Obama’s Character (or lack thereof)

Obama is the president of the most powerful country on earth…at the moment.  The caveat is due to his continual work to leave the US as a mediocre, second-rate country.  This is neither here nor there for the moment.

Obama is the president.  As president, he has an obligation to attend treaty signings, welcome heads of state to the US, present the US at official functions involving other heads of state, and, of course, attending funerals of notables, both foreign and domestic.

It is incumbent upon the president, regardless of how he feels about any individual, to show the office’s respect for senior government individuals who have died, whether in the performance of their duties, or after the retirement of those individuals.  Obama, as president, should feel a requirement to attend the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a sitting Supreme Court judge, who passed away unexpectedly.  Yes, Obama can show his respects by going to see the justice lying in state, however, Obama is also, because he is the Executive of the US, obliged to attend the funeral.  Obama should have made sure that this information was promulgated.

Obama not attending the funeral of someone who interpreted the Constitution for thirty years is an insult, not just to the Supreme Court of The United States.  Obama’s not attending is also an insult, and a slap in the face, of the people of the United States, whom the Supreme Court serves.  By not going to the funeral, Obama says that he feels that the Supreme Court, and the justices who sit on the bench of the highest court of the land, are not equal in stature to whatever else he attends on that day.  As such, Obama attempts to elevate the office of the executive above the offices of both the Supreme Court and the Congress.

Mr. Obama, the constitutional scholar, attend this: The Founding Fathers established the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive branches as co-equal.  Thus, the justices are equal in stature to your position.  The United States is not a Constitutional Monarchy, with you sitting upon a throne.  The United States is Representative Republic, and the judiciary and the legislative  branches have the authority to remove you from office.  Ergo, as president, it is your responsibility to attend the funeral of someone who is venerated among lawyers and justices throughout the land.  To do anything else, to not attend, shows your pettiness, a pettiness not becoming the position of the president of the most powerful country in the world.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or, Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”


Trump’s Advisors

Donald Trump is an outstanding businessman. He has had four business bankruptcies as opposed to the amount of businesses he maintains, worldwide. Donald Trump is able to talk to presidents, kings, and the common man, all on equal ground. Donald has an appeal to Americans, who are fed up with politics as usual, and has a broad spectrum of support.

There is only one problem with the Donald: He is listening to so-called political advisors who are shoveling information to him that is flawed. Yes, Donald, you can blame some things on George W. Yes, he handled the Iraq war clumsily. However, GW did have a basis in fact: Saddam Hussein is a documented leader who has actually used WMDs against his own people. Your “political advisors”, apparently people who wish for you to look like a lunatic, have been feeding you faulty information. Weapons of Mass Destruction include: Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Neurological, and Environmental items, to include Sarin, Mustard, Chlorine, Plutonium, Yellowcake, and various other items that can be used to cause mass casualties, as well as mass denial of territory. Saddam Hussein had many factories producing chemical and biologics, and the US military spent many years cleaning up and toting off these items.

Mr. Trump, in this case, you were wrong. Yes, you were right in saying we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq, but you were wrong in saying Saddam didn’t have anything to threaten us. He USED WMDs on HIS OWN PEOPLE, the Kurds. He killed hundreds, and maimed thousands. And he stockpiled thousands of pounds of WMDs, which we have removed to the US.

Mr. Trump, you should be the big man and apologize to, not only, George Bush, but to Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. It doesn’t cost you anything to apologize for an error of judgment given to you by “political advisors” who are looking to cause you to fall on your face. You can still continue to say Bush was wrong in going into Iraq. You can still say that George fumbled the Iraq war, but you need to know, as I know, that the reality is that Saddam had WMDs. You are a smart man. Don’t let your “advisors” lead you down a path that would be hard, for those who want to support you, to follow.

Donald J. Trump: You and Dr. Carson are the last chance for someone outside the political class to turn America around. If you falter and let your “political advisors” to steer you into making claims such as that there was no WMDs, it will be so easy for the opposition to prove you wrong with the truth and facts. Just because it doesn’t match how you feel about the war in Iraq, doesn’t invalidate the results. It is very easy to prove the reality. Are you attempting or trying to lose the nomination, and ultimately, the election? Like Mitt Romney did, listening to his “political advisors” who must have been working for the democrats?

