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On November 8th, 2016, the impossible became possible.  The man that everyone laughed at, the media, the politicians, the pundits, the elitists, they all laughed uproariously when Donald Trump threw his hat into the ring. “Apprentice??!!” they laughed. “Wild hair and twitter” they snickered.  “He’s never held a political office and doesn’t know what politics is all about” they harrumphed.  His escapades made all the Main Stream Media cackle, and the liberal/progressives scream in delight.  The Republican Establishment haughtily sneered down their noses at this pretender.  “We have Jeb Bush lined up for the canonization, how dare this fraudster come amongst us and smearing our good name” they disdainfully declared.  But just like dominoes, one by one, the Republican contenders dropped out.  This so-called ‘fraudster, uncouth gangster’ showed more class in his support of one of his opponents than the entire Republican establishment showed anyone, when, at the start of the debate, Dr. Carson’s name was called  The doctor didn’t hear the call, but, Mr. Trump, instead of walking by, waited with the good doctor, and walked in together with him.  The rest just smiled and smirked and passed both by, but Donald Trump waited with Ben Carson.  This was the inkling that America had of what The Donald was.  Just because you have something, doesn’t make you better than anyone else.  If Donald had thought that, he would’ve passed Ben by.

This is what America voted for.  Not someone with flowery speeches of airy ideas about pie-in-the-sky dreams.  They voted for someone who cares.  Yes, Donald Trump blusters, but he picks carefully what he blusters about.  His detractors and naysayers and Never-Trumpers never understood that.  Donald spoke to the heart of people who had been left behind by the elites in both parties, the liberal/progressives, and a president that spoke only to his clique.  Donald spoke about the greatness of America, and Donald spoke to the pain of the small town, middle class, white, black brown, yellow, and green (military) Americans, who have been bypassed and marginalized by a liberal minority intent on shrinking American influence and prosperity in the name of ‘globalization’ and ‘one world government’ under the auspices of the UN.  Just as the UK did in the BREXIT vote to the EU, Americans rejected the idea of UN governance of our country.

Clinton’s supporters all claim this was jury-rigged by Russian hackers releasing damaging emails.  They claim, as well as Hillary, that, based on the popular vote, Hillary is the rightful heir-apparent and should be crowned president.  And, as usual, they are wrong.  The election wasn’t lost because Russians hacked Hillary’s emails.  The emails were just the icing on the cake.  Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate to begin with.  Hillary had none of the charisma and ease with people that her husband, Bill, had.  Hillary’s confidantes continually said, “If you knew the real Hillary, you’d see a different person”. The problem is, unless you WERE a Hillary confidante, or a big-money donor, then you would NEVER see the ‘real’ Hillary.  Too many people, all the low-level scrubs, saw their real Hillary.  She was a vehement, sarcastic, foul-mouthed person that expected people to grovel when she approached.  This is why she never felt like visiting the Rust Belt, or the Bible Belt.  The Clinton campaign lost because they lost touch with the people.

Donald knew what the people felt.  He visited, not the big states of California and New York over and over again, but the states where manufacturing and industry had fled.  Where people, young, old, black, white, brown, etc., were hurt and hurting, because there weren’t any jobs.  Companies being run by accountants were outsourcing jobs, bringing in visa workers, because they were ‘cheaper’.  Foreign governments, primarily China, were devaluing their currency against the dollar to influence their old school buddies to move work to their countries.  Donald saw this, and he worked to give people hope.  The left claimed that Donald was fear mongering. No, Donald was HOPE mongering.  As a businessman, Donald knows that you are only as good as your word.  What he offered people at his rallies was not clichés, not vague promises. He offered his word, and he offered hope.  Hope to all of those who have been literally disenfranchised by the political system.  Hope that tomorrow will be better for them, for their children, for their grandchildren, and for the future.

One of the things that Donald made sure of at his rallies was his people, those who voted for him and supported him knew throughout his campaign, that this was not going to be easy.  This was going to be painful.  But he guaranteed, this was going to happen.  This is the reason that people voted for The Donald.  They didn’t vote in ones and twos; they didn’t vote in dozens and scores.  No, the people, no, the movement voted in the thousands and millions, renouncing the Obama/liberal/progressive agenda.  The American people voted for real change that would benefit them.  The American people voted for someone who stabilize their country, return America back to it’s place as the premier superpower, and help to provide for a prosperous country.  The reason that The Wall rang out so clearly and so succinctly is that the American people, both natural and naturalized, feel that we don’t have a handle on our borders. The borders being wide open symbolizes, for many Americans, the draining of American resources out of the country, and the rampant invasion of our country by people who have ill intent on our way of life.  Donald Trump’s declaration “We Will Build The Wall!” symbolizes our desire to take our country back from those who would attempt to destroy it, enemies both foreign and domestic.

Donald Trump, the gag of late night shows, the snub of the elites, the so-called misogynistic, racist, hate-mongering guy with the most racially diverse, sexually-diverse coalition since Ronald Reagan, is now President-Elect.  Donald has worked to keep American jobs in America, forgoing his Thanksgiving, has received thanks from a democratically-elected president that the left deplore, and has made more cabinet picks in the first four weeks than any other president-elect in recent history.  Sure Donald likes twitter a little too much.  But Donald Trump has achieved more SOLID actions in his first four weeks than the preceding president has in the last eight years.

If this is how Donald Trump is before he’s actually sworn in, imagine what he’ll be like as the official President Of The United States.