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Well, the Wisconsin primary is in the books.  Ted Cruz has won, and the race is on for New York. And now, the establishment and the talking heads are loud and long: The Donald Is Losing!!!

Donald Trump has made missteps.  His interview with Chris Matthews was definitely one.  He spoke too fast, and Chris, knowing this, slipped in woman when Donald was expecting doctor.  These things are what causes gaffes for The Donald.  Talking down about the young woman who cried foul when she was moved out of the way wasn’t the correct thing.  Instead, Donald should have, as well as Cory, pointed out that reporters are treated even more roughly, and pointed out the reporter who was beheaded.  Now, if that wasn’t a rough treatment, I’ll sit out the rest of this election cycle.

Donald’s problem is, and always has been, the RNC and the party elite.  The talking heads and the talk radio show hosts who knew, within themselves, that if Donald Trump was selected as the party nominee, they wouldn’t be able to control him.  Instead, the elites, the super PACs, the RNC, they all worked with Ted Cruz, behind closed doors, to work on doing Donald in.  In other elections, they all talk about policy and the worldview, as if they are the only ones who have the august vision of what the US should be like.  Once elected, like Ted Cruz, then they proceed to do whatever the lobbyists and party elite want them to do.  Ted Cruz is un-liked in Washington?  Only by those who can’t get in his door.  Ted Cruz has done more to stymy efforts, Republican efforts, in the name of the Tea Party, than the Democrats have done.  And, through his efforts, he has caused the Tea Party to be seen as nothing more than a flea bite on the rear of an elephant, pun intended.  So Ted has served the Republican elites, the lobbyists, and the self-serving, while stymying the efforts of true reform.

And now, Ted is undercutting the Republican rank and file, in the name of serving conservative values.  The only values that Ted serves are his own.  Listen to his speeches.  Unlike Donald, who says “We” are going to make America great again, Ted says “I’m” going to save you.  Ted Cruz sees himself as some kind of messiah, sort of like another senator did, and look what happened there.  Donald wants to work to make us all better.  Ted is only interested in making himself better.  Ted Cruz has joined hands with the Republican elites, the super PACs, and the lobbyists to insure that the status remains quo in Washington.

Ted hasn’t provided anything new, and has not worked on any bills in congress that would create jobs and opportunities for Americans.  Contrast that with Donald Trump, who has created, yes, created, jobs in America and elsewhere.  Donald knows about trying to make a living, not living off the government.

Unfortunately, after watching the Wisconsin primary, I’ve come to the belief that the American Voting Public are really part of the MTV public: They can only concentrate on what’s happening immediately in front of them, and believe that’s all the reality they need to be concerned about.  I thought Wisconsin was a more proud and discerning state.  That the voters would look beyond momentary, forced gaffes, to what the person is.  And that they would have seen that Ted Cruz is only about himself, and what he can get.  I’d call Ted Cruz the Republican Obama, but I really don’t want to associate Republican with Obama.  Suffice it to say, Ted is only concerned with winning for winning’s sake.  If Ted wasn’t what didn’t he denounce his people when they lied about Ben Carson, and go on CNN and Fox to announce the truth.  If Ted wasn’t concerned with himself and winning, why didn’t he stop the super PAC that started the ad about Trump’s wife?  Because he had been briefed before about the commercial, knew that Donald would raise hell, and planned to “reap the benefits” by playing the hurt husband.

Ted Cruz is a liar.  He’s lied to the Tea Party.  He’s lied for the Republican Party elites.  He’s lied to his constituents, and to the people who voted for him.  For those who think differently, do me a favor.  Check all those items he’s done, and see where he could have stepped in.  In each case, Ted could have stepped in, stopped the issues, and been a bigger man for it.  Ted took the cheap way out, thinking that he could just stand back and reap the benefits.  For all of you voters who have been sandbagged by Ted, I hope you feel the righteous anger to demand that any delegates who are not assigned, be assigned to the correct winner, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s only goal, only vision, is to make America great, and that is what is making the RNC and the lobbyists and the super PACs scared.  Donald cannot be bought, he is self-funding.  Donald cannot be guided by the elites, he knows them personally and doesn’t think much of them.  Donald cuts down any super PACs that try to say they are for him.  The only ones that mean anything to The Donald are the people of America.  If you see Donald at any of his rallies, meetings, etc., unlike his rivals, Donald meets with the people, listens to their issues, talks to the children, talks to the down and out, and the up and coming.  Race, sex, creed, does not matter, just the fact that you’re an American, proud of your country.  Even if you don’t vote for The Donald, The Donald makes time for you.  Contrast that with Ted Cruz.  Once the rally, the meeting, what ever, is over, Ted is gone.  He shows up just before, then leaves immediately after.  Donald is for the people.  Ted is for himself.

If you believe that the country would be safer, we’d be more respected, and the country would be great again, you need to vote for and believe in Donald Trump, because Donald believes in America.  If you just want to vote for someone with a smiling face, a great sound bite, and promise you anything just to get your vote, vote Ted Cruz or Kim Kardashian.  Either one would fit the bill.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or, Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate….”