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate….”

Hillary Better Watch Out

Just a quickie here, for those who may or may not be paying attention: Bernie Saunders had many, I mean, many, minorities behind him when he made his victory speech in New Hampshire. In her concession speech, there were primarily, okay, 90 percent, older white feminists in her background, as well as, of course, Billy boy.

This seems to me that the so-called “firewall” of Black and minority voters that Hillary is always claiming, may not actually be there. Sorta like thinking your Windows Firewall is up, but your kid removed it so he could get to those special sites.

Just an insight to me, but if Hillary thinks she has the minority vote, especially the Black vote, locked up, she could be very well embarrassed when Trump and Saunders walk away with the vote.

Hillary Clinton: Bigger Espionage Problem Than Edward Snowden


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Hillary Clinton should be in jail.  At the least, the Department Of Justice, without waiting for the FBI probe to complete, should have empaneled a grand jury and indicted her for espionage.

As the former Secretary Of State, Hillary had access to information up to and including not just TS/SCI, but the holiest of holies, sources and methods.  Hillary had to have signed numerous Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that detailed, in exacting minutiae, her responsibilities as an Originating Authority, for information that she was privy to.  Hillary also would have had the State Department setting up, or attempting to set up, an email account for secure transfer of information.

With all of this, there isn’t any reason, idea, etc., that Hillary should have set up her own, personal, private server in her home, managed not by cleared State Department IT/IS personnel, but a private company that had no known security clearances to even look at the server, let alone manage it.

Let’s look at the facts: Hillary and her aides attempted to circumvent FOIA requests by maintaining a private server on a private domain, separate from the government’s oversight.  This is the first offense, punishable under the FOIA, as well as the government’s own laws and regulations covering government systems and government correspondence.  The next offense, ostensibly the worse, is the transmission of classified information from the State Department’s CLASSNET onto an unclassified private domain.  There is an email that specifically shows Hillary ordering personnel to strip classification markings from email and send the information to her private email.  This shows a coordinated, dedicated, activity to deny the government’s oversight authorities information on the transfer of information.  Ladies and gentlemen: THIS IS ESPIONAGE, THERE IS NO OTHER NAME FOR IT!!!  By doing this, Hillary Clinton has wantonly caused information, from For Official Use Only (FOUO) to Special Access Programs (SAPs) to be made available to our enemies, both foreign and domestic.  This is in clear violation of her oath as the Secretary Of State, as well as a direct crime against the people of the United States, and the Constitution.

Hillary Clinton attempts to muddy the water in regards to the information in her emails.  She continually states that she neither received nor sent classified information in her time as Secretary Of State.  This is an outright lie, and I call her out on it.  As Secretary Of State, responsible for promulgating policy and directing the efforts of diplomats worldwide, Hillary cannot do anything BUT send and receive classified information, including information on Sources and Methods, the most delicate, and the most damaging, information there is.  To say otherwise, is to blatantly lie to the American people, as well as to all of our foreign allies worldwide.

Hillary had no problems sacking a senior diplomat for sending emails on his personal account.  The individual didn’t even have the luxury of a personal server.  The Department Of Justice wasted no time and effort to slam GEN David Petraeus for having a confidential document at home, and allowing a CLEARED individual access.  True, the person had clearance, just not need to know, but the result was that the general was indicted and convicted.  And the general did not have a high, cabinet-level, position, either.

There is only one option for the Department Of Justice: Indict and convict Hillary Clinton of Espionage.  Edward Snowden has been indicted for treason for the release of thousands of emails.  We can do no less for someone who held one of the highest offices in the land, and used it to abuse their privileges for their own personal gain.  Thousands of emails containing classified information that, unlike Snowden’s emails, put current personnel who are supposed to be covered by our government, at risk, were found to have resided in her personal server.  People may have wound up being disappeared for their support of us clandestinely, and their kidnappings, and possible deaths, can be laid directly at the feet of Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Saunders, by his neglect in calling Hillary to account, is just as negligible.  The democrat party is also negligent.  To not denounce Hillary in the strongest terms, to not back a grand jury indictment, shows that the democrat is only interested in one thing: Power, for power’s sake.

