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Ferguson is not a civil rights issue. Race is not the problem in Ferguson. The problem in Ferguson is lawlessness, and the impact of people like Obama, Sharpton, and Holder to divide the country, and Ferguson, along racial lines, without doing anything to fix the issues. Sharpton, Obama, and Holder are the three biggest, most visible proponents of racial division, casting aspersions on the law enforcement personnel, while hiding the thuggery of the young man involved. And make no mistake: Mike Brown was a young man, a thug showing no conscience in performing strong arm robbery of someone who weighed less than half his bulk, and was at least six inches shorter.

Mike Brown was a thug. This was presented in the grand jury testimony. And yet, there are thousands who are screaming that the grand jury was a setup. Eric Holder’s investigation into the police force is a travesty, as I don’t see any investigations into the numerous black-on-black murders that happen everyday, in all the major cities of the US. Where is the outrage when a black man, shouting islamic phrases, butchers a woman and beheads her in front of everyone? Where is the moral indignation when four black teens use hammers to kill a white man? Where is the demand for justice when two black men kill a newly-wed white man, and execute his PREGNANT wife? Where is the president? Where is Eric Holder? Where is the NAACP, demanding that these young thugs DO NOT represent the people of color?

The silence is deafening, and in this deafening emptiness, we hear people shouting for justice for Mike Brown. People walking around, blocking traffic, in complete ignorance, yelling “Hands up, Don’t shoot”, something Mike Brown never said. But, hey, what’s facts when you have liars like Al Sharpton demanding justice. In reality, if Mike Brown were still alive, he actually would have got the justice he deserved: Strong Arm Robbery, Assaulting a Police Officer Performing His Duty, Resisting Arrest: Five years (minimum) in jail, no college, and a dead-end life when he got out. Had Officer Wilson tasered Brown and got him on the ground, the result would have been different. But, because Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder needed a scapegoat to take people’s minds off the failings of Barack’s presidency, a thug is now considered on par with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The reality is, there hadn’t been a true racial divide since the sixties, and then, the Democrat party were responsible. Way back in the 1800s, it was the good ol’ boys of the democrat party that held all the seats of power in the ol’ south. It was the democrats that, after the Civil War, enstated things such as the voting exams, poll requirements, etc., all to prevent the “Negro” or “colored folks” from having the rights to vote. In deep south USA, it was the democrats that formed the first Ku Klux Klans, and are still prominent in them today. The good ol’boys of the south, along with the good ol’ boys of the north, all democrats, crafted all types of legislations, typically called Jim Crow laws, to keep the black people down. And now we have the democrat party working the same premise, along with their overseers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, to keep black Americans down.

It took the Republicans, working hard, and fighting against the democrat senators, representatives, and governors, to push the Civil Rights Act through. Lyndon B Johnson, a democrat president, along with Hubert Humphrey, his democrat vice, tried to stall and push off the act, for fear of offending the strong democrats he needed to pursue a Vietnam strategy. The Republicans forced the act through, thereby insuring that people of all races and religions have the freedom granted in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution as the forefathers deemed.

Yet, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been steadily undermining the achievements of black Americans constantly. Both, acting as the overseers of the new democrat plantations, are steadily telling black people they don’t have to listen to laws and can do what they please, knowing their masters, the democrat party, are ready to jump in quell dissent. Back in the old days, the masters would use a mix of whips and rewards. Today’s masters use the rewards: Free cell phones and minutes, free internet, EBT cards, etc., to quick their constituents in line. And woe betide those who would step out of line, because the hatred and vitriol spewed at them would make Satan, or ISIS, ashamed.

What does the above have to do with Ferguson? The idiocy of the democrat party, as well as the elites in the liberal establishment, are using a trumped-up excuse to bash, not just Ferguson, but America overall. Mike Brown never put his hands up to surrender. Mike Brown knew that all he had to do was get down on his knees, or spread-eagle on a car, and Officer Wilson wouldn’t do anything to him. But Mike Brown, as the old people say, smelled his own piss, thought he was a bad man, and figured he’d take the cop down because Mike was in his own neighborhood and his people would have his back. Wrong, and deadly, assumption, Mike Brown. The grand jury testimony showed that, instead of giving up, Mike Brown was aggressively attacking Officer Wilson. Mike had already attacked the officer in his own car, and then compounded the stupidity by charging back at the officer. His “friend”, Dorian Johnson, said he was hiding behind another car, in a different direction from Mike, yet claimed to have seen Mike walking back with his hands up. And people believe him.

Why the grand jury? Because, if this had gone to a criminal trial straight away, witnesses would have been intimidated to change their testimony or to lie, or even forced to leave the area. Under a grand jury, where all charges start from anyway when there is doubt about a shooting, witnesses can tell their stories without being intimidated. In this case, the grand jury heard the stories from the witnesses, read all the reports, reviewed all the information, not just some, but all, and reached the verdict of No True Indictment, meaning that the shooting was justifiable. Yet, Al and Jesse and Holder and Obama all want to turn this into an attack on black people. And then spread the turmoil worldwide, with not an ounce of truth. And the mainstream media continually spouts the lies, fighting the truth, to make everyone believe that the thug named Mike Brown was really an angel. But facts, they do not lie, and the grand jury had all the facts.

What the black people in a America are supposed to be doing, is banding together, electing officials that will work for them, and educating our young. What is happening is that Al and Jesse are putting black people back on the plantation, the NAACP is supporting Al and Jesse’s actions, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream is being pushed out by those who are supposed to be his supporters. When those people who are so easily led, wind up in a ghetto (in the old European meaning of the word: A separate community apart from and different, either racially or religiously, from the surrounding city), and then bussed out to work and sent back when they’re done, look to Al and Jesse and the NAACP and the democrat party, and think of them ol’ lies: Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”