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I have been quiet over the last few weeks. This isn’t because I haven’t had anything to say. On the contrary, there have been so many items to go over, that I’ve felt a great surfeit of choice…sorta like being at the buffet on a cruise ship, and trying to pick just one thing to have.

We have had ISIS push hard to wreck and destroy Syria, but stymied by one town, right on the Turkish border. Makes a difference when you stand up to oppressors doesn’t it? ISIS/ISIL have found out what true determination is, bleeding their troops against a wall of determined Kurdish people who know the meaning of the word oppress, and refuse to subject themselves to a tyrannical state. Shame we can’t get out president on board with this. Shame the Turkish barely supports this. What does Erdogan think? If Syria falls, then Turkey is safe?

We have Ebola running rampant through several West African nations. The way the Africans handled it? They imposed quarantines and refused exits and entries into their countries. Borders were sealed, and house to house investigations were performed. The result: An immediate decrease in the spread of Ebola in those countries that did this. What did Mr. Obama do? Refused to implement any type of controls, resulting in at least one infected person that we know about, slipping into the country. We have a doctor floating around New York city, a city that already had one major traumatic incident (9/11), and then suddenly finding out he had Ebola. And who could forget the nurse who returned from a highly infected area, but considered it an infringement of her liberty to be held in quarantine. Yet while in Africa, this same nurse thought nothing of maintaining quarantine. What was the difference? Nothing, except her arrogance.

We have had the mid-term elections, elections that Mr. Obama claims that while he wasn’t on the ballots, his policies were, and the decisions would be shown by the American public. Yet, when the Democrat party was soundly routed in the ballots, Mr. Obama, as usual, changed his rhetoric. According to him, the reason the Democrats lost was that Mr. Obama’s demographics were ‘disenfranchised’ and that only older white people voted. Last time I checked, I was and am classified as Black, and I voted. So did quite a few people I know. The people spoke, and the people want our president to act as a president, not as a king. The last king we had in America was Dr. King, and he would be ashamed of the policies of this president.

All in all, the last few weeks have been enlightening. Mr. Obama claims mightily that he will not send combat troops to Iraq. Yet, we are sending up to 3000 combat troops to West Africa to assist in Ebola operations. Our troops are for combat. If you want to send qualified health care experts to combat disease, there’s the CDC, the Public Health Service (a uniformed service organization), Peace Corps, etc., that can be sent instead. Use the proper tools in the proper place. However, the emperor-in-chief deigns to push his forces where he may.

The latest Labor Dept. numbers for jobless claims show there is a fall in the number of claims. Okaaaayy…..and this means what? The true indicator of an employment rise is the number of permanent jobs added. However the Labor Dept., and well as several other well-meaning but short-sighted organizations, use jobless claims as an indicator of job growth. Unemployment claims, or rather, the lack of claims, prove one thing, and one thing only: People have reached the limit of their claims and cannot claim any more benefits. That’s like saying the water in a leaky bucket remains at a constant low, because no extra water is flowing in. That disregards the holes in the bucket that keeps the water leaking out at the same constant rate as the water going into the bucket. The current spin specialists in this government have gone overboard trying to make Obama look good. So far, they’ve managed to raise him to mediocre.

Yes, there is plenty to aim at with the tailings of this lame duck presidency. Let’s see: Mr. Obama wants to use executive action to resolve the immigration issue. Hmmm, seems that Mr. Obama is treading on the Congress’ prerogatives. I believe that the Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that it is up to Congress, which is the federal government, to enact and enforce immigration laws. This was the ruling that invalided some of Arizona’s laws concerning immigration. So, if it’s the Congress’ responsibility to enact and enforce the laws, according to SCOTUS, how can the president suddenly decide it’s his job? The answer is, he can’t. Executive action can only be applied to laws that are already in place, or in areas that are the executive’s portion to make a decision on. Since this isn’t a treaty, an executive order implementing any immigration reform or changes is invalid upon signature. Mr. Obama oversteps his authority as president. Let’s see, what else? Mr. Obama is now sending more troops to Iraq. Again, he states these are only for training. However, Mr. Obama hedges his bets by saying that if he were told that the ISIS/ISIL were transporting a ‘nuke’, he would be forced to send in combat troops to intercept and/or destroy said device. Short step from there to, if we see a possibility of harm to the people of the US. Can’t seem to keep your promises, but then again, Obama never said ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’ either.

I said before, and I’ll say again, Mitt Romney should have been voted President. Mitt’s advisors did him a great disservice by not letting him be the man he is. Mitt’s advisors should have taken him to the inner cities to speak with those inner-city leaders and let them see the man he is. His advisors should have allowed Mitt to speak in all the debates in the same manner as he did in the first one, and people would be able to see that Mitt is a man who cares for his country, above all else, and is not an egotist of the highest degree, like the current president. Mitt’s advisors failed him. I hope that Mitt Romney will take up the baton again, and strive for the presidency. I believe that Mitt can be what America needs to retrieve her image, and her allies, from the mess the current president has put us in.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”