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erroneous-elephantThis really torques my jaw.  Yes, the intent for the rescinding of the federal order is to protect children from predators.  However, the school shootings, if a little research is done, will be shown to have happened in places that have designated themselves as “Gun-Free Zones”.  And the shooters have been, in each case, a member of the “peaceful” democrat party, a liberal person.

As far as poverty, over the last eight (8) years, the former administration not only succeeded in putting many of these children’s parents in poverty, the previous administration’s involvement in the school lunch program has resulted in less children being fed a meal that could sustain them, instead promoting a meal that most children could barely stomach, and resulted in extensive waste as children threw the lunches and dinners away.

This administration is working on taking care of the education issue, one which was overtaken and driven into the ground by the previous administration’s “Common Core” education agenda.  This agenda resulted in a marked drop in education standards, confusing tests, and, of course, additions of many “administrators” when teachers were needed, driving up the costs of education, while not adding anything to the schools themselves.  The new Education Secretary believes in Charter Schools, vouchers for parents, and choice for parents, something the previous administration fought against, as those take control of the schools from unelected bureaucrats and giving control back to teachers and parents.

And health care?  Prior to the former administration, many children HAD healthcare.  With the ACA, better known as obamacare, all of these children, through their parents, lost access to adequate healthcare.  Can anyone remember “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? Everyone on the left touts the amount of people who got access to healthcare, 30 million+.  Problem is, more than 45 to 50 million+ loss access to healthcare as employers dropped personnel hours to part-time levels, cut personnel, etc.

Climate Change.  This is the most ridiculous, the dumbest, the worst perversion of science since the Spanish Inquisition.  Before we get everyone all riled up, let me explain my reasons.  Climate change happens.  It happens whether there are people on the planet or not.  Climate change is caused by atmospheric activity, earth convulsions (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.), by the plants and animals on the planet (hey, there are more animals on the planet than there are humans, and waaaaay more insects), and by solar activity.  Now, where do I say that HUMANS have negligible effect?  It comes from study of different meteorological data available to everyone…or used to be.  Let me take you back about 25 years.  In the early ’80s, chaos theory was being developed.  Chas theory had its basis in meteorological data collected over a couple of hundred years.  In the early ’70s, a researcher was collating data, using one of the old mainframes with the teletype input terminals.  As it was a late Friday night, being a grad student, and this was the ’70s, he decided to take a shortcut, and set the data to be trimmed to six decimals points to the right.  Smiling smugly, he headed out, knowing the collating and information wouldn’t be ready until Monday morning.  On Monday, he began the process of reviewing the data, and found that the charts were drastically different than the original charts the data was pulled from.  The original numbers were out to 8 decimal places to the right, and by chopping the them down to six, instead of being a rough sketch following the original chart, the entire information showed, in some places, skews of up to 180 degrees from the original data.  The grad student then spent the week experimenting with minute adjustments to the data, showing massively unpredictable swings in the output.  The grad student then wrote a treatise outlining the effect and called it “Chaos Theory”.  Some call it the “Butterfly Effect” but this isn’t quite the same.  So what does that have to do with Climate Change?  Simple.  The true data on climate change, the true meteorological data, shows that the planet has swings through each manner of weather cycling, as a minimum, every 10,000 years.  If a true scientist were to accurately use the CORRECT meteorological inputs, they would see the swing.  Core tappers in the Arctic and the Antarctic have shown the swings, as well as drilling taps through to the lowest points that scientists are able to go on dry land and the ocean.  Mankind has been around roughly 30,000 years.  In that time, civilizations have risen and fallen.  From roughly 700 AD to 1500 AD, there were many decades of cold, freezing temperatures.  Was this due to mankind? I think not.  Yet nowadays, as we progress through another cycle, there “scientists” and other Inquisition-style “professionals” who loudly declare that “Climate Change” has been bought on by man.  Using, of course, data they themselves have skewed.  Just recently, it was learned, “Climate Change” scientists with NOAA ignored accurate data from climate buoys scattered through the oceans, using data collected solely through ships, knowing the data was inaccurate, to bolster climate change charges.  I would rather not teach about climate change, and ignore these “professionals” than to allow them to teach such utter nonsense.  After all, for these professionals, “Climate Change” is a multi-billion dollar industry.  And “Carbon Footprint”? Every damn thing on the planet, and surrounding it, has a “Carbon Footprint”.  This doesn’t affect any damn thing, but is just a way for nations to transfer unmarked money in the guise of “Clean Environments”.  Hey, if you don’t believe me, check out Gore and DiCaprio.  Gore and DiCaprio fly everywhere on private jets, “taking some friends along to reduce the ‘footprint'”.  They drive SUVs, at 8 miles to the gallon.  If this is being ecologically friendly, I’ll pass.  And this is what they want to teach our children?  We’ll pass and focus on the real world and real world science.

It’s a shame that so much misinformation is out there, and no one, absolutely no one, that purports to be liberal or progressive or a democrat, is willing to give Donald Trump and his administration time to work on Donald’s agenda.  The left expect Donald to immediately produce something, and yet, when he does, screams about violations, etc.  The tolerant left.  Yeah, tight…

We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separate…