Flint Water Crisis and the Democrats…


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The Democrats, Hillary, and Bernie have all jumped on the bandwagon of blaming the Republican governor for the Flint, Michigan, water crisis.  Problem is, the Flint City Council voted 7-1 to change to using the river water because that was cheaper.  To use the water, the council also agreed to use the water system the city put in place years earlier when the city provided its own water instead of using the Detroit system.

I say this is a problem, because the Democrats know that the city council is, or was, primarily, if not completely, Democrat at the time.  The one holdout wanted to pursue a different tack.  But the Democrats saw themselves saving money that, probably, could be used to give themselves bonuses and higher salaries or something.  Instead, the city council condemned Flint citizens and their children to a slow, inexorable, untimely death from lead poisoning.  As soon as the information became public knowledge, the Democrats immediately aimed all their arrows at the governor, in the hopes no one determines their culpability.

The mainstream media and the Democrats are, again, leading the public into thinking the Republicans are the reason children have lead in their system, when the reality is, as usual, the Democrats have forced a situation that is deplorable.  But will anyone call them to account?  I’m surprised and dismayed that Fox News or any of the Republican or Conservative radio and television networks have not jumped on this.  This is a good way for the presidential candidates to show how the Democrats could care less about the average citizen, but instead concentrate on keeping themselves in power, and abandoning their voters when the Democrats cause issues.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or, Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”


Fox and Hillary Clinton…


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Fox News disappointed me today.   Fair and balanced may be their slogan, but they were pretty unfair to the American people in the town hall by not asking hard hitting questions.  I heard Bret ask the question about the emails, and Bret knows better.  He followed her lead and called the FBI investigation a “Security Review”.  The FBI is a DOJ organization.  The NSA, the DOD, the DOS, and the CIA are organizations that do “Security Reviews”.  The DOJ performs criminal investigations only.  Bret should never have allowed the interviewee to set the tone, even if it is a Town Hall.  The FBI is performing a criminal investigation into the activities of Hillary, and nothing less.  Bret and Fox have let us all down…

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separate…”

The Republican Leadership Must Back The Donald…


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It’s truly remarkable about the Republican party. We’re fighting to get the presidency, and the Republican leadership is whining about Donald Trump being the front runner. All of you sitting there chiming in, most of you are not old enough to remember Ronald Reagan. I remember the Ol’ Gipper. And I remember the harsh words from the Republican leadership then: He’s a has-been B-grade actor, what does he know about “real politics”. This has-been actor got the Soviet Union to back off, bought real prosperity to millions.
And before that has-been actor, there was Richard Nixon. We’d had the military, under the Great Society president, hamstrung. Johnson wouldn’t let our military do their job, everything had to be handled from DC. Our troops were taking hills, then orders from DC, not from Saigon, or the battalion, made us give back hills our men fought and died for. Richard Nixon, as one of his first acts, mined Haiphong Harbor, then instituted massive bombing and troop attacks, which bought the North to the Paris Peace Talks, and paved the way for our troops to come home. None of this hand-holding that Johnson was doing.
Donald Trump is a successful businessman. If Romney had issues, he had a Year, yes, a YEAR to make this known. The Republican leadership had Donald sign an oath to abide by the selection process. Now the leadership is acting like they belong in the democrat party. Donald has fought his way to this position, and the leadership needs to BACK HIM, not try and tear him down. If Cruz and Rubio have issues, they need to shove those issues in their back pockets, and stand behind the man in the lead. They signed the same oath, so, now they’re gonna go back on their words? Shows the kind of politicians they are, no different than Hillary and Bill Clinton: As long as it is for me, it’s okay, but when it’s not, I’m gonna cry and take my ball away.
Republican leadership: Do what you’re supposed to do. Get behind the front runner, give him the massive support, so we can win this. Anything else you do, shows the Republicans that are out there, that you’re no different than the democrats. This may make those who, for the first time in years that have come out for the party, decide to create a party of their own, and I think they would be able to get Trump elected, because that party would have Republicans, Democrats, and Independents of all race and sexes voting for Donald, who seems to be the only one who listens to the people, and who has plans to clean house in DC.  Do you want to be part of the crew, or do you want to be swept away?
“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate..”