The Republican party candidates are very negligent, as they should be shouting about this at the top of their lungs, showing the world, and their constituents just what a piece of work Hillary is.  The Republican candidates know what the damage Hillary has done.  Instead, the nominees resort to smear tactics against each other.  The Republican candidates have turned the entire nomination process into a sideshow circus, and no one really takes them serious.  Only Carly Fiorina has consistently taken Hillary to task, but the media, including Fox News, give Carly a small percentage of their time.  Donald Trump, the erstwhile frontrunner, refuses to take on Hillary at this time, and the same for Cruz, Christie, Bush, and Rubio.

Hillary Clinton has violated many government statues, regulations, and laws concerning the management and safekeeping of classified and sensitive information.  We’ve sent many a person to federal prison, hell, we’ve hung a few for treason, for less than what Hillary has done.  Look at the Falcon and the Snowman, for example.  This will be buried, as usual, by the mainstream media.  But I will not stop the drumbeat for Hillary.  If Edward Snowden can be indicted for his crimes against America, WHY NOT HILLARY?

We Must All Hang Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separate…


The Amazing Race…


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Hello, folks, I’ve been away for a while, primarily due to work commitments.  However, just when you thought it was safe to read the mail, I’m Backkkk!!!

The past year has been one of outstanding depravity, and outstanding human sacrifice and support.  We are all of one blood, and it flows red when we bleed.  When we bleed from the depredations of ISIS, or the horrors of a natural disaster, we bleed red, showing we are all, under the color of our skin, one race: The Human Race.

In the coming months, I will pontificate on various issues that affect the apex predator known as Man.  Humans show a remarkable ability to take something terrible and make it much worse.  But Humans also the remarkable ability to take a terrible situation and turn it into something we all can stand back and admire.  The average human on the planet, not the leaders, but the average person, generally doesn’t do more than convert food to manure on a daily basis.  But, in the process of this, the average man, woman, and child, whether by intent, design, or accident, also strive to leave their part of the planet a little better.  This isn’t for them; this is for their children, and their children’s children.  Politicians and leaders pontificate on long term strategies and all-encompassing plans.  But, each and every individual, on a daily basis, is only concerned with their little part of the world, and in making the improvements that are necessary for their family to, if not live comfortably, live.

On this note, I say Hello, and welcome back to my blogs.  In future posts, I will slam the Clintons for their abuse of their positions; I will dump on Obama for his lack of clarity that resulted in the nightmare that Syria and Iraq have become; I will pour my scorn on the Republican party for forgetting why they are, and instead, are more interested in what they want to become; and I will willingly excoriate the democrat party for its willfulness to enslave the poor, the underprivileged, the minorities through its lavish use of government funds to keep the downtrodden down, while keeping those with money elevated and secure from the plebian society that elevated them in the first place (Really, Beyoncé: You needed a police escort to go sing a song against the police?  Really?)

In this post, however, I say that the human race, of which we all are part, is a wonderful, disgusting, amusing, hilarious creation, and provides us entertainment, awe, sobering reality daily, if not hourly.  Welcome to 2016, and let’s see what happens next!!!

Eric Garner Caused His Own Death, Like Mike Brown


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Another cop found not guilty for indictment for the death of a black man. Another round of protests. More shouting about ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’. The president again sticking his nose in. Holder announcing another investigation into a police department. America under protests from Atlantic to Pacific to the Gulf. And all because Eric Garner decided to ignore police instructions.

Meanwhile, the true problems of black Americans are left unsolved, because Holder, Obama, Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton, and the democrat party prefer psuedo-issues to real problems. Blac-on-black crime has risen to levels not seen ever. Black men are getting girls and women pregnant, then running out on them at an alarming rate. Children are stuck in schools where the teachers are more concerned with union rules, made-up issues to rally round, and generally, a lackadaisical attitude towards the students, with the attitude of “If the parents don’t care, why should I?” Poverty abounds in the black American life, but, unlike Asians, Pakistanis, and others, black Americans blame their lack of progress on “Whitey keeps me down!” As such, those welfare-bred, poverty living, ‘gangsta thugs and hoodrat babes’ with their free cell phones and EBT cards, instead of working to provide a better life for their families, prefer to listen to gangsta rap, wear low-hanging pants, give short shrift to laws, as if laws are for anyone else but them, let their children run undisciplined through the streets, to help perpetuate the ongoing saga.

