Haram. The world is aghast at Iran’s attempt to get nuclear weapons. The world shudders every time North Korea launches more missiles.

There is one problem with this. With all the horror and terror going on around the world, where is the United Nations? The United Nations is supposed to be the authority to resolve all of these issues, so Israel doesn’t have to invade someone just to keep her citizens’ safe. The United Nations is supposed to be able to intercede when someone does something horrible, like shoot down a civilian jet with nearly 300 people on board. The United Nations is supposed to be the agency that steps in when a failed country can’t protect its citizens, by providing protection, so murderers and butchers can’t steal women and children and sell them into slavery.
The United Nations gets billions of dollars to perform services. Where does that money go to? The UN doesn’t pay for the land its buildings sit on. The buearacrats and the workers are all paid for either by their own countries, or siphoned off funds that are supposed to be used for humanitarian aid. The military assets that support the UN are drawn from partner nations, so the UN doesn’t pay for that. Medical support for various “charities” is paid for by other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), so the money doesn’t go there. The Secretary General can’t make anyone come to the table and settle their disputes. Anything that comes up to vote can be vetoed by any permanent member of the Security Council. So what good does bringing anything up for a vote matter? More issues get vetoed than ever get passed. What is the UN good for?

The UN is an anachronism, a worthless organization that does nothing for world peace and stability. Even when UN Peacekeepers go into somewhere, the Peacekeepers have more restrictions on them than an ordinary military force. The UN Peacekeepers have been butchered and no one is held responsible for the actions, and the Peacekeepers aren’t allowed to retaliate. The UN has to be “allowed” to investigate when a nation is breaking international laws, and the countries that are the worst offenders don’t let the UN into their borders. The UN observers have no real authority or power to do anything, and are even more subject to the “laws” od the offending country than the country’s own citizens. As a result, observers are routinely denied access to any sensitive areas which they are supposed to be investigating and observing. And forget about securing a democratic vote by the UN.
In this day and age, when we need someone to take a firm stand, and force recalcitrant countries to behave themselves, there is nothing. The UN, a grand idea like the League of Nations, was supposed to provide a bulwark against the barbarism of outlaw countries. There hasn’t been one instance where the UN has made a difference. And if you say Korea, there isn’t an armistice or a peace treaty there. We have a truce, which can be shattered at any time by North Korea. In Cyprus, there’s a demarcation point, but the UN didn’t achieve anything there. The UN was useless in the Balkans, and worthless for saving lives in Africa. The only thing the UN is, is a buearacracy that is fooling the world with smoke and mirrors.

We need a strong presence to held straighten out this mess of a planet we all reside on. The US must step up and takes its place, its role as the world’s prominent superpower. And this means that the president has to stand up and become the leader he is supposed to be, supporting Israel in her efforts for a peaceful existence, supporting the Ukraine in its fight to remain a free and independent country, and reclaiming the Crimean peninsula, sending troops and a stern message into Iraq, that ISIS is a terrorist organization and we will smash it, supporting the Syrian people who want to be free, and supporting the African continent by bringing to heel organizations like Boko Haram, and training and equipping African forces to help them support their countries.

Yes, America must stand up and be counted. The UN can be discounted, and discontinued, because it doesn’t do anything for world peace and stability. Only the US can, with help from our friends and allies. If we don’t stand up, we will be trod on. Our rights, our freedoms, and our liberties will be stomped on, all those which we have bought with our precious blood and treasure.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”