On Being Republican


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As a Republican, I’ve always believed the party stood for: Personal growth and responsibility; Small federal government and government roles; Defense of the country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic; helping the disadvantaged to gain their feet, where possible, and to assist, when not, those too ill either physically or mentally to help themselves; To fight against injustice to others; To believe in a power greater than ourselves, whom we pray to for support.

I see a person who epitomizes this, who believes that the federal government’s role is to protect our borders, to negotiate from a position of strength against other countries, to build our military, to cut the fat from federal budget and to insure those programs, such as military and Social Security, receive the funding that is now going to esoteric pork programs, to acknowledge those nations that cut be an issue and develop means of dealing with those countries, to put America and her people first, and to espouse that loudly and clearly.  Yet, the Republican establishment, who, in years past got behind the person who was leading at this stage, is working hard to undermine and demean the leader.  Hard to believe the Republican leadership is behind such underhanded acts, at a time when the leader of the candidates is bringing in millions of voters for the Republican party.

The activities of the Republican party against Donald Trump puts them in league and in line with the Democrat party.  The people, the average blue and white collar worker out there, who have cast their votes, are being ignored by the Republican leadership.  This is an outrage.  This is disgusting.  This is something that smacks more of the democrats than any Republican ideology, yet, this is happening.

The Republican leadership, and Republican senators and representatives, should be wholly ashamed of themselves.  They are acting just like democrats, and seem to be working hard to cause whoever is the democrat nominee to be elected.  The Republican leadership should step back, should make the candidates who are losing shut up, and should shut down those PACs that are having a field day doing the democrats dirty work.  We are supposed to be better than this.  We are supposed to be united.  In 2008, we made a mess of the party and the nomination, and caused us to lose the presidency to someone who has shown his ineptitude.  We lost in 2012 because the Republican leadership backed off after the first debate and told Romney to “act presidential, not confrontational”.  His efforts to act presidential allowed a hack who was in the process of destroying the nation another chance in the White House.  Now, all the Republican leadership want to destroy our best chance of reclaiming the White House, because their ‘anointed ones’ are incapable of harnessing the anger of the voters.  Donald Trump is harnessing the anger, not just of white Americans, but of black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, hell, even Native Americans.  Donald may have upset your playbook, but he’s done what few candidates this season is capable of doing: He’s pumped up the voter rolls (correct spelling, by the way, rolls, not roles, which is what a person performs in) and gotten more people more involved and excited about the Republican party since Ronald Reagan.

The Republican leadership should count themselves lucky, work to get the leader confirmed, and start the process for the general election campaign.  By attempting to block Donald Trump, the leadership is basically acting like the democrat leadership and saying only those anointed by the elites are eligible.  No, the leadership is not the ones that select the nominees: IT’S THE PEOPLE!!! Lest the leadership forget, let me say it again: IT’S THE PEOPLE!!!!

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”

I believe…In America…


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I believe:

1. That federal government, and the president, have limited powers, and should be held accountable
What does this mean? I believe that our government has three roles, and only three:
a. Provide for the common defense of our country; this means not only in a military, but in a diplomatic capacity. Our government should insure that no one takes advantage of us, and protects us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
b. Work with the local and state governments to encourage and work to build interstate commerce. This means insuring that all playing fields are level for all players, large or small. That small businesses are not stifled under regulations and laws that prevent growth, not only of the businesses, but of the consumers that buy the goods or services that these businesses provide. Federal government should only, ever only, take what is needed to maintain the government, and not a penny more. Anything is grasping greed. Government is not business, big or small. Government is the entity that says we are a nation, with national pride. Government does not produce anything, and thus, should not be a yoke on the neck of the people it is supposed to represent.
c. Act as our intermediary with foreign governments, as our spokesman, and as our defense. Government, and the president, are our face to the world. Although many misconstrue the idea that American television and movies are the face of the American people, the reality is: When our representatives speak, most of the world believes these representatives, including the president, speaks with our voice. As such, our government, and our president, is supposed to speak loudly, strongly, and with conviction.