I have watched the Eric Garner arrest many times, on every news channel that cares to show it, as well many cable and broadcast channels that just ran it for news. Mr. Garner, just like Mike Brown, is the cause of his own death. Mr. Garner knew that he was in the wrong. The police asked him several times to turn around, put his arms behind his back. Mr. Garner, instead, because he had an audience of his neighborhood peeps, decided to show off. You can hear him tell the cops that he didn’t do anything, he wasn’t going to do anything they asked, and then he fought not to let himself get cuffed. Mr. Garner, as can be seen in the video, was overweight, by a large margin. Mr. Garner also had asthma, apparently. Mr. Garner knew that he was not physically fit, yet, on a hot day, Eric wanted to show off for the crowd. Mr. Garner had all sorts of internal issues, from heart to high blood pressure. Mr. Garner had ample opportunity to calmly, and with dignity, submit to the arrest. Mr. Garner did not, and paid the price.

In America, nowadays, we have fostered an attitude of no respect for authority, a desire for fifteen minutes of fame in front of the camera, and a desire to flaunt our egos on FaceBook, YouTube, and any television show that will have us. We are a Jerry Springer/Maury Povich/Jersery Shore/Real World/Survivor whatever, America, where you can do anything to be famous. As a result, Mr. Garner felt that this was his opportunity to expose himself, or rather his ego, to the world. With the plethora of cell phone cameras steadily rolling, instead of behaving responsibly as a father of six, count them, six, children, instead of acting as an adult, he decided to defy authority, as if he were the child. Mr. Garner could have defused the situation at any time, well before it became the spectacle it has become. As I see this and Mike Brown, I feel deeply ashamed to be a Black American.

I feel ashamed, because we have allowed today’s black women and men to spit on the achievements of great men like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who believed in discipline, who believed in respect, who believed in laws, and respecting laws, even if the ones responsible for enforcing those laws have no respect for the ones they are supposed to be protecting. Dr. King did not believe in lawlessness. Dr. King did not believe in abusing others, refusing to obey laws. Dr. King: “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.” And again: “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.” Most importantly: “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” (Quotes from http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/m/martin_luther_king_jr.) Dr. King said “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” And he said “If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values – that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control.” Most importantly, he said “Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.” (http://mlkday.gov/plan/library/communications/quotes.php) In all of these, Dr. King identifies what is missing in today’s black America: A desire to do the right thing, rather than a desire to do what is good for oneself right now.

Mike Brown and Eric Garner died at the hands of law enforcement. Mike attempted to take on the police, and paid the price. Eric Garner refused to cooperate, and paid the price. These are but two of many who have ignored what Dr. King fought so hard for, for black Americans to be treated as a person. Dr. King died to bring true civil rights to black Americans. Yes, Mike and Eric could have been handled in a different manner. For Mike Brown, he could have been tasered, and brought down. But the officer had already been attacked, and feared for his life, so Officer Wilson took the action he thought was appropriate. It is a shame that Mike died, but had Mike not tried to be a thug, maybe, just maybe, he would be in college now, headed for a career in the NFL or starting his own business on graduation. Eric Garner should have turned around and presented himself to be handcuffed. No, he didn’t deserve to die, but he has to take responsibility for the consequences of his actions. Yes, Officer Pantaleo should not have had the choke hold on Eric. Yes, there should have been better care at the site. But, again, Eric Garner is also responsible for his death.

