In the current battle between Trump and Cruz that the Republican party and all the political talking heads call unseemly, there are two points that all of those elites, talking heads, and Republican party hacks overlook: 1. Cruz started this because he didn’t cut the PAC off even before they launched the ad, and he damn well should and could have; and 2. Donald J. Trump is actually more of the type person that was selected or elected or appointed when this country was first started: Someone who had no political background, except as such required to run their business, and someone who believed in, and loved their country.

Trump is the people’s choice. As much as Washington, Trump is a self-made man, who does not belong to any lobbying organization, has not and does not answer to the party leadership, and who the leadership and the congress actually owes him. This last is the reason that the elites and the party leadership are running scared.

Donald Trump, yes, speaks braggadocios to the world. The problem is, he is right, America used to be great, but the party leadership and the political class, of which George Washington and the rest of the Founding Fathers warned against, are and have been trying to build a royalty of politicos in America. This is why the senators and representatives have fought relentlessly against term limits. I believe that Donald will work with the states to bring in term limits, again, something the political class hate.

The major reason the political hacks, the talking heads, and the party elites hate Donald Trump is because he is the one that yells “The Emperor Has No Clothes On!!” In other words, Donald Trump does what we all want our leaders to do: He attacks those who want to do harm to America, and he minces no words, is not politically correct. Donald isn’t like Cruz; Donald has spent his time building businesses, not collecting words and developing a speaking circuit. Ted Cruz has spent the same time period living off the government largess, making speeches, collecting lobbyists money, in short, being a politician. I am sure that his parents are proud that he has done so much, but I believe they would have been prouder if Ted had founded some businesses that gave people work, saw what it takes for the average American needs to live. Then, maybe, there would have been conviction in his words. The only time there’s conviction in Ted’s words is when he’s attacking Donald. When Donald speaks, he speaks with the conviction of someone who HAS done something for America, for the citizens and workers in this country. Donald knows, with his bankruptcies, the pain of loss not only for himself, but the people who worked for him, which helps him build a drive to do much better. Failure is a better teacher than success ever is, and The Donald knows this.

Donald may not come in with decades of foreign policy experience in government. Donald does come in with decades of foreign experience dealing with leaders, and their people, to get things done. If this doesn’t give you foreign policy experience, I don’t know what does. Donald doesn’t come in with decades of military experience, leading troops into battle. However, Donald comes in with experience leading legions of personnel, directly and by selecting leaders, not managers, who inspire their personnel to do the right things to get projects completed. That tells me that Donald knows how to pick leaders for the military that motivate and lead the military as it needs to be led. All of those “supposed’ qualities that supposedly is required for the presidency, and supposedly can only come from the ”political class” are all qualities that Donald Trump has, and he developed those skills not by weaving through the government sector, and being a political hack.

George Washington and the Founding Fathers developed the system to insure that those who governed the newly born USA would be citizen-statesmen, people who would attend to the duties of the US of A on a part-time basis. Their vision was of someone who come for designated periods, then go home until the next period of governance would begin. That these citizen-statesmen and women would congregate when there would be times of crisis, and disperse after the period would be complete. However, because of a desire to ‘serve’, or better yet, to rule the USA, a political class developed that has now become an insidious infection, more concerned with their desires and plans that with what America needs and wants. You can tell from the way, especially during the interviews of the political talking heads, the party elites how they are looking down their noses at those who are voting for Donald Trump. I continually hear about blue-collar, red neck, poor white males are the ones boosting Donald. Yet, when I look at the rallies, at the ones the reporters on the streets interview, I see: Black professionals, White professional women, White-collar workers of every race and hue, LGBTs, young millennials, old baby-boomers, and everything in between.

The elites refuse to bring their noses down, to see the reality. Donald Trump’s appeal is not some sort of racist, bigoted, anti-feminist tirade. Yes, Donald makes some mistakes. But most of those mistakes are mistakes only by the political class “definition” of a mistake. What the political class calls a “mistake” his claim of building a wall against Mexico, his desire to halt Muslim immigration until a real vetting process is in place, is not racism talk to the average Americans. His desire to force Saudi Arabia to pay their real costs for our defense of their regions, his talk of using the military to take over the oil wells to insure that America gets paid for America’s defense of Iraq is considered anti-Islam by the political class, yet the average American agrees. This dichotomy between the political class and the American people are why people believe more in Donald Trump than in the RNC or the DNC.

As I end this, I do have one more thing. I continually see the thousands that attend the rallies for Trump, the thousands who, by email, tweeter, and Facebook posts, continually show massive support for The Donald. Yet, over and over, I see these so-called “polls” that claim a 50 to 70 percent unfavorability ratings for The Donald. Where are these polls taken? The numbers never change, which makes me suspicious of these polls, particularly since the RNC and the political talking heads love using them in trying to knock down Donald. I feel that the people who are tasked for the polls, tend to select the same people who have the same issues as the RNC. In fact, I believe the people polled are Republican insiders, those who want Donald Trump gone. But the American people know who they want. To have the Republican Party insiders work to kick out the front-runner through underhanded means, could mean the demise of the Republican Party, the party that fought for our civil rights.

If this happens, the alternatives are dangerous, not just for the US of A, but for the rest of the world, also.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”