2. That the only entitlements by law are Social Security and Military Retiree benefits. Welfare is not an entitlement. Welfare was designed as a means to help someone regain their footing. Welfare was designed to help those who have fallen on hard times, and need assistance in getting their feet back under them. Welfare was never meant to be, nor should it be, a way of life. Welfare should provide enough for someone to survive, not live. There are plenty of private organizations that can help, but the government does not have a role in keeping people in a style that most middle class working families cannot afford. If a family, with parents working hard, cannot afford a luxury meal, neither should someone that will not work, but wants the government to provide.

3. That small business is the major part of the engine that drives the United States of America. Small businesses should not be a battleground for Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission, or any of the many unelected buearacratic organizations to fight on. These agencies were developed originally to insure 1. Fair trade for US businesses; 2. A means to help businesses achieve a greater goal; 3. A way for the American people to be safe, but also a means for small businesses to be safer also.

4. That education of our young should include civic education, religious education, and real education. Our country should still follow the rules we incorporated when our country started: Education is to enable us to grow, not a means for a debating society for young children who don’t have life experience to talk about, or an indoctrination center for those who have ulterior motives not related to education, regardless of their views.

5. That crime and criminals should be punished. We in the US used to punish crime and criminals. Criminals used to be made to pay for their crimes. Criminals had to work, and work hard. Anyone caught doing the wrong thing was punished. The victim used to be helped, to overcome the adversity of the crime.

I believe all of the above. I believe in the US. I just don’t believe our government is willing to do what used to make us great. The left blames the right, the right the left. The president decides which laws he will enforce, which he will ignore. The “leaders” of the Republican party spend their time reacting to what the “leaders” of the Democrat party are saying. Wall Street spends the government’s money as if it were their own, and no one is held to blame. Schools need money for school equipment, education, etc., while at the same time, schools hire more and more administrators, who do nothing but waste the schools’ monies.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”

More soon…

Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal


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I read a hilarious article posted today on The Washington Post’s website.  The title and reporter: Why the Clinton Email Scandal and Petraeus Leak Are Not Really Alike Reporter Michelle Ye Hee Lee©( feb 24 2016)

Okay, as a security clearance holder, with clearances both for US and NATO countries, let me parse this for Miss Lee:

General Petraeus used his position to allow unauthorized access to another clearance holder to information, not from his current position, but from when he was in charge in Iraq and Afghanistan. Arguably, the information was dated, however, the information was, and still is, classified.  As such, the general, who should have held himself to a higher standard, became a victim of his own pride, and thus, gave unauthorized access.  This resulted in his being convicted, and he voluntarily turned himself in.

Hillary Clinton set up her own personal email server, and had her staff send all of her emails to this server, maintained by people who had no credentials or clearances authorized by the State Department.  More so, Hillary transmitted and received information, including up to TS, special access programs, on this server, including confidential communications between other Foreign Ministers as well as high ranking officials in other countries.  Miss Lee says that the information was retroactively classified.  This is where Miss Lee is wrong.  There is an email from Hillary DIRECTING her staff to remove classifications from the emails and forwarding or sending them to her email address.  This is the smoking gun for the bullet that shows Hillary and her subordinates willfully participated in a program to willing deceive the government and people of the United States.  With this one email, the entire program of deception becomes apparent, as this shows a desire, and a willingness, to avoid having information that Hillary has, stored in a government repository available to anyone with an FOIA request.  This also prevented the government from having archived information from Hillary’s stint as Secretary Of State.