There are other, more important things, issues, problems, for black Americans to be focused on. To make two people, who contributed to the circumstances of their own deaths, ‘martyrs’, is to sully the achievements and the work of Dr. King and those who truly fought with them so that we could live free in America. We, black Americans, must get out from under that misconception that the US owes us something. We owe America, just as the Asians, the Mexicans, the Italians, the English, the Pakistanis, the Indians, our responsibility to build a good life, raise a good family, and defend the US and the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. In the words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You; Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.” In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

“We Must All Hang Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”

Ferguson is not a civil rights issue, it’s a leadership failure issue…


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Ferguson is not a civil rights issue. Race is not the problem in Ferguson. The problem in Ferguson is lawlessness, and the impact of people like Obama, Sharpton, and Holder to divide the country, and Ferguson, along racial lines, without doing anything to fix the issues. Sharpton, Obama, and Holder are the three biggest, most visible proponents of racial division, casting aspersions on the law enforcement personnel, while hiding the thuggery of the young man involved. And make no mistake: Mike Brown was a young man, a thug showing no conscience in performing strong arm robbery of someone who weighed less than half his bulk, and was at least six inches shorter.

Mike Brown was a thug. This was presented in the grand jury testimony. And yet, there are thousands who are screaming that the grand jury was a setup. Eric Holder’s investigation into the police force is a travesty, as I don’t see any investigations into the numerous black-on-black murders that happen everyday, in all the major cities of the US. Where is the outrage when a black man, shouting islamic phrases, butchers a woman and beheads her in front of everyone? Where is the moral indignation when four black teens use hammers to kill a white man? Where is the demand for justice when two black men kill a newly-wed white man, and execute his PREGNANT wife? Where is the president? Where is Eric Holder? Where is the NAACP, demanding that these young thugs DO NOT represent the people of color?

The silence is deafening, and in this deafening emptiness, we hear people shouting for justice for Mike Brown. People walking around, blocking traffic, in complete ignorance, yelling “Hands up, Don’t shoot”, something Mike Brown never said. But, hey, what’s facts when you have liars like Al Sharpton demanding justice. In reality, if Mike Brown were still alive, he actually would have got the justice he deserved: Strong Arm Robbery, Assaulting a Police Officer Performing His Duty, Resisting Arrest: Five years (minimum) in jail, no college, and a dead-end life when he got out. Had Officer Wilson tasered Brown and got him on the ground, the result would have been different. But, because Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder needed a scapegoat to take people’s minds off the failings of Barack’s presidency, a thug is now considered on par with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The reality is, there hadn’t been a true racial divide since the sixties, and then, the Democrat party were responsible. Way back in the 1800s, it was the good ol’ boys of the democrat party that held all the seats of power in the ol’ south. It was the democrats that, after the Civil War, enstated things such as the voting exams, poll requirements, etc., all to prevent the “Negro” or “colored folks” from having the rights to vote. In deep south USA, it was the democrats that formed the first Ku Klux Klans, and are still prominent in them today. The good ol’boys of the south, along with the good ol’ boys of the north, all democrats, crafted all types of legislations, typically called Jim Crow laws, to keep the black people down. And now we have the democrat party working the same premise, along with their overseers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, to keep black Americans down.

It took the Republicans, working hard, and fighting against the democrat senators, representatives, and governors, to push the Civil Rights Act through. Lyndon B Johnson, a democrat president, along with Hubert Humphrey, his democrat vice, tried to stall and push off the act, for fear of offending the strong democrats he needed to pursue a Vietnam strategy. The Republicans forced the act through, thereby insuring that people of all races and religions have the freedom granted in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution as the forefathers deemed.

Yet, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been steadily undermining the achievements of black Americans constantly. Both, acting as the overseers of the new democrat plantations, are steadily telling black people they don’t have to listen to laws and can do what they please, knowing their masters, the democrat party, are ready to jump in quell dissent. Back in the old days, the masters would use a mix of whips and rewards. Today’s masters use the rewards: Free cell phones and minutes, free internet, EBT cards, etc., to quick their constituents in line. And woe betide those who would step out of line, because the hatred and vitriol spewed at them would make Satan, or ISIS, ashamed.

