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It’s truly remarkable about the Republican party. We’re fighting to get the presidency, and the Republican leadership is whining about Donald Trump being the front runner. All of you sitting there chiming in, most of you are not old enough to remember Ronald Reagan. I remember the Ol’ Gipper. And I remember the harsh words from the Republican leadership then: He’s a has-been B-grade actor, what does he know about “real politics”. This has-been actor got the Soviet Union to back off, bought real prosperity to millions.
And before that has-been actor, there was Richard Nixon. We’d had the military, under the Great Society president, hamstrung. Johnson wouldn’t let our military do their job, everything had to be handled from DC. Our troops were taking hills, then orders from DC, not from Saigon, or the battalion, made us give back hills our men fought and died for. Richard Nixon, as one of his first acts, mined Haiphong Harbor, then instituted massive bombing and troop attacks, which bought the North to the Paris Peace Talks, and paved the way for our troops to come home. None of this hand-holding that Johnson was doing.
Donald Trump is a successful businessman. If Romney had issues, he had a Year, yes, a YEAR to make this known. The Republican leadership had Donald sign an oath to abide by the selection process. Now the leadership is acting like they belong in the democrat party. Donald has fought his way to this position, and the leadership needs to BACK HIM, not try and tear him down. If Cruz and Rubio have issues, they need to shove those issues in their back pockets, and stand behind the man in the lead. They signed the same oath, so, now they’re gonna go back on their words? Shows the kind of politicians they are, no different than Hillary and Bill Clinton: As long as it is for me, it’s okay, but when it’s not, I’m gonna cry and take my ball away.
Republican leadership: Do what you’re supposed to do. Get behind the front runner, give him the massive support, so we can win this. Anything else you do, shows the Republicans that are out there, that you’re no different than the democrats. This may make those who, for the first time in years that have come out for the party, decide to create a party of their own, and I think they would be able to get Trump elected, because that party would have Republicans, Democrats, and Independents of all race and sexes voting for Donald, who seems to be the only one who listens to the people, and who has plans to clean house in DC.  Do you want to be part of the crew, or do you want to be swept away?
“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate..”