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Israel is under attack. On the one hand, Hamas is raining rockets onto the country, intent on fulfilling its mission of wiping Israel off the map. On the other hand, the United Nations is intent on obliterating Israel’s voice against terrorism and attacks. Meanwhile, proper, upstanding, righteous countries (yeah, right) around the planet are attempting to castigate Israel for defending itself. Meanwhile, Hamas continues to use hospitals, schools, and mosques to hide and launch rockets, mortars, and build and attack through tunnels into Israel. But Israel is the bad guy.

Israel is a country that has a right to survive. Israel has a right to defend its borders and its people. Benjamin Netanyahu deserves the world’s support against these terrorists. Hamas is killing its own people, the Palestinians, who protest against Hamas use of civilian buildings to hide weapons and rockets. The world is turning a blind eye to the atrocities being committed by Hamas, focusing on the nearly 2000 civilian deaths from the Israeli bombing, deaths that would not have happened if Hamas had not put these people in harm’s way. Not since the days of Yasser Arafat has such an organization been so blatant in its desire to inflict harm on its own people in attacking Israel. And yet, the UN, a consortium of nations that is supposed to help quell issues like this, will not raise one hand, not even a finger, to stop Hamas. Qatar, one of the richest nations in the region, actually funds Hamas’ continuing terror tactics, under the guise of tithing to Hamas’ “humanitarian” efforts. If Qatar was truly interested in supporting such efforts, it should give the funds to the Red Crescent, or to the Gaza government directly, with stipulations that the funds are managed under a joint UN/Israeli/Gaza government oversight committee. Not going to happen. Qatar and Turkey, along with Iran, get to kill people without having to get blood on their hands, or so they think.

Islam, as a religion, would be a good religion, if it truly were one of peace. However, radicals are using the religion as a means to kill, torture, rape, murder, and subjugate people. That this is happening on a scale that would make Hitler proud is truly disturbing. That a group is dedicated, not to the overthrow of a government, but to the total annihilation of a people, is appalling. That the United Nations, founded on the ideal that the Holocaust can’t happen again, yet is turning its back on Israel, speaks volumes. And that liberals and progressives, who profess their love for their fellow man or woman, would condemn Israel for protecting itself, while attempting to elevate Hamas to the level of martyr, is truly disgusting, appalling, and disturbing. Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, all are synonymous with terrorist dehumanizing behavior. At one time, the world was dedicated to stamping out these blights on human life. Now, these same organizations are held as shining examples to young Arabic children, while hiding the killing and torturing these diseased terrorists perform. And the feminists that attack men anywhere else in the world, are strangely silent on the behavior of Islamic men to Islamic women. The silence is deafening from N.O.W., and any other feminist movement. The Arabic sheiks have lions, leopards, cheetahs, hawks, falcons, horses, dogs, which they all treat with whatever abandon they wish, yet I have yet to hear of one, yes, ONE, demonstration by PETA or GreenPeace against the sheiks of the middle east. However, let SeaWorld help one sealion, and the screams are heard around the world about abuse of animals.

The above is why I have no patience for those who would defend Hamas. Hamas is no different from ISIS. When there was a demonstration against Hamas’ use of civilian structures for protecting weapons and Hamas’ command centers, fifty, yes, 50 of the demonstrators were executed, for “Crimes Against Palestine”. Not much different from ISIS beheading Christians in Mosul for being Christian.

I stand beside Israel. Israel has a right to defend itself against anyone who would encroach upon its sovereignty. Israel has a right to defend its people against those who would attack them, either through rocket fire or through sneak attacks from tunnels. And Israel has a right to enter areas where those attacks are coming from, to root out those who would do Israel and its people harm, and to kill or capture them. If the people of the Gaza Strip are willing to allow Hamas free use of their structures to hide in, the ONLY people they can blame, for any atrocities or attacks on women and children, are themselves. If they don’t wish to stand up to Hamas, they will receive the treatment they deserve, whether by anti-rocket fire and shelling to remove the origin of the attacks, or by being held in thrall to Hamas, and their way of life. For, if the people of the Gaza Strip do not do something about Hamas, they will soon be living like the people under the Taliban: No singing, no dancing, the women held as a third-rate citizen, subject to their husbands’ or families’ wishes, and soccer stadiums used for mass executions. It’s already happening in Iraq.

“We Must All Hang Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”