What does the above have to do with Ferguson? The idiocy of the democrat party, as well as the elites in the liberal establishment, are using a trumped-up excuse to bash, not just Ferguson, but America overall. Mike Brown never put his hands up to surrender. Mike Brown knew that all he had to do was get down on his knees, or spread-eagle on a car, and Officer Wilson wouldn’t do anything to him. But Mike Brown, as the old people say, smelled his own piss, thought he was a bad man, and figured he’d take the cop down because Mike was in his own neighborhood and his people would have his back. Wrong, and deadly, assumption, Mike Brown. The grand jury testimony showed that, instead of giving up, Mike Brown was aggressively attacking Officer Wilson. Mike had already attacked the officer in his own car, and then compounded the stupidity by charging back at the officer. His “friend”, Dorian Johnson, said he was hiding behind another car, in a different direction from Mike, yet claimed to have seen Mike walking back with his hands up. And people believe him.

Why the grand jury? Because, if this had gone to a criminal trial straight away, witnesses would have been intimidated to change their testimony or to lie, or even forced to leave the area. Under a grand jury, where all charges start from anyway when there is doubt about a shooting, witnesses can tell their stories without being intimidated. In this case, the grand jury heard the stories from the witnesses, read all the reports, reviewed all the information, not just some, but all, and reached the verdict of No True Indictment, meaning that the shooting was justifiable. Yet, Al and Jesse and Holder and Obama all want to turn this into an attack on black people. And then spread the turmoil worldwide, with not an ounce of truth. And the mainstream media continually spouts the lies, fighting the truth, to make everyone believe that the thug named Mike Brown was really an angel. But facts, they do not lie, and the grand jury had all the facts.

What the black people in a America are supposed to be doing, is banding together, electing officials that will work for them, and educating our young. What is happening is that Al and Jesse are putting black people back on the plantation, the NAACP is supporting Al and Jesse’s actions, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream is being pushed out by those who are supposed to be his supporters. When those people who are so easily led, wind up in a ghetto (in the old European meaning of the word: A separate community apart from and different, either racially or religiously, from the surrounding city), and then bussed out to work and sent back when they’re done, look to Al and Jesse and the NAACP and the democrat party, and think of them ol’ lies: Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”

Impeach The President…


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Well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Mr. Barack Obama must be impeached. The problem is that people are scared of being labeled a racist. Sorry, if you are our elected official, your job is to listen to the voice of the people. And the people say: Impeach The President!

Per the constitution: Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution says, “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

This president has continually taken actions that can be considered ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’, by usurping the authority of the elected officials. He stated that his policies were on the ballot, even though he wasn’t. And the American public responded by rejecting those who supported his policies. At that point, Mr. Obama then decided to do what he does best: Disregard the plebiscite and do what he wants to do anyway. Mr. Obama, as well as his cronies in the democrat party, blamed the losses on older white people voting and ‘people of colour’ avoiding the mid-terms. Well, Mr. Obama, I’m a ‘person of colour’ and I didn’t abstain. And I know thousands of others who didn’t either.

So, with the rejection of his policies, Mr. Obama does what he does best: throw a temper tantrum and demand that Congress enact immigration policy before the end of the year, or he would. Then, without waiting for the end of the year, Mr. Obama decides to implement his executive action anyway. Mr. Obama, you have pushed executive orders too many times, making laws, although you have no authority or responsibility to do so. Your job is to sign and implement law that the Congress has passed. If you don’t like the law, you can veto the law. You cannot, according to the constitution, create laws whole cloth out of nothing. You have violated your job, and shown that you have no regard for the laws of the land, or for the representatives of the people.

The president claims that congress has done nothing. Yet, when the democrats had both the congress and the white house, there wasn’t even an attempt at getting minor immigration law done, let alone comprehensive immigration change. When the president saw that he would be a lame duck president, however, he decided to show how he truly feels about the congress and the American people. It seems that every time Mr. Obama feels threatened, instead of working with Congress, he goes his own way. The Supreme Court has already identified areas where Mr. Obama has overreached his authority. As the above states, the president can be impeached for ‘High Crimes or Misdemeanors’. If the behavior if this president does not show ‘High Crimes or Misdemeanors’, Congress should not have ever considered the impeachment of Nixon or Clinton.

Mr. Obama has, by his actions, made a mockery of the Constitution, even though he claims to be a constitutional lawyer. He has ripped apart the Bill of Rights, has sliced and diced the Constitution, and ignored both the Congress and the Supreme Court, the other two branches of the US Government.

