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Today, the folly and fallacy of the current president’s policies are now coming to fruition in Iraq. ISIS is banging on the door to Baghdad, and Kobani, the last strategic town in Syria, despite the numerous bombings by air frames, is nearly half overrun. And then, after all the posturing and posing, HRH Barack Obama claims that it was never his idea to pull out of Iraq. Another policy failure has come home to roost: Today, an American was determined to have caught the Ebola virus, infected here in the country, not in Africa.

We have terrorists cutting people’s heads off, not just in Iraq and Syria, but in the USA, in middle America. We also have others murdering Americans in the name of Islam and jihad, and the government that is supposed to be protecting us, ignores these happenings. The Ft. Hood terrorist, excuse me, murderer, still demands to be known for his jihad against the American infidels. The Oklahoma maniac has a Facebook page that depicts how he feels, extolling ISIS, yet the federal government refuses to call him an Islamic terrorists. With the impending collapse of Baghdad, and the possible takeover of the Baghdad International Airport, will we be seeing a repeat of Vietnam? Will we see helicopters ferrying personnel from the rooftops of the US Embassy to safe havens in the Kurdish North? Now is the time for our president to stand up and use the forces that he has to do what he should have done in 2011: Put US combat troops on the ground, a division of army as well as a brigade or two of marines, to stem the flow of ISIS, reverse their successes, and drive them out and destroy the organization.

We also need to send a brigade or two of US combat troops with support to the Ukraine, to show our resolute support for the current democratically elected government. This will help to stem the expansionist dreams of Vladimir Putin, which, incidentally, would probably cause an implosion in Moscow. This would also show our allies around the world that, although we tend to turn the other cheek, we only do that so often before we put boot to rear to help our friends.

We also need to beef up our presence in the South China Sea, and provide a warning to the Chinese military by firing warning shots at their jets that tend to want to come close to our ships and planes. By doing so, we show that we will not be intimidated, nor will we let our allies be intimidated, by China’s attempt at expansionism.
We need to firm up our southern borders, and we need to immediately deport anyone that comes over the border. We shouldn’t be moving people to other detention centers. If the countries where these people are coming from are having issues with gangs and drugs, then we should offer our assistance to help them build up their federal and local law enforcement, including providing military assistance. If these countries don’t want this help, then we should insure that all of their people are returned, and curtail any aid we are providing.

All of these things should be implemented by having our president stand up and be the man America is supposed to be. He needs to take decisive actions in Iraq, Syria, the Ukraine, with the Chinese, and on the borders. I am really afraid, as he has done with Iraq, he’ll bow his head and take no actions.

“We Should All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separate…”