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Amazing!  The Air Algerie plane that crashed in Mali resulted in the United Nations sending troops immediately to secure the area.  French fighter jets swept across the crash site to inspect the disaster.  UN Peacekeepers will be on the ground making sure that the (mainly French) bodies are given respectful care, and that no one does anything to the crash site.  Meanwhile, in the Ukraine, no one from the UN has shown  the slightest bit of interest in securing the area, even though it’s been nearly two weeks since this disaster.  Rebel soldiers still impede the few international observers and searchers from the Red Cross, Malaysia, and the OSC-E.  Reporters typically outnumber the searchers and recovery experts, trampling on areas that have to be inspected.  Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Hamas continues to use UN built schools and hospitals to hide their rockets and mortars and other war-making paraphernalia in.  And then, the UN is stunned when the Israelis earmark these sites for destruction.  In Iraq, ISIS is slowly working its way down south, to wreak havoc on the people and military which Obama decided to leave without the necessary training.  In Mosul, Christians are told to either convert to Islam, pay a tax, or be executed.  Explosives are detonated in markets in all of Iraq’s cities, targeting the civilian populace.  What does it take to get a UN Peacekeeping mission moving?

The United Nations was founded in 1947 to establish a world-wide network of nations dedicated to promoting peace and harmony throughout the planet.  After the horrors of World War II, most people were tired of war, and fearful of nuclear disasters.  The charter for the UN was drafted and signed to put an end to such disturbing situations.  The major problem with the UN, however, was not its lofty ideals.  The problem was the mechanism for implementing security measures.  The UN abdicated responsibility for securing peace around the world by setting up the UN Security Council in such a way as to prevent the use of its military (let’s call a spade a shovel here) force from enforcing its decrees.  The UN, unlike NATO, prevents itself from entering into places with military assets by a simple veto of any permanent member of the Security Council.  So, if China sends expeditionary forces to seize islands in the South China Sea, the UN has to put forth a resolution to send forces to support the islands against such an invasion, and China simply vetoes it.  Nothing can happen.  This is why there are no troops securing the area in the Ukraine.  The UN would have to put forth a resolution to move troops into the Ukraine, and Russia would just veto it.  The UN could put forth a measure to send troops into the Gaza Strip to demilitarize it (remove heavy weapons from Hamas), but Russia, China, or France would veto it.  It would be the same for Iraq and Syria.  So, how did the UN get forces to move in Mali? Interestingly enough, there were already troops in the area as part of an ongoing peacekeeping mission.  The French then requested support, and, voila’, there they were.  Amazing, isn’t it, how that works?

The UN’s role is supposed to be to provide humanitarian relief, support for nations, training, and security.  However, due to the Machiavellian maneuverings of the bureaucrats and “diplomats” assigned to the UN, the UN’s primary role is to suck up cash from the donating countries, impede progress through the use of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) primarily made up of fuzzy-headed do-gooders who do more damage than good, as well as family members of the bureaucrats and  “diplomats” assigned to the UN, and stop progress in places where people who originally did at least subsistence level farming, now rely on handouts from various UN or UN-sponsored NGOs.  The UN has not lived up to any of its charter’s goals.  The UN had nothing to do with the collapse of the Berlin Wall or the end of the Cold War.  The UN had nothing to do with the cessation of violence that plagued the Balkans in the 90s after the end of the Cold War.  The UN has done nothing to stem the tide of terror flowing through the Middle East or Africa, except where its primary benefactors have an interest.

The United States, as well as Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, Germany, Israel, all like-minded nations, who are interested in real security in this world, should all pull out of the United Nations.  The US should evict the UN from its building sitting in New York, reclaiming that space for better use.  All UN delegates, their families, and their “servants” should be evicted from the US, and sent to Geneva, the other UN site, to allow the UN bureaucrats to leave in peace, and give the Swiss something to worry about.  Then, all the like-minded nations should form a new coalition, dedicated to true humanitarian aid, with true force backed up.  Since most of the security forces generally come from the nations that are listed, it shouldn’t be a problem to get a ready-action force built to quell the hot spots on the planet.  The overriding mandate would be to provide security for those who cannot get it from terrorists, humanitarian aid for disasters, natural and man-made, support for training the indigent population instead of making the indigent population welfare basket-cases, and aid for fledgling nations, and even fully-developed nations, to continue to build and support themselves.

There isn’t a need for a league of nations that cannot, or will not, provide support for the peoples of the world.  This is a crime against humanity, and humanity are the ones paying the price.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”