If we do not hold our president accountable, if we allow the president to run roughshod over our liberties, we shall not be any better than Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, or Venezuela. We must make our representatives stand up to this impending dictator. The presidency is an elected position, one that answers to the American people. We do not answer to the emperor of the US, as there is none. Now is the time to stand firm, and tell Mr. Obama, No more, not another step, no more.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”



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I have been quiet over the last few weeks. This isn’t because I haven’t had anything to say. On the contrary, there have been so many items to go over, that I’ve felt a great surfeit of choice…sorta like being at the buffet on a cruise ship, and trying to pick just one thing to have.

We have had ISIS push hard to wreck and destroy Syria, but stymied by one town, right on the Turkish border. Makes a difference when you stand up to oppressors doesn’t it? ISIS/ISIL have found out what true determination is, bleeding their troops against a wall of determined Kurdish people who know the meaning of the word oppress, and refuse to subject themselves to a tyrannical state. Shame we can’t get out president on board with this. Shame the Turkish barely supports this. What does Erdogan think? If Syria falls, then Turkey is safe?

We have Ebola running rampant through several West African nations. The way the Africans handled it? They imposed quarantines and refused exits and entries into their countries. Borders were sealed, and house to house investigations were performed. The result: An immediate decrease in the spread of Ebola in those countries that did this. What did Mr. Obama do? Refused to implement any type of controls, resulting in at least one infected person that we know about, slipping into the country. We have a doctor floating around New York city, a city that already had one major traumatic incident (9/11), and then suddenly finding out he had Ebola. And who could forget the nurse who returned from a highly infected area, but considered it an infringement of her liberty to be held in quarantine. Yet while in Africa, this same nurse thought nothing of maintaining quarantine. What was the difference? Nothing, except her arrogance.

We have had the mid-term elections, elections that Mr. Obama claims that while he wasn’t on the ballots, his policies were, and the decisions would be shown by the American public. Yet, when the Democrat party was soundly routed in the ballots, Mr. Obama, as usual, changed his rhetoric. According to him, the reason the Democrats lost was that Mr. Obama’s demographics were ‘disenfranchised’ and that only older white people voted. Last time I checked, I was and am classified as Black, and I voted. So did quite a few people I know. The people spoke, and the people want our president to act as a president, not as a king. The last king we had in America was Dr. King, and he would be ashamed of the policies of this president.

All in all, the last few weeks have been enlightening. Mr. Obama claims mightily that he will not send combat troops to Iraq. Yet, we are sending up to 3000 combat troops to West Africa to assist in Ebola operations. Our troops are for combat. If you want to send qualified health care experts to combat disease, there’s the CDC, the Public Health Service (a uniformed service organization), Peace Corps, etc., that can be sent instead. Use the proper tools in the proper place. However, the emperor-in-chief deigns to push his forces where he may.

The latest Labor Dept. numbers for jobless claims show there is a fall in the number of claims. Okaaaayy…..and this means what? The true indicator of an employment rise is the number of permanent jobs added. However the Labor Dept., and well as several other well-meaning but short-sighted organizations, use jobless claims as an indicator of job growth. Unemployment claims, or rather, the lack of claims, prove one thing, and one thing only: People have reached the limit of their claims and cannot claim any more benefits. That’s like saying the water in a leaky bucket remains at a constant low, because no extra water is flowing in. That disregards the holes in the bucket that keeps the water leaking out at the same constant rate as the water going into the bucket. The current spin specialists in this government have gone overboard trying to make Obama look good. So far, they’ve managed to raise him to mediocre.