Hillary Clinton signed non-disclosure agreements, and signed that she would protect classified information in her custody.  She then set up her own personal email server to circumvent the laws and regulations she was supposed to support and defend.

Miss Lee, before you attempt to protect someone who is clearly guilty of the same crimes as Snowden, I would suggest you delve deeper into what is and isn’t a crime.  Both David Petraeus and Hillary Clinton are accused of not protecting classified information.  The only difference is the level of information both allowed to be compromised.  One compromised information about his career.  The other compromised information that could cause grave and serious continuing damage to the United States of America, her people, her allies, and her military forces.  In a wartime situation, which we are under, the general penalty for such is the death penalty.

“We Should All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”

Apple and Privacy: The FBI Request for Support


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The FBI has approached Apple to retrieve information from a terrorist’s iPhone.  The FBI submitted a request to the classified court that handles security related matters, and received a warrant to request that Apple assist in recovering information. Simple idea, eh?

Apple is attempting to take the high road, and blasting out that the US government is attempting to force them to insert a “backdoor” into the iOS software to allow the government unlimited access.  Apple says that’s a violation of privacy for Apple and its users. Apple vehemently, through Tim Cook, defended its rejection of the government’s attempt.

Problem is, Apple, knowingly, lied about what the government wanted, and also about what it can do.  Tim Cook knows that the FBI only requested either that Apple unlock the terrorist’s phone, or that Apple retrieve and turn the data over to the FBI.  Apple has the capability, and to say it doesn’t, especially considering the many users they’ve done this for, is an outright falsehood.  Apple has, over the last few years, through their Apple stores, unlocked and/or retrieved data from iPhones and iPads of all types. Tim Cook knows that the FBI is only interested in the data, and not in any “backdoors” to be able to access Apple phones and tablets and computers in the future.

Apple, and Tim Cook, are leading a campaign of deception, both against the users of its computers and phones, and against the US government.  I believe that Apple should be bought up on charges of obstruction of justice, perverting the course of justice, and impeding the course of a federal investigation, in an effort to increase its market share and drive up its profits.  Apple has the capability, and no one can deny this, to retrieve the information.  Apple and Tim Cook are attempting to use this request to pretend it has the high ground in privacy.  The reality is that Apple has the capability, and it states this information in its User Agreements and EULAs, to retrieve the information if requested by proper authorities.  And this was a request by proper authorities.  For reasons known only to Tim Cook, Apple has decided to take this public, attempting to model themselves as savior of the public interest.  Apple has never, under Jobs or Cook, been a savior of the common man.  Apple has always been an elitist organization.

Apple should do the right thing, even if it’s the hard thing for Apple and Tim Cook.  Working with and supporting the FBI can only serve to gender support for Apple in the US government, and conversely, snubbing the FBI and pretending to be something that Apple is not, will only serve to condemn Apple as another elitist system that believes in one law for the  common man, and another for itself.


“We Should All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”

Obama’s Character (or lack thereof)

Obama is the president of the most powerful country on earth…at the moment.  The caveat is due to his continual work to leave the US as a mediocre, second-rate country.  This is neither here nor there for the moment.

Obama is the president.  As president, he has an obligation to attend treaty signings, welcome heads of state to the US, present the US at official functions involving other heads of state, and, of course, attending funerals of notables, both foreign and domestic.

It is incumbent upon the president, regardless of how he feels about any individual, to show the office’s respect for senior government individuals who have died, whether in the performance of their duties, or after the retirement of those individuals.  Obama, as president, should feel a requirement to attend the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a sitting Supreme Court judge, who passed away unexpectedly.  Yes, Obama can show his respects by going to see the justice lying in state, however, Obama is also, because he is the Executive of the US, obliged to attend the funeral.  Obama should have made sure that this information was promulgated.

