Barack Hussein Obama is a consummate scam artist.  Knowing that the Republican Party is determined to hold of on any nominees, picks a judge, someone selected by HW Bush, to be his selectee.  On the surface, to the gullible, this pick is a no-brainer.  The reality is that Obama wants to try and choke the Republicans, try and force them to eat their words, and prove to everyone that he, the royal president, can pick and choose as he please, forgetting his senator days.

The Republican senators can, and should, hold their line, and not move forward.  The senators can wait until after the elections to make a decision.  After all, the democrats did this in Bush’s last days.  Obama can sit there, reading his teleprompter, and make it seem as if butter doesn’t melt in his mouth, so cool and above everything.  The reality is the president is again playing politics, and trying to use his nomination to roll back the senators’ roles in the process.  The senators should all not inure themselves in Obama’s partisanship.  The president is playing politics, no matter what pretty words he says.  The Supreme Court, as well as the US of A, can will sustain itself.  Something such as this will not demean nor demote the Republic, or the Constitution.  If Barack Hussein Obama was really serious about doing his job, he would never have introduced a candidate at this time.

Barack Hussein Obama has played the royal president, and has made gestures such as this every time he wishes to make the process seem oh so presidential.  But this is the same president who issues executive fiats for all his decisions.  He knows that he could have, and should have, waited.  This is a ploy, as is always whatever he does, to undermine the work of the Congress and the Supreme Court.  Both institutions, as well as the US of A, will still operate, whether the senators do or do not review the selection.  So the senate must turn down any opportunity, any part of this.  To buckle under is to show that those in the Congress of the US of A do not, and will not, support the constituency as they have pledged to do so.  Just because Obama has selected someone that appeals to the senate, does not, in any way, make the decision to ‘go along to get along’ right in any measure.

The majority in the senate, and the Majority Leader, as well as the Speaker of the House, should continue to stand strong and deny this nomination.  Any other decision they may make, would be a betrayal of their pledges and oaths, and of their constituents.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separately…”