Yes, there is plenty to aim at with the tailings of this lame duck presidency. Let’s see: Mr. Obama wants to use executive action to resolve the immigration issue. Hmmm, seems that Mr. Obama is treading on the Congress’ prerogatives. I believe that the Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that it is up to Congress, which is the federal government, to enact and enforce immigration laws. This was the ruling that invalided some of Arizona’s laws concerning immigration. So, if it’s the Congress’ responsibility to enact and enforce the laws, according to SCOTUS, how can the president suddenly decide it’s his job? The answer is, he can’t. Executive action can only be applied to laws that are already in place, or in areas that are the executive’s portion to make a decision on. Since this isn’t a treaty, an executive order implementing any immigration reform or changes is invalid upon signature. Mr. Obama oversteps his authority as president. Let’s see, what else? Mr. Obama is now sending more troops to Iraq. Again, he states these are only for training. However, Mr. Obama hedges his bets by saying that if he were told that the ISIS/ISIL were transporting a ‘nuke’, he would be forced to send in combat troops to intercept and/or destroy said device. Short step from there to, if we see a possibility of harm to the people of the US. Can’t seem to keep your promises, but then again, Obama never said ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’ either.

I said before, and I’ll say again, Mitt Romney should have been voted President. Mitt’s advisors did him a great disservice by not letting him be the man he is. Mitt’s advisors should have taken him to the inner cities to speak with those inner-city leaders and let them see the man he is. His advisors should have allowed Mitt to speak in all the debates in the same manner as he did in the first one, and people would be able to see that Mitt is a man who cares for his country, above all else, and is not an egotist of the highest degree, like the current president. Mitt’s advisors failed him. I hope that Mitt Romney will take up the baton again, and strive for the presidency. I believe that Mitt can be what America needs to retrieve her image, and her allies, from the mess the current president has put us in.

“We Must All Stand Together, Or Assuredly, We Shall All Swing Separate…”

Our Current Policy Failures…


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Today, the folly and fallacy of the current president’s policies are now coming to fruition in Iraq. ISIS is banging on the door to Baghdad, and Kobani, the last strategic town in Syria, despite the numerous bombings by air frames, is nearly half overrun. And then, after all the posturing and posing, HRH Barack Obama claims that it was never his idea to pull out of Iraq. Another policy failure has come home to roost: Today, an American was determined to have caught the Ebola virus, infected here in the country, not in Africa.

We have terrorists cutting people’s heads off, not just in Iraq and Syria, but in the USA, in middle America. We also have others murdering Americans in the name of Islam and jihad, and the government that is supposed to be protecting us, ignores these happenings. The Ft. Hood terrorist, excuse me, murderer, still demands to be known for his jihad against the American infidels. The Oklahoma maniac has a Facebook page that depicts how he feels, extolling ISIS, yet the federal government refuses to call him an Islamic terrorists. With the impending collapse of Baghdad, and the possible takeover of the Baghdad International Airport, will we be seeing a repeat of Vietnam? Will we see helicopters ferrying personnel from the rooftops of the US Embassy to safe havens in the Kurdish North? Now is the time for our president to stand up and use the forces that he has to do what he should have done in 2011: Put US combat troops on the ground, a division of army as well as a brigade or two of marines, to stem the flow of ISIS, reverse their successes, and drive them out and destroy the organization.

We also need to send a brigade or two of US combat troops with support to the Ukraine, to show our resolute support for the current democratically elected government. This will help to stem the expansionist dreams of Vladimir Putin, which, incidentally, would probably cause an implosion in Moscow. This would also show our allies around the world that, although we tend to turn the other cheek, we only do that so often before we put boot to rear to help our friends.

We also need to beef up our presence in the South China Sea, and provide a warning to the Chinese military by firing warning shots at their jets that tend to want to come close to our ships and planes. By doing so, we show that we will not be intimidated, nor will we let our allies be intimidated, by China’s attempt at expansionism.
We need to firm up our southern borders, and we need to immediately deport anyone that comes over the border. We shouldn’t be moving people to other detention centers. If the countries where these people are coming from are having issues with gangs and drugs, then we should offer our assistance to help them build up their federal and local law enforcement, including providing military assistance. If these countries don’t want this help, then we should insure that all of their people are returned, and curtail any aid we are providing.

All of these things should be implemented by having our president stand up and be the man America is supposed to be. He needs to take decisive actions in Iraq, Syria, the Ukraine, with the Chinese, and on the borders. I am really afraid, as he has done with Iraq, he’ll bow his head and take no actions.

“We Should All Stand Together, Or Most Assuredly, We Shall All Hang Separate…”