Obama not attending the funeral of someone who interpreted the Constitution for thirty years is an insult, not just to the Supreme Court of The United States.  Obama’s not attending is also an insult, and a slap in the face, of the people of the United States, whom the Supreme Court serves.  By not going to the funeral, Obama says that he feels that the Supreme Court, and the justices who sit on the bench of the highest court of the land, are not equal in stature to whatever else he attends on that day.  As such, Obama attempts to elevate the office of the executive above the offices of both the Supreme Court and the Congress.

Mr. Obama, the constitutional scholar, attend this: The Founding Fathers established the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive branches as co-equal.  Thus, the justices are equal in stature to your position.  The United States is not a Constitutional Monarchy, with you sitting upon a throne.  The United States is Representative Republic, and the judiciary and the legislative  branches have the authority to remove you from office.  Ergo, as president, it is your responsibility to attend the funeral of someone who is venerated among lawyers and justices throughout the land.  To do anything else, to not attend, shows your pettiness, a pettiness not becoming the position of the president of the most powerful country in the world.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or, Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”

Trump’s Advisors

Donald Trump is an outstanding businessman. He has had four business bankruptcies as opposed to the amount of businesses he maintains, worldwide. Donald Trump is able to talk to presidents, kings, and the common man, all on equal ground. Donald has an appeal to Americans, who are fed up with politics as usual, and has a broad spectrum of support.

There is only one problem with the Donald: He is listening to so-called political advisors who are shoveling information to him that is flawed. Yes, Donald, you can blame some things on George W. Yes, he handled the Iraq war clumsily. However, GW did have a basis in fact: Saddam Hussein is a documented leader who has actually used WMDs against his own people. Your “political advisors”, apparently people who wish for you to look like a lunatic, have been feeding you faulty information. Weapons of Mass Destruction include: Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Neurological, and Environmental items, to include Sarin, Mustard, Chlorine, Plutonium, Yellowcake, and various other items that can be used to cause mass casualties, as well as mass denial of territory. Saddam Hussein had many factories producing chemical and biologics, and the US military spent many years cleaning up and toting off these items.

Mr. Trump, in this case, you were wrong. Yes, you were right in saying we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq, but you were wrong in saying Saddam didn’t have anything to threaten us. He USED WMDs on HIS OWN PEOPLE, the Kurds. He killed hundreds, and maimed thousands. And he stockpiled thousands of pounds of WMDs, which we have removed to the US.

Mr. Trump, you should be the big man and apologize to, not only, George Bush, but to Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. It doesn’t cost you anything to apologize for an error of judgment given to you by “political advisors” who are looking to cause you to fall on your face. You can still continue to say Bush was wrong in going into Iraq. You can still say that George fumbled the Iraq war, but you need to know, as I know, that the reality is that Saddam had WMDs. You are a smart man. Don’t let your “advisors” lead you down a path that would be hard, for those who want to support you, to follow.

Donald J. Trump: You and Dr. Carson are the last chance for someone outside the political class to turn America around. If you falter and let your “political advisors” to steer you into making claims such as that there was no WMDs, it will be so easy for the opposition to prove you wrong with the truth and facts. Just because it doesn’t match how you feel about the war in Iraq, doesn’t invalidate the results. It is very easy to prove the reality. Are you attempting or trying to lose the nomination, and ultimately, the election? Like Mitt Romney did, listening to his “political advisors” who must have been working for the democrats?

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate….”

Hillary Better Watch Out

Just a quickie here, for those who may or may not be paying attention: Bernie Saunders had many, I mean, many, minorities behind him when he made his victory speech in New Hampshire. In her concession speech, there were primarily, okay, 90 percent, older white feminists in her background, as well as, of course, Billy boy.

This seems to me that the so-called “firewall” of Black and minority voters that Hillary is always claiming, may not actually be there. Sorta like thinking your Windows Firewall is up, but your kid removed it so he could get to those special sites.

Just an insight to me, but if Hillary thinks she has the minority vote, especially the Black vote, locked up, she could be very well embarrassed when Trump and Saunders walk away with the vote.