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Well, Donald Trump has been president for nearly two years.  During that time, he has lifted black employment, Hispanic employment, has enhanced spending on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), has enforced border security, has bought North Korea to the table for peace and de-nuclearization, has discarded the disastrous Paris Climate Change accord, has scrapped NAFTA, has Europe, Canada, China all offering much better deals for the US on trade, has forced NATO to pick up their tabs for security, has built up Africa Command, has provided support to our friends in Europe and the middle east, has beefed up support for our Asian allies, and is forcing China back from hegemony in the Pacific theater, has freed unjustly convicted people, including a black woman ignored by Barack Obama, has had North Korea return prisoners, has acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, has increase take-home pay and arranged for bonuses for employees through new tax reductions for companies, and yet, what ahs the main stream media concentrated on: Activities that either happened well before he became even a candidate, or activities that have nothing to do with Donald, namely Russian collusion.

Donald had done more in the last over twenty months, than the last three presidents combined achieved over the last twenty years.  Over the cries of you can’t recover manufacturing to the US, new companies are starting and old companies are restarting factories.  Over the cries of renewable energy is the death knell of coal and oil, new coal mines are being opened and new veins of coal are being exploited.  New oil fields are opening, and once again, the US is fast becoming one of the biggest exporters of oil in the world.  Obama’s drop the mic moment during the 2016 presidential campaign was just another miscue by a president without a clue.  Donald Trump continually provides drop the mic moments that leave his detractors blinking in disbelief; the president always makes hi points, and doesn’t rely on talking points by learned scholars or focus groups.  Mr. Trump has only one focus group he relies on: The American People.  His rallies provide Donald all the feedback he needs.  And, unlike previous presidents, Donald will stop and talk to everyone, from kings and queens, to the smallest child on the street, no one is too lowly for our current president.

In 2020, when the question is asked, are you better off now than you were four years ago, unless you were asleep for four years, the only answer you can provide is a resounding yes.  Donald Trump is the first president since George Washington who actually completes the promises he has made.  And, he’s the only president or politician that has been pilloried by the main stream media for keeping his promise.  I am a deplorable, and I support this president. Now, and 2020…